In Season 3 we are undertaking a big change to further encourage battles between Trainers & Gym Leaders with the goal of crowning the best in the region. So for this season we have introduced an active Points Ranking system. Trainers will be able to earn points by battling each other, Gym Leaders and participating in various SL Tournaments & other events. The goal is to aim for the top and to do that you'll have to battle and be willing to risk your rank as you try to climb the charts!


Before Trainers can challenge anyone they MUST register on the SL Discord at the Season 3 Registration Channel, State that you wish to participant and you will be added to the Trainer Rankings page. All Trainers will start out with 100 Points and their points CANNOT drop below 0.

-Trainers can challenge each other to official Ginune Championship Trainer Battles, they can choose between singles and doubles  following SL's Season 3 rules and banlists (both of which are subject to change, so keep an eye out for updates on the site/discord).

-Official Trainer Battles MUST be sectioned by a present Judge who will declare the winner and report results and scores for point adjustments.

-Trainers can participant in a MAX of 3 Offical Trainer Battles per day.

-Trainers will earn / lose points based on their opposing scores and number of badges acquired.

-Trainers can ONLY challenge someone who is in the same or a lower Division as well as the Division above or below them
i.e Normal -> <- Great -> <- Ultra -> <- Masters).

If the WINNER has more Points than the defeated Trainer:

  • The winner receives 1/4th the Points Difference + ((10 + their Opponent’s Score) X Their Badge Modifier) 
    i.e. Rank + (PD/4) + ((10 + OS) X BM)

If the WINNER has less Points than the defeated Trainer:

  • The winner receives 1/2 the Points Difference + (((10 + (their Opponent’s Score / 2)) X Their Badge Modifier)
    i.e. Rank + (PD/2) + (((10 + (OS/2)) X BM)

-If the LOSER has more points than the winning Trainer:

  • The Loser is deducted -5 Points + 1/2 the Points Difference.
    i.e Rank - (5 + (PD / 2))

If the LOSER has less points then the winner:

  • The Loser is deducted -5 Points + 1/4th the Points Difference.
    i.e Rank - (5 + (PD / 4))

Gym Badges will have an affect on the points you gain and lose from Trainer Battles.
The modifier goes as followed:
-1 Badge: 1.25x
-2 Badges: 1.50x
-3 Badges: 1.75x
-4 Badges: 2x
-5 Badges: 2.25x
-6 Badges: 2.50x
-7 Badges: 2.75x
-8 Badges: 4x
-14 Badges: 6x
-18 Badges: 10x

These calculations are subject to adjustment as we sort out what works best for this format, so please be mindful of any updates as they happen!


-To challenge a Gym, Trainers must wager their own Rank Points, i.e a pay the Gym's Challenge Cost. Trainers can only challenge a specific Gym ONCE per day and cannot challenge a Gym Leader Sub unless they have been appointed to be active.

-Gym Challenges do not require an official Judge, scores are expected to be reported by the Gym Leader themselves. 

-If a Trainer wins the Gym Battle they will earn the Gym Badge and reclaim the points wagered for the Gym's Challenge Cost.

-If a Trainer loses a Gym Battle their wagered points will be collected into a prize pool and if at the end of the month the Gym's win rate with at least 5 Wins is 60% or greater, then the accumulated points will be rewarded to Gym's staff. (If a sub's loss ratio is greater then their wins, no points will be rewarded to them).

-Gym Leaders DO NOT lose Rank Points if they lose a Gym Battle (but their win/loss ratios are still calculated and effect their overall rankings & Challenge Cost).

-The Top 8 Gyms that make up the Majors Division will have a higher Challenge Cost while the other 10 Gyms make up the Minor Division while have a lower Challenge Cost. Regardless of division, a Gym's Challenge Costs will still differ slightly based on overall standings.

-Gym Stats are treated as the stats of the GYM not the individuals, so all staff (Gym Leaders, Subs, etc) will benefit from the rewards of the gym if they qualify).

-Gym Leaders who refuse to open or are overall inactive will be subject to having their Gym Leader status terminated. Future Gym Leaders will inherit the Gym's stats and any points the Gym has already earned during that points cycle.

Like with Trainer Battles details about the format are subject to change as Season 3 plays out and the format is adjusted to make for a more fun experience.


-Tournaments in Season 3 will focus primarily on being big opportunities to earn points. The format in how points are handled will vary. Some tournaments may require an entry fee that is NOT earned back, some may have no fee but still have a grand prize of a large points boost. Keep an eye out on the discord and the tournament page for any announcements as they happen.

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