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Standard SL Champions League Tournament and Elite Four Run Rules (Will be replaced by video once it is made) - Rules are subject to potential
change or tweaks over time.

-Instant Elimination Tournament

-Single 6-v-6 Battles

-Required Trainer Rank: S (8+ Badges)

-SS Rank Trainers (E4, Champs, etc) are allowed to enter

-Standard SL Competitive Battle clauses in effect.

-No Cheating.

-No Poor sportsmanship (sore losers, sore winners, harassment, rude behavior, rude nicknames, overt taunting, etc).

-All Top 8 Battles MUST be saved, failure to provide a battle code will result in the battle being void.

-A Minimum of 16 participants is required in order for the CLT to qualify for a potential Elite Four run.

-In the event of a disconnect, a rematch will be issued as long as the disconnect is not suspect in nature, both parties may decide if they wish to change their teams or use the same teams / same leads.

-CLT Winners shall be commemorated in the Victors Circle*, a special subsection of the Hall of Fame dedicated to tournament winners, who'll all qualify for special events in the coming future.
-Elite Four Runs are NOT guaranteed to the winner, the invite for a challenge will be issued if all 4 standing members of the Elite Four unanimously agree the CLT Winner deserves the opportunity to be put under the spotlight of an Elite Four run and a chance at being crowned Champion.

NOTE: Rest assured this practice is not going to be enforced if winners use tactics that "bore" the Elite Four (or those commentating in the stream), it is something that'd be enforced for Trainers who display incredibly poor attitudes within the community and within battle. If they are rude, and deliberately trying to make others feel bad, then they will not be reward for bad behavior that SL stands firmly against.


-CLT Winners who receive an Invite to participate in an Elite Four Challenge will have 2 weeks to accept and register a qualifying team. 

-Challengers can register up to 10 Pokemon, Species Clause is in full effect, so you cannot register a Mega and non-Mega Gardevoir or simply a 2nd copy of the same Pokemon with a completely different EV/IV Spread and Moverset.

-A Judge shall be assigned to verify the Challengers 10 Pokemon, changing for hacks, legal moves and other relevant qualities. Any changes to the movesets of Pokemon between battles MUST be confirmed & approved with the Judge before the next battle takes place.

-Judges shall check for Stats, EVs, IVs, Moves, Pokeball, where it was caught/hatched and Nickname to ensure all meet SLs basic rules & guidelines.

-E4 Challenge Battles shall be conducted in the following order:
Kaitou -> Lowres -> Blight -> Silver August -> Champion

-If any of the Challengers Pokemon faint in battle, they CANNOT be used again unless they use a Revive on it. (Judges must be informed of any Pokemon who fainted or are revived between battles.)

-Challengers are given Revives = to total the number of Gym Badges they have acquired.

-There are no Resets.

-Just like with Gym Leaders, Elite Four members can call out Counter Teaming and if the Challenger's team is deemed a Counter Team by the judge, then they can potentially face disqualification.

-All battles MUST be saved from the Challenger's perspective, failure to save ANY battle will result in the match being considered a loss, resulting in their elimination from the rest of the challenge.

-In the event of a Disconnect, as long as the disconnect was not suspect in nature, a rematch shall be issued, the E4 member and Challenger must use the same teams, but are allowed to decide whether or not to use the same leads.

-In a Title Match, if the challenger is victorious, they do not HAVE to accept the position of Champion, they shall still earn their place in the Hall of Fame and be recognized as a winner of the Elite Four and in the event that the current Champion has to retire or has their title stripped, any who defeated them previously in a Title Match shall have the crown position offered to them instead.

(Other rules and clarifications may be added with future updates.)

1. Lowres

2. Mirrorcard Neko

3. Odds

4. Major Largo

5. Aldnoah Shadow

6. Apexleo

7. JKWiffle

8. Sadia

9. Xander

10. Abel

11. Hotdog

12. Dave

13. Spear

14. W2

15. Firey

16. Roki

17. Crystal 

18. Rylo

19. JammedGoblin

20. Cotton

21. Kaitou

22. Shade

23. Blight

24. Purgatory

25. BlazingBlade

26. ArcStorm

27. Time Kitsune

28. Alabaster

29. Cake Templar

30. Rune

31. Mo

32. Bread

































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