The Pokèdex gives you the comprehensive look at pokèmon seen at sites like Serebii, or Bulbapedia, But in a portable .EXE file. No more waiting for the Internet to load, all the data is stored right on your computer, just waiting to be used and looked up.
Using the program is simple, just download and click. No installation, or extra files. Loading pictures is also easy, just simply click "download pictures" from the file menu in the program, wait for it to finish, and reload the program. 

The program was made with the user's in mind. There isn't any place where text was just shoved on a page, and it was called done. It was designed to make it easy to find things and easy to read, and get data and information quickly.The page's provide a very thorough look at each pokèmon, while still keeping everything easy to see and find. 


The Pokèdex also includes two comprehensive searches for Attacks, and for pokèmon letting you find exactly what you want fast. Also included are some extra functions in the Utilities menu. Specifically, a AttackDex for looking up information on attacks, a Type Chart (can always come in handy), and a simple IV calculator, Stat Calculator, and an AbilityDex (list of abilities, and what pokemon have which).

Click the image to get a closer
look at the Utilities

Updating is easy, simply come here, and download again. You can download it, and UnZip it anywhere you want to. If you downloaded the picture.DLL file(If you have the images) then you can replace the old Pokedex.exe with the newly downloaded one and you won't have to download the pictures again.

Hardware recommendations:

RAM-Atleast 45 MB, more is recommended
System Memory-16 MB, + 10 for extra for Pokemon.dll(pictures)
CPU - Any. higher performance is recommended, because of the shear amount of data, but the program can work on any CPU, bearing a little slowdown.


Microsoft Windows OS
(No test's with any other options like Wine for Linux have been done. Fell free to try
Microsoft NET 4.0 Framework (Any computer XP up can download NET 4.0 free from Any newer computer will already have it installed)

Program © Matt Kilgore 2010-2011
Pokèmon, And All Respective Names are Trademark & © of Nintendo 1996-2010
Special thanks to Shugo for suggesting the design for the Pokedex Device'

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