SIGN UP DEADLINE: August 18th 11:59 PM EST

Hello Pokémon trainers, Mirrorcard Neko here bringing you a tournament that’s all about showing off your love for Anime! I shall provide the rules below so you can prepare yourself for the ultimate question; which anime series will come out on top!

-6 vs 6 singles
-Instant Elimination

1. To register for the tournament, PC me with your anime selection and Pokémon team. All Pokémon must represent characters in the anime you have chosen. All teams must be approved and preregistered through me before I officially sign your name into the tournament. I will allow you to register up to no more than 8 Pokémon. You are only allowed to register a max of 2 legendries per team.

2. Choose one anime series you wish to represent in this tournament. Once that anime is taken, no one else will be allowed to use it. All selections are first come first serve so get in your pick to me as soon as possible.

-Big series like Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece, etc., must have Pokémon that represent character’s that are reoccurring throughout the series.

-The Pokémon anime will also not count for this tournament. I believe that could be a tournament all in itself and would ruin part of the meaning for this competition.

-“American Anime” will not count either for this tournament (Ex: Avatar: The Last Air Bender)

-Anime franchises like Gundam and Digimon that have new seasons with a completely new cast and/or setting may have more than one person selecting it; but you must specify which series you go for. (EX: Digimon Frontier vs Digimon Tamers). These types of anime will have a max of 3 sign ups per Franchise. 

-Anime based on Video games will be allowed; but must be an anime adaptation and not a movie or an OVA series that ties into the game. (ex: Final Fantasy 15 six episode ovas) 

3. The battles will follow standard SL Rules, Greninja not having Move tutors, Blaze Blaziken, etc., Species clause maybe ignored depending on the anime chosen. 

1st Place: Free 30 Day Premium Crunchyroll Membership
NOTE: Top 8, Semis and Finals MUST be saved (For streaming purposes!)

Confirmed Participants:

1. Mirrorcard Neko - Cardcaptor Sakura

2. Diogo - Naruto

3. Aldnoah shadow - Cardfight Vanguard

4. Dave - Hunter X Hunter

5. Kaitou - My Hero Academia

6. RobbieTotodile - One Piece

7. Spear: Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

8. BlazingBlade445 - Vanguard G

9. Entin - Fairy Tail

10. JKWiffle - Dragonball

11. Samuel Orchid -Seven Deadly Sins

12. Baleful Absol - One Punch Man

13. Sadia - Inuyasha

14. ArcStrom - Sword Art Online

15. Roki - Dog Days

16. Lowres - High School DxD

17. W2GMK - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

18. Saber - King of Braves: GaoGaiGar

19. Saambell - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

20. Overhear - Baka and Test

21. Willow - Yo-kai Watch

22. Purgatory: Shimoneta - A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

23. Cake Templar - Deadman Wonderland

24. Marvin - Digimon Frontier

25. NGamerS - Bobobo-bo bo-bobo

26. Skyfire - Bleach

27. Zephyyrblaze456 - Gurren Lagann

28. Ragnaric - Sonic X

29. Time Kitsune - Persona 4

30. Dark Advent - Date A Live

31. Karasu - Black Butler

32. Gnome - Attack on Titan

33. Mo - Fate/Zero

34. Shayninja - Full Metal Alchemist

35. ShadowSableye - No Game No Life

36. Hotdog - Initial D

37. GamerMadness - Danganronpa

38. Shade - Higurashi: When They Cry

39. Lord Rylo - Code Geass

40. RashFlygon - Re:Zero

41. Okami Varaceon - Problem Children are Coming from Another World Aren’t They?

42.  Nitro - Tiger Mask W

43. Eeveebeth - Yowamushi Pedal

44. Arceus935 - Yu Yu Hakusho

45. Emerald Sky - Soul Eater

46. Cinos - Keijo!!!

47. Skyesshadow - .hack//roots.

48. Chuggy - Kill la Kill

49. Jerso - Charlotte

50. Kitharos - Log Horizon

51. River Note - Your Lie in April

52. Swampertzone - A Certain Scientific Railgun

53. LittlesDemon - Kono Suba

54. Sirknight - Golden Boy

55. Skull - Pandora Hearts

56. Razorang - Bayblade

57. Israeru - Saint Seiya

58. Venom Hurricane - Death Note

59. Rune - Tsubasa Chronicles






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