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The 20th SL Champions League Tournament
~Silver League Anime Tournament 2~

Sign Up Deadline: August 24th 11:30 PM EST
Tournament Starts: August 25th 00:00 AM EST 

Hello everyone! Mirrorcard Neko here bringing you the second SL Anime Tournament. Most of the rules are the same from last year; pick an anime series and build a team of Pokémon based on the characters from that anime. Think you can make your favorite anime the winner?

Here are the rules you’ll need to know for this tournament:

- 6 vs 6 singles
- Instant Elimination


1. To register for the tournament, PC me with your anime selection and Pokémon team (sending through Pastebin is the preferred method). All Pokémon must represent characters in the anime you have chosen. All teams must be approved and preregistered by me beforethe start of the tournament. I will allow you to register up to no more than 8 Pokémon. You are only allowed to register a max of 2 legendries per team.

2. Choose one anime series you wish to represent in this tournament. Once that anime is taken, no one else will be allowed to use it. All selections are first come first serve so get in your pick to me as soon as possible.

-Big series like Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece, etc., must have Pokémon that represent character’s that are reoccurring throughout the series. 

-The Pokémon anime will also not count for this tournament. I believe that could be a tournament all in itself and would ruin the meaning for this competition.

-“American Anime” will not count either for this tournament (Ex: Avatar: The Last Air Bender)

-Anime franchises like Gundam and Digimon that have new seasons with a completely new cast and/or setting may have more than one person selecting it; but you must specify which series you go for. (EX: Digimon Frontier vs Digimon Tamers). These types of anime will have a max of 3 sign ups per Franchise. 

-Anime based on Video games will be allowed; but must be an anime adaptation and not a movie or an OVA series that ties into the game. (ex: Final Fantasy 15 six episode ovas) 


1. The battles will follow standard SL OU Rules, Protean Greninja not having Move tutors, Blaze Blaziken, List of Z-moves that are banned, etc. The only thing that may be ignored is species clause depending on the anime chosen.

2. Battles will not have specific due dates as to when they need to be finished by as long as you and your opponent keep in contact with each other and me about when both of you are free to fight and work out a day to battle if it can’t be done asap. If I hear nothing from either side in 3 days’ time, then I may be forced to DQ one or both battlers.

3. While it won’t be required to state move sets or items of each Pokémon, I will say that if a Pokémon has a mega variant, it must be stated at registration if that Pokémon will be mega or not. Once registered as mega or none mega, you must use that without being able to alternate between the two. 

4. Top 8 Battles and above MUST be saved for streaming purpose. If the battle is not saved, it will not count.

1st place shall receive a free 30-Day Subscription to Crunchyroll

Confirmed Participants:

1. Mirrorcard Neko - Noragami

2. Diogo - Persona 5 (the animation)

3. GamerMadness - Danganropa (the animation)

4. Aldnoah Shadow - Vanguard G

5. Kaitou - My Hero Acadamia

6. Silver August - The Ancient Magus Bride

7. W2G - Monster Musume

8. Zephyrblaze - Re:Creators

9. Apex - Sonic X

10. Blazing Blade - Fruits Basket

11. CakeTemplar - Mekakucity Actors

12. Spear - Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

13. Sadia - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

14. Dave - Monster

15. Crystal - Dragon Ball Z

16. Cotton - Magi: The Laybrinth of Magic

17. ArcStorm - Tsubasa Chronicles

18. Odds - Full Metal Alchemist

19. Eeveelution Solution - Fairy Tail

20. Hotdog - Chargeman Ken

21. King of Stuff - Attack on Titan

22. Li Bass Master - Bakugan Battle Brawlers

23. JK Wiffle - Medabots

24. Karasu - Black Butler

25. Israeru - Saint Seiya

26. Baleful Absol - Blood Blockade Battlefront

27. Rivernote - Your Lie in April

28. Roki - Shugo Chara

29. Ragnaric - Lucky Star

30. BenBlazing - Inazuma Eleven

31. Amber La Terra - High School Fleet

32. Purgatory - Devilman Crybaby

































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