1. All Participating Warlords MUST use an Arceus equipped with a any of the Plates they currently posses.

2. Warlords can only use ONE Plate Equipped Arceus at a time, but they can freely switch the Plates between battles.

3. Battles can be Singles, Doubles, Multi or Royal as long as all parties involved agree, but if no agreement can be met, then it will default to a Singles Battle.

4. When ALL of a Warlord's Pokemon equipped with a Plate have fainted in battle, they immediately lose, regardless of Score or overall advantage.

5. The Plates will immediately exchange ownership to whoever defeated them, regardless of who won the battle. 

6. If a Warlord has lost all of their Plates to another, then they lose and their fate is in the hands of their opponent who can either SLAY them or RECRUIT them as a MINION.

7. If you are SLAYED you are out of the Event completely. if you are RECRUITED as a MINION then you will serve under the Warlord (See Minions section for more details).

8. Once you have gathered all 17 Plates, you are considered the winner of the 2nd War and will be granted a single wish from Arcues - the fate of the Ginune Region (and the ending of this story) will be in your hands.

9. ALL BATTLES MUST BE SAVED - If a battle code is NOT presented then the battle will not count.


-All Warlords will start in a Numbered Segment of the map of their choosing, regardless if someone else has chosen that spot as well.

-Warlords & Minions can only Interact with others who are in the same Segment as them or any Segment directly adjacent to their current location.

-Warlords & Minions can do only ONE of the following Actions per day - Battle or Trade
  • Battle: Challenge an Adjecent Warlord / Minion to a battle, standard rules apply.
  • Trade: Offer to trade Plate but ONLY if all parties involved have at least TWO Plates (i.e at no point have you physically let go of your link to the war). Trades are a verbal contract and once all parties have messaged Silver August regarding the trade, it is considered official. If one side fails to confirm the trade is considered a void of contract and the neglected recipient will be considered DEAD and their plates will go to the other involves parties.
NOTE: if anyone involved in Trades are caught lying, cheating or attempting to fraud the system, then they themselves will be eliminated and have their spoils go to those victimized in the incident.

-Once a Warlord has done their Action for the day, they CANNOT be Attacked or be involved in any Trade deals.

-A Warlord CANNOT deny an opposing Warlord's call. Once PC'd they must answer the call. Warlords can freely attempt to negotiate a Trade over a Battle, or even attempt to bring in other Warlords, but if a deal cannot be made, the Action will default to a battle.

NOTE: as an example, if a Warlord is challenged by another and attempts to offer a trade, but then attempts to call upon a 3rd party to "sweeten the deal" and negotiations still default into a Battle, the 3rd Party does not HAVE to battle and this is not considered their one Action of the day.

-Warlords are NOT required to make an Action each day if they are able too.

-Warlords can only move one space at a time across the map and can only move to segments of the map adjacent to their current location.

-At the end of the day (or the latest point before you leave SL for the day) you MUST Skype/PC Silver August and tell him where you wish to move to on the map - Failure to do will default to no movement period.

-New Days go into effect roughly 11:59am EST with 2:00am to 11:59am EST being considered "Peace Time" when no Actions can take place.

-If a Warlord does not report to Silver for Actions or Movement or is not present on the site during "War Time" hours after 3 days, their character will be considered DEAD with any Plates they had being left at their current location to be taken by the first person to arrive on that Segment. If Multiple parties reach it at the same time, then standard Action options will apply. They can negotiate a deal or default to a Battle.

Whether it is for story reasons or to avoid poor Sportsmanship, the following Pokemon CANNOT be used by any participating unless told otherwise.

-Uber Tier Mega Evolutions
- Dugtrio Family with Arena Trap
- Trapinch with Arena Trap
- Silvally & Type: Null
- ALL Ultra Beasts
- Necrozma

ALL Legendary Pokemon have been sealed away by Arceus and CANNOT be used during this event.


All 5 established Territories are actively aware of the events going on regarding this "war" and as such, the current status of a Territory can affect the various participants abilities to travel or interact with others.

The following is listed in terms of relation to all corresponding Territories, any effects if a status changes will be listed below.

Fangspire: OKAY, tensions are still uneasy but control has been assured.

Feathervale: OKAY, leader is safe, but others are unaccounted for.

Ambercrest: OKAY

Neonite: OKAY

Harvestone: OKAY

Looking up at the night sky, everyone can see 2 visible glowing "cracks" in the sky, both roughly the length of the moon, they aren't visible during the day but it has made all citizens uneasy.

-Minions are a Warlord's allies and can serve as a way to initiate a Multi Battle or even split up to gather information. Once recruited they are expected to serve loyally but CAN betray their Warlord if THEY acquire a Plate in battle from another Warlord and possess more Plates then their current master.

-Warlords CANNOT give their Minion a Plate, as the Plate does not recognize the Minion as someone strong enough to fight along side.

-Minions fight under their Warlord's flag thus why the Plates will recongize them as "worthy" if conditions allow them to challenge another Warlord.

-Minions CANNOT use a Plate (and thus an Arceus) unless they've won a Plate in battle. The Warlord rule does not apply so all of their Pokemon CAN faint in battle, but once they have a Plate, they MUST use it and if it faints, they immediately lose.

-Minions MUST Travel with their Warlord unless order to split up and cannot engage in battle unless instructed to do so.

-If a Warlord wishes to engage in a Multi-Battle with their Minion as their partner, the Minion MUST be in the same square or directly adjacent to both their Warlord and their opponent(s).

NOTE: Minions CANNOT use a Plate in a Multi Battle unless it is one they've earned in battle and have yet to officially deliver to their Warlord. In this circumstance they CAN betray their Warlord and if victorious, all Plates from all Warlords involved will go to them.

-Minions CANNOT challenge or be challenged unless they have split up (1 Zone apart) from their Warlord. If challenged AND victorious, all Plates collected will go to the Minion who is expected to return them to the Warlord, but betrayal is an option if they end up acquiring at least 1 more Plates then their Warlord. If they wish to betray their Warlord then they must return to their Warlord and challenge them, otherwise they will still be considered fighting under that Warlord's flag.

-If a Minion loses a battle, their fate is once again in the hands of those who beat them, they can be taken hostage, slayed or recruited again. Any Plates they had will go to the one who defeated them.

-When a Warlord is defeated by another Warlord, any Minions traveling with them will automatically be Recruited or Slayed by the opposing Warlord. Minions traveling AWAY from their Warlord will also be met by the same conditions UNLESS were baring a Plate.

Without a Plate they remain roaming characters on the board who can be recruited or slayed through a battle - They CANNOT gather plates unless they are serving under a living Warlord.

If in the event they were traveling on their own while baring a Plate and their Warlord fell, they are effectively free. They keep the plates and can either continue to fight under their fallen Warlord's flag or re-raise their own.

The Battlefield is ever changing so NEW rules may come into effect midway through the war!
So keep a close eye on whats happening and be aware that anything can happen when dealing with the fragments of a god!

Active Plate Bearers (Warlords) & Minions: DAY 5
Sol August
(Silver August)
Zone: 6
Rosa Violet

Lunch Hound (Minion)
Zone: 7
Zone: ???
James Blazing
Zone: ???
Ren (Minion)
(Aldnoah Shadow)
Zone: ???
Largo Ironhand
(Major Largo)
Zone: 4
Zone: 13
Rico (Minion)
Zone: 6
Monty Geist (Minion)
Zone: 16
Zacharius Volff
Zone: 5
Scarlet Fealynn (Minion)
Zone: 3
Zone: ???
Zone: 7
Loselot Du Maches 
Zone: ???
Dawn Corona
(Ligera Days)
Zone: ???
Zone: 3
Day I - Act I
The Nature of Conflict
Day I - Act II
The Tides of Karma
Day I - Act III
A Ninja's Duty
Day I - Act IV
Risks and Resolves
Day I - Act V
The Courage To Defy Chaos
Day II
The Flames of Treachery
Day III - Act I
Harbingers of Madness
Day III - Act II
The Mad King
Day IV
A Return to Isolation
Day V
Biding Shadows
Day VI
The Erupting Invasion
Among the Cinders
The Means to be Worthy

Day IX
Where it Rains
Final Day - Act I
Final Day - Act II

The 1st Ginune War Rules

Basic Rules:

-All Warlords choose a 1-of-a-kind Uber, this is their strongest general who MUST join them in every battle.

-If a Warlord's Uber faints in battle it is "dead" and the Warlord automatically loses the battle.

-All Warlords start out with 1 district of land and can gather more land by challenging other Warlords to a battle.

-Battles between Warlords are Winner-Takes-All where the Loser will surrender ALL their lands & minions to the winner.

-A Warlord CANNOT decline a challenge, they can arrange a time and the conditions of war (within 24 hours of the challenge) but failure to cooperate or show up for the battle will be considered a surrender.

-Challenges are first come first serve, so once challenged no one  else can fight you until the initial battle is finished.

-Warlords can only challenge those who's land  is directly beside their own unless they have an Alliance with someone in reach of their desired target. 

HOWEVER, a Warlord can only be defeated by another Warlord, so even if one loses their last land to a Minion, they may challenge ANY Warlord for all their land until they themselves have lost in battle.

-Warlords can only battle 3 times Per Day - ALL BATTLES MUST BE REPORTED TO SILVER AUGUST

-The Winner of this War is whoever has conquered ALL of the Region

NOTE: Appointed Judges who are also competing Warlords CANNOT be attacked while simply idling on the chat to confirm rulings and note progress, however they cannot discuss strategies with allies, be called upon for battles or challenge others until 10 minutes have passed after becoming "active" particpants again.

Alliances & Minions:

-When a Warlord defeats another Warlord, they may choose whether to "execute" the loser, thus eliminating them from the War, OR they may recruit them as a Minion  who is sworn to serve and fight for their master.

-A Minion can be executed at any time by the Warlord they serve under, regardless of reasoning.

-A Minion can only fight another Warlord if their master orders them to, they cannot act on their own accord.

-Minions cannot  "slay" a Warlord's Uber, so battles ARE NOT Winner Takes All, so the Winner can only claim one district of land (the winning Warlord's choice).

-if Challenged, a Warlord can have a Minion fight in their place, but the Minion will have no say in the Conditions of War.

-Minions cannot betray their masters unless they are defeated by another Warlord - at which point they can swear loyalty to the one who defeated them and this Warlord can decide their fate.

-Once a Minion, they cannot become a Warlord again  UNLESS they betray their master during a Multi Battle and are the only ones left standing at the end of the battle, otherwise it is considered a win for the opposing Warlord(s). Betraying their master during a battle that they win, will result in INSTANT execution.

-Alliances are verbal agreements between 2 Warlords anywhere on the map to not attack each other.

-Alliances can be broken at any moment without warning or consequence.

-If you are in an Alliance, you can battle Warlords in districts of land surrounding your Ally.

-If Challenged, an Ally can fight in your place but cannot negotiate the Conditions of War.

-An Ally CANNOT fight in your place and then use a Minion to fight for them, it is still an Winner-Takes-All battle.

The Conditions of War:

-All battles by default are Standard SL Modified OU Tier Single 6-on-6 without any item clause, the only exception being their respective Ubers.

-Battles can be changed to ANY format, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotations or Multi, with any other special rules so long as both sides agree. If an agreement cannot be met, settle for the default conditions.

-Multi Battle can be battles between 4 Warlords in a free-for-All or a battle between Allied nations. Warlords in a Multi Battle may also use a Minion if they have any, but if one side does not have any Allies or Minions, then they can only take part in a Free-For-All between Warlords.

-In a Multi-Battle, Ally Nations  will split their winnings evenly between the 2 unless the Alliance was broken. 

-If a Warlord attacks their Ally during a battle, their alliance is considered Broken, if their Uber faints they automatically lose, BUT if the battle ends with both their Ubers still alive, they must immediately battle each other to determine who gains all the winnings.

The Prize:

-The Winner of this War will earn themselves 1 of 2 possible treasures.

A chance to have 1 wish granted that can change future events on The Silver League, whether it's changing a rule in  an upcoming Champions League, your own special tournament, a chance to challenge the Elite four and the Champion, or even something simple like a series of sprites including Overworlds, Standard and Mugs. 

The only wishes that cannot be granted are ones that involve taking someone's position, whether it's a Gym Leader, an Elite Four Member, a Mod or an Owner.

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