The Silver League Gym Challenge

The SL Gym Challenge follows the standardized rules and clauses, but in addition to that we use the following rules that are subject to changes and adjustments with each season and serve as our way to gather long term data on Dynamax as a mechanic.

  • NONE - For Season 2 we are experimenting with Dynamax being used without any sort of restriction. This is subject to adjustments as time goes on but for now, any Pokemon regardless of conditions can Dynamax,
The following bans apply to BOTH
Singles & Doubles formats
  • Pokemon:
    -Urshifu Dark^

    -Necrozma Dawn-Wings
    -Necrozma Dusk-Mane
    -Blaziken with Speed Boost

  • Abilities:
    -Shadow Tag
    -Arena Trap
    -Gorilla Tactics

  • Moves:
    -Beat Up
    -Baton Pass
    -Swagger in combination with Foul Play

  • Full Evasion Clause:
    -All Items, moves & abilities that raise evasion are prohibited. 
Gym Leader Rule Options;
Gym Leaders can choose to apply any of the following rules to the gyms, both Singles & Doubles can have different rule sets.
  • Full Item Clause
  • Limited Item Clause: Gym Leaders choose what items are not limited to 1
  • Banning 1 Pokemon
  • Banning 1 Pokemon from Dynamaxing
  • No Legends
  • Battle Ready Clause (Basically a ban on export exclusive moves).
Additional Rules:

All Gym Battles must have their results confirmed with Silver August. Failure to provide proof of your victory will render the match void unless the Gym Leader can confirm the victory.

Additionally, once a match begins IT IS OFFICIAL - Gym Leaders can denounce match at the Team Preview if they deem it Counter Teaming, but after that they can only denounce the battle if they the Challenger displayed unsportsmanlike conduct. Such matters will be dealt on a case by case basis directly with Silver August and additional help if needed.


-1st Instance: A warning
-2nd Instance: All current badges revoked
-3rd Instance: Banned from the League Challenge for that season with review of whether or not they'll be allowed to participate int he next.

Hacking and Cheating

The Silver League is a place where all legitimate players come to battle.  As such no hacking or cheating is permitted.  Hacking and cheating is when anyone uses any for of third party to illegally obtain their Pokémon.  This is includes but is not limited to: PKHex, Pokegen, PokeSav, Gamesharks, and action replays.  RNG manipulated Pokemon and in game exploits, such as den resetting in Sword and Shield, are perfectly legal.  

If you are caught having cheated and/or hacked for any reason, you will be banned from the league entirely.  This is a zero tolerance policy and no one will be given special treatment if discovered.  If you have a Pokémon from wondertrade/Surprise Trade, it is considered hacked as we cannot determine its legitness.  You are free to use this mon to breed as much as you like though.

Pokémon with legacy movesets, as an example soft-boiled Clefable, must have video/photographic evidence of being transferred from previous gens, in order to be considered legal.

Becoming a Gym Leader

The Silver League’s gym leaders are among the most respected battlers on the league. If you wish to join their ranks, you must first obtain at least 6 gym badges. From here, you must select a type that is not already occupied. You must then design a team that complies with one of the following:

1. Has at least FOUR (4) Pokémon of the gym type on it.

2. Has at least THREE (3) Pokémon of the gym type on it with ONE (1) Pokémon that knows a move of the gym’s typing.

Mega Evolutions that change typing will count towards the required FOURTH Pokemon of that Type, so a Fighting Gym can use Mega Lopunny as the 4th Pokemon (and it would not need the Fighting move if for some reason you chose not to run one). Pokemon who LOSE their Gyms Type upon Mega Evolution count so long as they started out as that type and retain a Move of that Type.

Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps, contact an Owner (denoted by the orange pawn on the chat) to start the process of becoming a gym leader.

NOTE: Gym Leaders MUST be active on SL at least once a week, if they are unable to battle then they can request an appointed Gym Leader Sub fill in their place. If the Gym Leader fails to contact Silver August regarding their absence, OR if they rely on a Sub for an extensive period of time, they will run the risk of having their Gym Leader status revoked.

GYM LEADER SUBS: Subs can be appointed in order to make sure there is a steady flow of open and active gyms, even if the Gym Leader is busy with real life (job, school, etc). GL Subs can fight in the Gym Leader's place but MUST follow the following rules:

1. Gym Leader Subs MUST use the same rules as the Gym Leader.

2. Gym Leader Subs MUST be at least A-Rank.

3. Gym Leader Subs MUST be approved by Silver August.

4. Gym Leader Subs CANNOT battle in place of the Gym Leader unless the Gym Leader first contacts Silver August informing them of their upcoming absence or busy schedule.

5. Gym Leaders are responsible for the actions and behavior of their Subs, if the Sub acts in such a way that would result in a Gym Leader losing their Gym, then the original leader also runs the same risk, so be cautious with who you assign as your sub.

6. Gym Leader Subs are not guaranteed the Gym if the original Gym Leader steps down, the position will feature open trials for anyone to be able to participate in.


-Try to be respectful. Banter is fine, but don’t go overboard.

-Don’t spam. Repeating yourself over and over again is an easy way to get kicked, and to get on people’s bad sides. Spamming soundbytes is especially obnoxious; don’t do it.

-Please do not advertise your own websites on The Silver League unless specifically allowed to. This is a community in and of itself, not a bulletin board for yours. 

-Absolutely no threatening of any SL members is permitted.  This is pretty self-explanatory.

-Using the “highpitchsqueal” soundbyte or chat-obstructing images is a no-no.

-Please do not impersonate others. This only complicates things and you WILL get caught.

-Keep your chat name reasonable. That is to say, don’t load it up with a bunch of colours and emoticons. People don’t want to see that stuff every time you type a message. It’s obnoxious.

-Do not ignore moderators (denoted by the white pawn) and owners (denoted by the orange pawn). Moderators are meant to keep the chatroom civil; ignoring them prevents them from doing their job and lines you up for an easy ban. Owners are the chat’s primary administrators; you need to be able to hear them so you can catch any important information they might have. If you have a problem with a moderator or owner, take it up with Silver August.

-Try to keep your points concise. Discussions can get pretty heated, we understand, but try not to flood the chat in the process.

-If you wish to run your own tournaments, please make sure to discuss it with Silver August beforehand to get permission. This is to ensure that your tourney does not conflict with any official SL events. We may even be able to give you official support! 

-Do not use Pokemon Showdown for official SL events.

These rules may change or be updated as time goes on. Contact Silver August if you believe a rule should be changed or added.

House Rules

Think of these less as rules as more as “recommendations”. You won’t get punished for breaking these (usually, anyway), but it’s in bad taste to not follow them.

-Try not to harass Gym Leaders with battle requests. Gym Leaders are ultimately still people with their own lives, just like you. Sometimes they may not be up to battling or not have the time. Be respectful of this.

-When challenging Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, avoid counter-teaming. Counter-teaming is the act of bringing a team meant specifically to shut down your opponent’s team. It shows a lack of creativity and a lack of respect on your part, not to mention making you look bad. 

-Don’t be a smug jerk. Boasting about winning is alright, but please don’t go overboard.

-Try to avoid forfeits and disconnections in official SL battles. On top of being disrespectful, it complicates things if we choose to post the videos on SLN.

-Do not ask for Showdown battles unless you have been excused by Owners for a particular reason (e.g needing to replace a broken console or an lost game).

-Do not mention or bring up Discord, the topic of using it is not up for discussion and any unauthorized groups are not permitted, if caught (and housing rudeness towards other SL members) everyone involved will be banned and striped of any status' they currently have.

-If you are BANNED for any reason related to unsportsmanlike conduct, abuse of systems or extreme rudeness, then you will be subject to a potential punishment of having ALL your current Gym Badges revoked. Repeating cases will be subject to banning from ALL Gym Battles and/or Official SL events.

-DO NOT come to SL just for battles, interact with the community. If you are only showing up for tournament or gym battles are are spamming Gym Leaders requesting challenges. You may find yourself BANNED from challenging them or being eligible for Tournanets till further notice.

Chat Rankings

The Silver League uses the Xat chat client, which divides administrative power between five “groups”; Guests, Members, Moderators, Owners & the Main Owner.

-Guests: Denoted by a green pawn, these are people that have just logged into The Silver League’s chatroom for the first time. They cannot talk in or see the main chat. They will usually be granted membership status soon after logging on; if you log on and don’t get membered right away, simply contact an online moderator or owner. You may also be guested as a punishment if you step out of line, so take care to follow the rules.

-Members: Members make up the majority of the people on The Silver League and are denoted by a blue pawn. Members are capable of speaking in the chatroom and participating in league events. You’ll be given member status when you log on for the first time.

-Moderators: Moderators are denoted by a white pawn. Their job is to oversee the chatroom and keep discussion civil. Moderators also work alongside Owners to ensure league business runs smoothly. Moderators are capable of kicking offending members, as well as banning them for up to six (6) hours should they prove particularly problematic.

NOTE: Mods, please do not unban another Mod's ban, if you have issue with it, talk it through with them in private and if an agreement cannot be found please talk to Silver August or another Owner if he is not present at the time.

-Owners: Owners are The Silver League’s primary administrators, and are denoted by the orange pawn. Owners maintain the league and its various features, and make decisions on the future of the league as well as moderator appointments and permabans. Owners can assign and revoke moderator status, kick offending members and moderators and ban them for an unlimited amount of time.

-Main Owner: Also denoted by an orange pawn, the Main Owner is the head administrator of The Silver League. He has complete access to the inner workings of the website and its offshoots, and has the final say on any changes to the website or its staff. The Main Owner can promote, demote, ban and kick other owners in addition to moderators and members, and makes the final call on whether to blacklist an individual from the website. League Master Silver August is the only main owner.

As well as the above, Xat uses red and brown pawns to denote offline and banned individuals, respectively.

Ban Status

Should you break the rules of The Silver League, you run the risk of being banned. Bans on the Silver League are broken up into three categories: Temporary Bans, Perma-Bans, and Blacklist Bans.

Temporary Bans: These are exactly what they say on the tin; bans that will expire after a set period of time. These are usually for relatively minor offenses, as well as to put a cap on fighting and excessive arguments. Moderators can only perform temporary bans, and can ban for up to 6 hours. Owners can ban for as long as they feel it is appropriate. Moderators and Owners can reverse temporary bans should they feel they are no longer necessary.

Perma-Bans: Perma-Bans are bans that do not have a set expiry time. Only owners can deliver perma-bans, and only owners can lift them. Perma-Bans are reserved for serious offenses, and will only be lifted should the offending person prove they’ve learned their lesson. If you’ve been perma-banned and feel it should be lifted, contact an online owner.

The SL Gym Challange Council

-Silver August
-Red / Kaitou


The Silver League Champion’s League Tournament is The Silver League’s way of determining who can challenge the Elite Four and Champion. Those who have obtained at least 8 badges can register for the tournament and will battle it out against other trainers who have accomplished the same. The end reward is a chance to make a run at the title of Silver League Champion! Contact League Master Silver August (or, if he’s not available, another owner) to sign up.

Champion’s League Tournaments occur once at the end of every month. Interested Trainers must sign up for a tourney before the start of Round 1, or else they must wait until next month. Each round has a time limit of 6-12 hours depending on the round. Trainers MUST complete their battles within the time limit. If one trainer fails to show up, they forfeit the round to their opponent. If BOTH trainers fail to show up, the trainer that was online last will move on, and the other trainer will forfeit.

For specific details about the Champion’s League Tournament, and to find out when the next one is, head to the Elite Four page of the Silver League website.


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