With the Comic unfortunately being a lower priority nowadays and with more and more animations being produced that expand the SL Lore, it felt like the best route to go would be to turn this page into a space that can archive and categorize all the adventures that take place within the Ginune Region or the SL lore as a whole!

Anyone and Everyone who participates in The Silver League community has just as much of an equal shot at contributing to the SL Canon, if you got an idea, a character or a story you wanna share, then get involved and you to can have a bio and write up of your share in this ever expanding universe of what is extensively glorified fanfiction!


The Initial Story of The Silver League is essentially a prequel to the present day League that upholds a stern stance against the use of Modifiers, devices that allow a user to change a Pokemon's various attributes on a whim.
The story can be broken up into 4 major arcs/seasons which each have their own unique synopsis. Present day Silver League doesn't have a focused  "plot" since it is just our everyday lives in the literal present but many adventures can be expanded upon in a style similar to Pokemon Chronicles. 

After saving his Sister from being Kidnapped by Team Reaction and witnessing a baby Lugia rise from Lake Soverence, Silver is motivated to pursue a journey as a Pokemon Trainer. On his journey he encounters heroes, rivals, friends and villains as well as what it means to be a Trainer. His perception of the world is quickly challenged but is good nature makes it impossible for him to ignore the call of someone in need. So Silver goes out of his way to save a Shiny Vulpix that Team Reaction was using to develop a new model of Modifiers. After Silver convinces the Vulpix to join him on his journey, he saves and evolves it into the Shiny Ninetales that would become the face of The Silver League Movement. Formed by Silver, Tenks, Nyeem, Mr. DS, Geno & Gamer, they all set off on their own quests to get stronger and find others willing to join their cause so that they can form another League in this region and challenge Team Reaction's monopoly over the Ginune Region!

With The Silver League moment now formed, everyone goes about their own methods to get this "League" started. For Silver, since he was told most Gym Leaders were already against Modifiers, he decides he'll travel the region and challenge the Gyms, so that he can both get stronger and convince them to join The Silver League's cause! Silver and his Pokemon all learn a lot about themselves and each other on their travels, discovering how Gyms are made and how one even becomes a Gym Leader. Pearl also proves herself ready to become a Pokemon Trainer and goes on her own journey too! Silver meets many new friends who he'll go on to form close bonds with, greatly expanding their cause. Team Reaction begins to take notice of this Movement too and begins to take measures to try and put a stop to it! 

Silver and his friends also take part in The Reaction Festival, a big tournament held every year in Ambercrest City that ends up making The Silver League Movement a publicly known thing. This all cultivates in Shade, the former Champion and Ambercrest City Gym Leader accepting Silver's challenge to see once and for all if The Silver League is truly a cause worth investing his time into. Its a battle that showcases what it takes to be a Champion as well as challenge what it means to be a Gym Leader!

The Silver League Movement is now public knowledge and its garnered a lot of attention. Reaction's efforts get more aggressive but Silver's quest continues as he travels across the region so that he can gather 8 badges and challenge the Reaction League head on! Silver finds himself battling his hero, GM the Grass-Type Gym Leader. Followed by Blight, a man of science and the Poison-Type Gym Leader who's more then happy to join...but it also intrigue by Silver's actions in conjunction with a past he was not familiar with.

From there, Silver's past leads him towards the Feathervale Highlands where he's reunited with friends he made in the Reaction Festival Tournament. But its there he discovered corruption that's taken the Fangspire Dragon Clan hostage, so with all this corruption, Silver will be forced to take on a Gym Leader who's fully embraced Modifiers as the future. Without a free pass at getting this Gym Leader to join, can the skill he's gained over his journey be enough to finally defeat a Trainer who uses Modified Pokemon? He'll need to if he wishes to truly overthrow The Reaction League!

With 7 badges, Silver has almost enough to challenge The Reaction League! But for his next badge he heads further north and eventually encounters a friend of sorts he met near the start of his journey, Kamui. It's a short leaved reunion though as Silver quickly needs to aid Kamui in dealing with a Darkrai that's left everyone in Cresenridge City living in a never ending nightmare! After taming the Darkrai's angered art, it agrees to join Kamui, who then accepts Silver's Gym Challenge. However Kamui begins to reveal his past, where he has seen witness to many Pokemon, including his own Dark Omen who've been on abused and hurt by humans and Kamui vowing to protect them.

Kamui proves too strong for Silver and defeats Silver. However despite the loss, Kamui is more then happy to join The Silver League, but only if The Reaction League is toppled, as he's already made a promise to a friend many years ago and he never backs down on his word, no matter what. This still leaves Silver without a required 8th badge, but instead of just rematching Kamui, Silver decides he'll just go elsewhere and battle another Gym, try to convince them to join as well. Kamui suggests the Ice-Type gym in the Terrafrost Mountains and Silver takes him up on this suggestion.

However...this proves to be arguably a trap, as it turns out THIS is where Reaction's primary Headquarters is located and the Ice-Type Gym is run by none other then Par, the leader of Team Reaction! Silver faces yet another brutal defeat, however this time he isn't planning on running to another Gym. He needs to be able to beat Par to truly topple The Reaction League so with the help of his many friends, Silver finds the strength and skill needed to earn his 8th badge. 

But after that... comes The Reaction League, a gauntlet of their own appointed Elite Four and their Champion, Par. The Elite Four turn out to be the Reaction's own admins, with plot twists and revelations that are set to shake Silver to his very core, but with the 10 Pokemon he's allowed to bring with him into this final set of battles, can Silver overcome the physical and emotional challenge? Can he save Par from the man he's become? Everything they've all worked so far for comes down to this!


Season 1 Chapters:
Read the Season 1 Comic HERE
Chapter 0: The Silver League Legacy

Chapter 1: Eve of a New Legend

Chapter 2: I want to be a Pokemon Trainer!

Chapter 3: The Bond Between Trainers & Pokmon, GM's Guidance!

Chapter 4: Migration Turmoil! Feebas Vs. King Magikarp!

Chapter 5: A Trainer's Purpose - The Wondering Shadow, Kamui!

Chapter 6: Rivalry! The Legend Hunter Shugo Appears!

Chapter 7: Modifiers! The Ginune League's Corruption!

Chapter 8: The 1st Gym! Silver Vs The Quicksand Trickster!

Chapter 9: Training Under a Champion; Shade's Brute Honesty!

Chapter 10: Rain on the Reaction Headquarters!

Chapter 11: Mr. DS & Geno; Engineers of a New Hope!

Chapter 12: Keeping True to a Promise; Silver's Determination!

Chapter 13: The Shining Symbol; The Silver League Movement!


1. Harvestone Town:
Dedicated farmland, populated almost exclusively by farmers who work in Pokemon Livestock. Professor Goldsmith's lab is located at the base of a gathering of hills located near the exist of the town.

The Fire-Type Gym is located here within the Prof's Pokemon Habitat. 

2. Gardenoak Town:
A rural town cut off in the country side, only connected to the rest of the region via the Serenet Railroad. Many beginning trainers start their journeys here and the kids from Harvestone spend their weekends in town to get a break from work on their family's respective farms.

The Normal-Type Gym is located here in a training facility just beside a nature park.

3. Serenet City:
The first major city in a beginning Trainer's journey. The central hub that connects to all other major locations across the Ginune Region. The City is best known for the famous Serenet Library, a source of near infinite knowledge regarding all things related to Pokemon. Serenet City is also well known its open market where Trainers can buy, trade & sell all sorts of items, but cautious is advised as all sorts of suspicious characters can be found among the allies waiting to take advantage of inexperienced Trainers.

The Rock-Type Gym is located here next door to Gamer's Corner, a highly regarded video game arcade operated by the infamous Gamer.

4. Coralbay City:
A beach-side tourist hotspot with a vast and expansive series of underwater caves that are said to lead to all sorts of treasures, often heavily guarded by fierce and protective Pokemon. 

The Water-Type Gym is located here at the end of a dock near a large light house. The Gym is often used for live water acrobatic shows.

5. Ambercrest City:
The largest city in the Ginune Region, a densely populated metropolis home to plenty of major businesses including the HQ and production facility for DS Co. Most of Ginune's biggest tournaments take place at Grandview Stadium, a giant Tournament complex located in the heart of the city, with the most famous prior to the establishment of The Silver League being the Reaction Festival. The city is also known for various shady underground leagues that are still rumored to be taking place here to this day. Ambercrest is also home to the famous Battle Cafe, a top spot for Trainers who want to get stronger, mingle with others and also get a relaxing coffee or tea while passing by.

The Electric-Type Gym is located here near the Grandview Stadium which also used as a concert hall while the Fighting-Type Gym is a housed in a Dojo near the outskirts of the City.

6. Meadowood City:
A City with deep roots in nature, almost all buildings in the city are made of wood and very few are higher then 2 stories tall. Surrounded by forests, there is a lot of folklore and tales of legends inhabiting the forests. The City is most famous for the titan sized oak tree that towers over the entire city.

The Grass-Type Gym is stationed within the cluster of branches of the titan sized oak tree, spiraling stairwells were installed to allow trainers to venture up to the Gym for challenges.

7. Neonite City:

A City with major historic significance to the lore of the Ginune Region, previously the center of the Neonite Dynasty the city is now another major tourist hot spot. The city is equally as regarded for Dynasty Labs, a famous research facility that conducts all sorts of research regarding the potential medcal properties Pokemon can have towards the benefit of the world at large.

The Poison-Type Gym is located within Dynasty Labs, many trainers end up having to go through a tour of the lab before they can challenge the Gym Leader.

8. Fangspire Canyon:

Another famous landmark in Ginune history, the canyon itself was formed in the aftermath of the 1st Ginune Pokemon War after the northern end of the region was restored by a wish that Jirachi granted. Since then the Fangspire Canyon has been governed by the Fangspire Dragon Clan, a prideful group who swear to ensure the region never sees the rise of another Mad King. The culture its populous in fangspire is rich with many of the Dragon Clan leaving within hollowed out caverns of the Canyon while others live upon at the edge of the canyon in town akin to those seen in westerns.

A notable landmark of the Fangspire Canyons is the "Canyon's Fangs" a bed of sharp stalagmites that historically were used to execute traitors and those the Fangspire Dragon Clan deemed "monsters". As a result the Canyon's Fangs are now said to be haunted by the lingering spirits of these monsters as well as plenty of Ghost-Type Pokemon.

Members of the Fangspire Dragon Clan go through a rite of passage where they must travel across the region and participate in a series of trials that involve visiting the nests of various Dragon-Types located elsewhere across the land. 

The Dragon-Type Gym is located at the base of the canyon and is led exclusively by members of the Fangspire Dragon Canyon.

9. Crescenridge City:
A solemn port town in the far north east of the Ginune Region, known heavily for its art and fishing industries. It's history is closely tied to Rescenfound Island but in modern times is it most often regarded for its famous art museum curated by Cedrick also known as LowRes. The City is also home to plenty with an interest in the paranormal as its history draws in plenty of wandering and restless spirits.

The Dark-Type Gym is located here in Cedrick's art Museum, known for its base flooring that depicts an ominous void that depicts the emotions of those who battle over it.

10. Rescenfound Island:
Previously known as Crescenridge Island many generations ago, the island saw a mass exudes after the Tragedy of James the Tyrant during the 2nd Ginune Pokemon War. Everyone who lived on the island migrated to the mainland with the island remaining abandoned until it was "rediscovered" many generations later. However in the many years that passed, the island has become home to spiteful Darkrai who is said to feast off the nightmares and misery of lingering spirits that the island generates even in memory alone till this very day.

The island is home to other Dark, Ghost & Bug Types who do their best to avoid the spiteful Darkrai. The only humans on the Island are those stationed at a Ranger outpost to ensure no criminals try to use this island as a potential base of operations.

11. Terrafrost Mountain:
An intimidating mountain littered with frozen ruins leftover from the previous Ginune Pokemon Wars. The harsh environment has led to an understandably low population but those who remain are rigid and strong, often trainers who use the setting the strength their own resolve as they battle with the elements itself. Historically famous for being the land destroyed during the 1st Ginune Pokemon War, it was since highly guarded by the Fangspire Dragon Clan but has since them proven to be an intense training ground for Elite and Veteran trainers or a living space for those who wish to live in total isolation.

The Ice-Type Gym is located here in the ruins of a fortress said to have belonged to The Mad King, now repurposed into a Gym with a truly intimidating history behind it.

12. The Ginune League Colosseum:
Housed among a valley within the Feathervale Highlands is a Colosseum where battles are held to determine the Region's Champion, its said that the Colosseum used to be where great battles during the ancient wars were fought and it like the Terrafrost Mountain's Gym had the landmark repurposed to set the stage for glorious battles worthy of the region's ancestors.

13. Lake Soverence:
Located just off of Harvestone Town, rumors say that Lugia use the lake as a nesting ground for their eggs. Because of how remote it is, the lake doesn't get too many visitors but is a common place for locals in Harvestone & Gardenoak to head out to during the summer when they want to have some beach side fun.

14. Gracideafield Park:
A Campsite just outside of Serenet City, for many beginning Trainers, this is where they'll first end up if they ventured through the Gardenoak Forests as oppose to simply taking the train to Serenet City. Named after the flowers that bloom there in the spring, the park a great place for Trainers casually mingle or or spar with others. Many vendors often visit the park offering their wares to eager Trainers who can't find what they're looking for in the Serenet open markets (or swindle them before they realize they can find it cheaper there...)

15. Feathervale Highlands:
A dense collection of mountains shrouded in mystery. Treversing the Highlands is a challenge for many Trainers and atop the highest peaks one can find the Feathervale Ninja Village, lead by the Kumokage, Diogo. The Ninja Clan have historically been sworn protectors of the Ginune Region, who watch from the skies. Passing down their knowledge over the generations they follow traditions just as rigidly as the Fangspire Dragon Clan but come off considerably more relaxed. The Feathervale Ninja Clan are also aided by Shiny Rayquaza that they've had a close alliance with for generations, though in its old age, the clan's leader often has a hard time convincing the dragon to do them any sort of favors.

At the base of the mountain that houses the Feathervale Ninja Village there is the famous Dragonair Nest where Dratini are raised. These Dratini are raised by other Dragonair who's evolution into Dragonite serves as a rite of passage before they leave the nest, returning only to lay their eggs. Visiting this nest is among one of the trials that Fangspire Dragon Clan members must go through during their pilgrimage with the goal of earning the respect of a Draongair who chooses them as a partner and then helping it evolve into a Dragonite to fulfill their rite of passage.

The Flying-Type Gym is located at the rooftop of the Capital building in the Feathervale Ninja Clan where the Kumokage resides.

16. The Luminera Marsh:
Known for the luminescent moss that glows beautifully at night, the Luminera Marsh is another area that has remained largely void of human interference since the Ginune Pokemon Wars. a handful of ruins and shrines remain that are maintained by a handful of locals who's ancestors once served these structures but otherwise, many grass, water, poison and psychic types populate the area. A Goomy nest is also located here, yet another required landmark for the pilgrimage of Fangspire Dragon Clan members.

The Psychic-Type Gym is located here in a reconstructed temple that previously belonged to the head of the Ambercrest Seers, a clan of psychics who governed the southern quarter of the Ginune Region after the 1st Ginune Pokemon War.

The Bug-Type Gym is located in the heart of the swampland, where many of the more fierce Bug-Type Pokemon are said to have tournaments of their own as they fight for territory.

17. Cinnasage Town:
Another farm town with a major emphasis on crops, in particular spices and wheat. the flat lands make it ideal for crops with steady winds making members of the Whimsicott & Jumpluff family a common sight. Its a relaxing town full of friendly locals and a lot of berry traders.

The Fairy-Type Gym is located here near a Rapidash ranch set up not far from the expansive crop filled flatland.

18. Steelburgh City:
A massive mineral quarry, a large bulk of the city is located underground in a labriyth of tunnels carved out over countless years. In the distant past the city was a heavily guarded fortress that supplied the iron found inside to the feuding warlords during the early days of the 1st Ginune Pokemon War. Now the materials within the city's catacombs are still highly sought after but it is no longer guarded like an iron fortress.

The Steel-Type Gym is located here, housed in a recreation of the kind of fortresses that were established on this land in ancient times, owned by a family with ties to that past who carry great pride in their lineage.

19. Harvestone Peaks Rail Port:
Dividing the south and northern halves of Ginune is a collection of dense forest and touring mountains, but to make the trek easier, the Serenet Railroad system is used to bridge the region's major population spots together. However the trek between Serenet City and the first fork in the road leading to either Fangspire or Terrafrost is a long ride and in between is a small port housed inside one of the Harvestone peaks. The port is home to some, mostly those who make a living maintaining the railroad.

The Ground-Type Gym is located here, serving as a notable detour for traveling Trainers, the Gym is a simple set up, with a large cavity carved out of the mountain and sculpted to be reminiscent of of an ancient roman Colosseum.

20. The Crescenridge Chateau:
An old and once abandoned Chateau that is said to have belonged one of the wealthiest lords in Ginune's ancient past. He enjoyed playing games and would offer his fortune to anyone who could best them in a game of their choice. It's said that he never lost but upon his passing, the Chateau became a spot where people would continue to challenge each other to games of their choice. Years since it became abandoned but plenty of Ghost-Types remains and would continue to "haunt" the place as they played the games left behind.

The Ghost-Type Gym is located here, with the building having been restored and the Ghost-Types who populated the Gym's typing be an obvious choice.

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