~The SL Gym Leader Tourney 2~

AND WE ARE BACK, GamerMadness here bringing you another Gym Leader Tourney.

The rules and bio are the same as last time, which gym leader is the best out of the lot? will type advantage win it all? or are the Gym Leaders able to counter their weakness?
Lets see soon enough :3

- 3 Pokemon of your type.
- 1 Pokemon with type move of your gym.
- Teams are submitted and then locked.
- Once locked it can't be changed, but movesets of Pokemon can be adjusted.
- Official Subsittute Gym Leaders are allowed to join.

Now lets see who's the best Gym leader across the SIlver League!

Tournament Begins August 12th 00:00 GMT

1st Place will recieve a shiny Pokemon of their Gym Type

Confirmed Participants:

1. Ben (Ice)

2. WayOfAlec (Rock)

3. LowRes (Ghost)

4. Cinos (FIghting)

5. Roki (Normal)

6. Razorang (Steel)

7. Aggron (Grass)

8. Aldnoah Shadow (Dark)

9. Mirrorcard Neko (Ground

10. Hotdog (Bug)

11. Skyfire (Dragon)

12. Major Largo (Rock Sub)

13. Red (Psychic)

14. Diogo (Flying)

15. Chris (Water)

16. Shade (Fairy)

17. Saambell (Electric)

18. Blight (Poison)

19. BenBlazing (Fire)

20. Nitro (Ice Sub)

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