The Alola Island Wars Battle Royal

Four Islands! Four islands comprise the Alola Region and each has a leader, a Kahuna who commands the Tapu, mighty deities who protect this land. Legends tell of a war that waged between the 4 Islands many generations ago, where Tapus and the Kahunas led the charge to defend their own island and its people before they stood opposed by an even greater threat.

This event is in honor of Alola's history as we celebrate a time of peace that our ancestors could only dream of. This is, the Alola Island Wars Battle Royal!

Four tournaments will be held over the course of a month to decide the Kahunas of the 4 respective Islands that make up the Alola Region

-Standard 6-on-6 Lvl 50 Singles.
-Instant Elimination Bracket Tournament.

-To enter each tournament you must complete a Trial for that respective Island

-Participants can ONLY use Pokémon native to that specific Island, Pokémon found via Island Scan will be allowed and Pokémon can be imported from previous Generations.

-NO LEGENDS, only the Kahuna can use Legends native to region, including the Tapus

-Species Clause CAN be ignored for Alternate forms like Lycanroc where stats and moves can vary between forms.

-There is no item clause, and all (non-Banned) Z-moves and Mega Stones will be allowed.

-Winners of each Island Tournament shall confront the Tapus to be deemed worthy, it will be a battle in the format of the Tapu's choosing, with the challenger using the SAME used in the finals

If they fail to defeat or impress the Tapu, the Tapu will battle the 2nd Place Trainer and so on until they have found a Trainer worthy to be deemed a Kahuna. 
Kahunas cannot enter another Island Tournament and other Top 4 competitors shall be offered the position of an Island Captain who will aid the Kahuna as the team of their respective Island.

Once all 4 Islands have formed their "teams" they will be able to recruit other Trial Goers and take part in battles against other Islands, scoring points depending on who battles who over the course of 2 weeks. 

Whichever Island reaches a certain number a points first shall be allowed to enter a final battle with The Ultra Beasts and if victorious shall be declared the winners of the entire tournament.

The Kahuna and 3 Captains of the winning Island Team shall receive a Legal Shiny Mew.

NOTE: This mew is obtained via glitches in the eShop ports of Red, Blue and Yellow that first allow Mew to be transferred and then have it be recognized as Shiny upon transfer.

In addition to the Mew, the Kahuna of the team shall receive a shiny set of the 3 Legendary Birds; Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres.

Due to Bank's Gen 1 Transfer process, all prizes are guaranteed to have 3 stats with 31 IVs, but the ones being handed out are guaranteed to be of good nature and have overall good IV Values.

These prizes are being provided by DragonArbock, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask her on either the chat, or the SL Forums.

Trial Goers DO NOT qualify for these prizes, however it is up to the Team Kahuna & Captains to decide upon prizes for those who assist them in the Island Wars

During the Island Wars, the 4 teams are allowed to recruit other trainers to fight for their Island and help the Team achieve overall victory. However in order to qualify, Trainers must complete a Trial assigned to them by the Kahuna. 

This trial is NOT the same as from the Island Trial Tournaments and is an put together by the Kahuna & Captains, but is approved by the Islands' Tapu. Once a Trainer completes the Trial they will be enducted onto the Team and be able to fight in the Island War Battles

Team Ula Ula Kahuna Power Vs The Ultra Beasts

~The 6th Island War Match~

Format: Singles
First team to earn 3 Wins out of 5 Battles Wins the Match
NOTE: All Point Values earned are now Doubled

Match 1:
Team Melemele Vs Team Poni
Score: 2 - 2

Round 1:
Aldnoah Shadow vs Overhear
Winner: Aldnoah Shadow

Round 2:
Crispy vs w2g
Winner: Crispy

Round 3:
Spino vs FireyCyndaquil
Winner: FireyCyndaquil

Round 4:
BenBlazing vs Rylo(1 pts)
Winner: Rylo

Round 5:
BenBlazing vs Cinos
Winner: BenBlazing
Team Akala Vs Team Ula'Ula
Score: 0 - 3

Round 1:
Hotdog vs RashFlygon
Winner: RashFlygon

Round 2:
ArcStorm vs ZeroPops
Winner: ZeroPops

Round 3:
Cotton vs Power
Winner: Power

~The 5th Island War Match~

Format: Singles
First team to earn 3 Wins out of 5 Battles Wins the Match
NOTE: All Point Values earned are now Doubled

Match 1:

Team Melemele Vs Team Akala
Score: 3 - 1

Round 1:
Spino Vs Hotdog
Winner: Hotdog 

Round 2:
Aldnoah Shadow Vs Mirrorcard Neko 
Winner: Aldnoah Shadow

Round 3:
BenBlazing Vs Major Largo (2 Pts)
Winner: BenBlazing

Round 4: 
CrispyPanda Vs ArcStorm
Winner: CrispyPanda

Team Ula'Ula Vs Team Poni
Score: 3 - 1

Round 1:
RashFlygon Vs FireyCyndaquil
Winner: RashFlygon

Round 2:
Zeropops Vs w2gMk
Winner: w2gMk

Round 3:
Power Vs Cinos
Winner: Power

Round 4:
Spear Vs Overhear
Winner: Spear

Match 2:
Team Akala Vs Team Poni
Score: 1 - 3

Round 1:
Hotdog Vs w2gMk
Winner: w2gMk

Round 2:
Mirrorcard Neko Vs Overhear
Winner: Mirrorcard Neko

Round 3:
TheCottonMaster Vs FireyCyndaquil
Winner: FireyCyndaquil

Round 4: 
ArcStorm Vs Cinos
Winner: Cinos

Team Melemele Vs Team Ula'Ula
Score: 3 - 0

Round 1:
CrispyPanda Vs Power 
Winner: Power 

Round 2:
BenBlazing Vs Zeropops
Winner: Zeropops

Round 3:
Aldnoah Shadow Vs Spear 
Winner: Spear 

Team Melemele
Points: 86/100
BenBlazing - (11)

Aldnoah Shaddow (9)
TheCrispyPanda  (9)
Spino (5)

Trial Goers (5):
Karasu, Time Kitsune, Ugame, Skull, BlazingBlade
Team Akala
Points: 37/100

TheCottonMaster (5)
ArcStorm (6)
Mirrorcard Neko (8)

Trial Goers (3):
CharizardX007, Entin, Major Largo, Baleful Absol, Littlesdemon, SubSkater, Norby
Team Ula'Ula
~~Points: 114/100~~
Power (10)

Rash Flygon(6)
ZeroPops - (6)
Spear (8)

Trial Goers (5):
Jerso, Jiggler, Skyfire, Iain 
Team Poni
Points: 52/100
Cinos (8)

FireyCyndaquil (7)
w2gMk (9)
Overhear (7)

Trial Goers (5):
Chris, Razorang,
Ben, Nitro, Aggron, Lord Rylo, Emperor Empoleon
Week 1:
6-on-6 Singles

Round 1:
Team Poni Vs. Team Akala
Winner: Poni 2-1

Team Melemele Vs. Team Ula'Ula
Winner: Ula'Ula 0-2
Round 2:
Team Akala Vs. Team Ula'Ula
Winner: Ula'Ula 0-2

Team Melemele Vs. Team Poni
Winner: Poni 1-2
Week 2:
3-3-on-3-3 Multi

Round 1:
Team Akala Vs. Team Melemele
Winner: Melemele 1-2

Team Ula'Ula Vs. Team Poni
Winner: Ula'Ula 2-0
Round 2:
Team Melemele Vs Team Poni
Winner: Melemele 2-1

Team Akala Vs Team Ula'Ula
Winner: Ula'Ula 1-2
Week 3:
6-on-6 Doubles

Round 1:
Team Melemele Vs Team Ula'Ula
Winner: Team Melemele 2-1

Team Akala Vs Team Poni
Winner: Team Akala 2-0
Round 2:
Team Melemele Vs Team Akala
 Winner: Team Akala 1-2

Team Ula'Ula Vs Team Poni
Winner: Team Poni0-2
Week 4:

Round 1:
Match 1: Team Ula'Ula

Match 2: Team Ula'Ula

Match 3: Team Poni

Match 4: Team Akala

Match 5: Team Pomi
Week 5 & 6:
6-on-6 Singles
(Best 3 out of 5)

Round 1:
Team Melemele Vs. Team Akala
Winner: Melemele 3-1

Team Ula'Ula Vs. Team Poni
Winner: Ula'Ula 3-1
Round 2:
Team Akala Vs. Team Poni
Winner: Poni 1-3

Team Melemele Vs. Team Ula'Ula
Winner: Ula'Ula 0-3

Each weekend all 4 Islands will be pitted against each other in series of battles that'll test their skills as individuals as well as a team. Battles will range from Singles, Doubles, FFA, Royals and Multi with points earned in each Battle & Match based on those who participate.

MOST Matches, otherwise known as an "Island War Match" will be best 2 out of 3 battles where at least TWO of Team's Leaders (Kahunas & Captains) must participate. Some Island War Matches may be best 3 out of 5 and others might Ginune War styled battle royals where anyone can challenge anyone else and matches cannot be turned down. Please pay attention to announcements regarding an upcoming Island War Battle's format.

-Kahunas MUST use their Island's Tapu in ALL battles, but do not lose automatically if it faints.

-ALL Members of a team can only use Pokemon native to their respect islands, failure to do so will result in a Automatic Match Loss and a -10 Point Penalty.

-For Island War Matches, a suggested time to show up on Saturdays will be presented in advance by Silver August, and Island War Matches with have a until the end of Sunday 11:59 PM EST for the match to conclude, at which point if a Team has failed to participate in a required battle, it will be considered a loss with a -5 Point penalty.

-During an Island Wars Match, 2 Teams will be pitted against each other (usually in a round robin style) and will have either Silver August or someone chosen to stand in as a "Judge" who will declare rulings and present the challengers of each Island. 

-Teams MUST tell the Judge who will be fighting one at a time. Once both have informed the Judge, The Judge will then announce who will be battling who and the battle can commence. After that they will inform the Judge who will fight next until a Team wins the Match.

NOTE: Ideally we'd like to see all 4 Islands face each other AT LEAST once during that weekend, but new battles cannot be assigned until the first pair of matches finish. So for how the number of battles per weekend may change depending on how smoothly things go.

-Once a team has earned a total of at least 100 Points, they will be able to challenge the Ultra Beasts to a final battle. They will be allowed to choose the format and the Kahuna MUST participate.

-Team Member participation will be documented and if any Trial Goer has participated in more battles then any Team Captain or the Kahuna, then that team will NOT be able to challenge the Ultra Beasts to win the Alola Island Wars, even if they have exceeding the requires points.

A Kahuna Defeating a Kahuna = 5 Points
A Kahuna Defeating a Captain = 2 Points
A Captain Defeating a Kahuna = 3 Points
A Captain Defeating a Captain = 1 Points
Match Wins = 4 Points

Trial Goes cannot participate in a battle for an Island Wars Match UNLESS they wager their own team's current Points. They can wager anywhere from 1-7 Points and earn that many points for their team if they win their battle, regardless of who they're facing.

Bringing a Pokemon not native to your Team's Island = -10 Points
Failing to show up in a battle = -5 Points
Acting rudely to your opponent during a battle = Immediate DQ and -1/4 current Team Points.
Acting rudely towards your opponent AFTER a battle = -1/2 current Team Points

Judges will not forcibly remove someone from a Team unless they are caught cheating, Kahunas will have final say in ANY Team Member's fate including Captains, but only with a valid reason.

Rudeness is something that can be determined by the respective judges, but will follow common sense, being overly salty or talking down to your opponent, win or loss shall be punished if the judge feels it appropriate.

NOTE: These rules are not 100% Final and are still being refined and tweaked, if there are any potential issues, please feel free to bring it up with Silver August and it can be addressed or clarified. Points are also being reviewed and adjusted if needed so please keep an eye out for any future updates. Thank you and have fun everyone!

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