Day I - Act I
The Nature of Conflict
Day I - Act II
The Tides of Karma
Day I - Act III
A Ninja's Duty
Day I - Act IV
Risks and Resolves
Day I - Act V
The Courage To Defy Chaos
Day II
The Flames of Treachery
Day III - Act I
Harbingers of Madness
Day III - Act II
The Mad King
Day IV
A Return to Isolation
Day V
Biding Shadows
Day VI
The Erupting Invasion
Among the Cinders
The Means to be Worthy

Day IX
Where it Rains
Final Day - Act I
Final Day - Act II

The Ginune War Rules

Basic Rules:

-All Warlords choose a 1-of-a-kind Uber, this is their strongest general who MUST join them in every battle.

-If a Warlord's Uber faints in battle it is "dead" and the Warlord automatically loses the battle.

-All Warlords start out with 1 district of land and can gather more land by challenging other Warlords to a battle.

-Battles between Warlords are Winner-Takes-All where the Loser will surrender ALL their lands & minions to the winner.

-A Warlord CANNOT decline a challenge, they can arrange a time and the conditions of war (within 24 hours of the challenge) but failure to cooperate or show up for the battle will be considered a surrender.

-Challenges are first come first serve, so once challenged no one  else can fight you until the initial battle is finished.

-Warlords can only challenge those who's land  is directly beside their own unless they have an Alliance with someone in reach of their desired target. 

HOWEVER, a Warlord can only be defeated by another Warlord, so even if one loses their last land to a Minion, they may challenge ANY Warlord for all their land until they themselves have lost in battle.

-Warlords can only battle 3 times Per Day - ALL BATTLES MUST BE REPORTED TO SILVER AUGUST

-The Winner of this War is whoever has conquered ALL of the Region

NOTE: Appointed Judges who are also competing Warlords CANNOT be attacked while simply idling on the chat to confirm rulings and note progress, however they cannot discuss strategies with allies, be called upon for battles or challenge others until 10 minutes have passed after becoming "active" particpants again.

Alliances & Minions:

-When a Warlord defeats another Warlord, they may choose whether to "execute" the loser, thus eliminating them from the tournament, OR they may recruit them as a Minion  who is sworn to serve and fight for their master.

-A Minion can be executed at any time by the Warlord they serve under, regardless of reasoning.

-A Minion can only fight another Warlord if their master orders them to, they cannot act on their own accord.

-Minions cannot  "slay" a Warlord's Uber, so battles ARE NOT Winner Takes All, so the Winner can only claim one district of land (the winning Warlord's choice).

-if Challenged, a Warlord can have a Minion fight in their place, but the Minion will have no say in the Conditions of War.

-Minions cannot betray their masters unless they are defeated by another Warlord - at which point they can swear loyalty to the one who defeated them and this Warlord can decide their fate.

-Once a Minion, they cannot become a Warlord again  UNLESS they betray their master during a Multi Battle and are the only ones left standing at the end of the battle, otherwise it is considered a win for the opposing Warlord(s). Betraying their master during a battle that they win, will result in INSTANT execution.

-Alliances are verbal agreements between 2 Warlords anywhere on the map to not attack each other.

-Alliances can be broken at any moment without warning or consequence.

-If you are in an Alliance, you can battle Warlords in districts of land surrounding your Ally.

-If Challenged, an Ally can fight in your place but cannot negotiate the Conditions of War.

-An Ally CANNOT fight in your place and then use a Minion to fight for them, it is still an Winner-Takes-All battle.

The Conditions of War:

-All battles by default are Standard SL Modified OU Tier Single 6-on-6 without any item clause, the only exception being their respective Ubers.

-Battles can be changed to ANY format, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotations or Multi, with any other special rules so long as both sides agree. If an agreement cannot be met, settle for the default conditions.

-Multi Battle can be battles between 4 Warlords in a free-for-All or a battle between Allied nations. Warlords in a Multi Battle may also use a Minion if they have any, but if one side does not have any Allies or Minions, then they can only take part in a Free-For-All between Warlords.

-In a Multi-Battle, Ally Nations  will split their winnings evenly between the 2 unless the Alliance was broken. 

-If a Warlord attacks their Ally during a battle, their alliance is considered Broken, if their Uber faints they automatically lose, BUT if the battle ends with both their Ubers still alive, they must immediately battle each other to determine who gains all the winnings.

The Prize:

-The Winner of this War will earn themselves 1 of 2 possible treasures.

~The Emperor's Fortune~

20 Gold Medals, a Life Orb, Leftovers & Rocky Hemlet


~The Emperor's Throne~

A chance to have 1 wish granted that can change future events on The Silver League, whether it's changing a rule in  an upcoming Champions League, your own special tournament, a chance to challenge the Elite four and the Champion, or even something simple like a series of sprites including Overworlds, Standard and Mugs. 

The only wishes that cannot be granted are ones that involve taking someone's position, whether it's a Gym Leader, an Elite Four Member, a Mod or an Owner.

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