Pixel Art In Review is, as the title suggests, where Silver August (and sometimes others) review fan submitted Pixel Art of any skill level or quality - some are good, some  are bad and this series will help showcase both and explain what (in my personal opinion) is good Pixel Art, its a series made possible thanks to the fans themselves so I can't thank you enough!.

Q. How do I submit something to the show?
A. Simple! Just email your sprite to by clicking here.

Q. What kind of sprite can I submit?
A. Anything goes! Because we're a Pokemon channel primary we mostly get Pokemon stuff, but honestly I welcome and encourage anything as long as it qualifies as Pixel Art - i.e something made with pixels or atleast has the pixelated effect.

Q. How many sprites am I allowed to submit?
A. This is a tricky question, usually I discourage submitting a BIG collection of sprites...but seeing as the back log for this show is massive, I can understand why it might be important to make your submission count because you could be waiting maybe half a year at this rate!

That said... viewers of the show will notice when I have a BIG collection in front of me, I tend to be quicker with my opinions, and when the collection is smaller I tend to focus more on the little details.

So while there isn't really a rule for how many you send it, the amount you send it will likely effect how much attention each individual sprite gets.

Q. Is there anything I should include with my submission?
A. As a curtsy, I'd ask you include your name and date, it doesn't have to be your real name, but I need something to call you by, otherwise I'll just use the name attached to your email, I add a date either way but it saves me time and I appreciate it.


Q. Is there anything we SHOULDN'T do with our submissions?
A. Generally I'll look at every single submission, but if you want me to actually review it and not just instantly X it, DO NOT UPSCALE I can zoom in on the sprite during the review just fine and upscaling makes editing the sprite if I choose to do so impossible...oh and no JPEGs, you're ruining sprites if you do that!

Q. What do you loo for when you review a sprite?
A. I look for 2 times mainly, Creativity and Execution. A sprite may be little more then a recolor, but if it shows creativity and can create its own character, then I may look past some of its faults in favor of the imaginative effort that went into it. Along with that, I also look at execution, if the sprite is a creative idea but is done horribly... then that effort might be hard to look past if the proportions are awful or the colors are just gaudy and unpleasant to look at. 

It's a delicate balance but when designing a good sprite, try to be creative while also making sure it looks like what its supposed to.

Q. How does the rating system work?
A. The rating system is essentially a Number scale system without the actual numbers, I use Checks and X's because I feel they're a fair way to judge a sprite since all that really matters is if it passes or fails, not whether or not its a 9 out of 10 or a 8 out of 10, a pass is a pass and there aren't a series of lists at work here deciding this rating.

But for you guys, here's the "official" ratings for PAIR submissions and what each rating means:
(as of the latest episode)

PERFECT = It's perfection, not one thing can be changed because its already flawless.
Triple Check = Borderline perfect, with excellent creativity and virtually no negative criticism.
Double Check = Meets everything I look for in a GREAT sprite with minimal (if any) negative criticism.
Check = It's a good sprite with subjective minor flaws, but is otherwise a solid effort.
Check with an X going through it = Decent sprite overall but minor (yet fixable) flaws hold it back.
Check with an X going through it = Decent sprite overall but major (yet fixable) flaws hold it back.
Check = "Meh" - It's decent, hits what I'm looking for...sort of, but lacks creativity or effort.

X with a Check going through it = Objectively it's not a good sprite, but there's a glimpse of creativity.
X = It's bad, it hits wrong note and is otherwise awful and sometimes unfixable.
Scribbles of Rage = See every JPEG submission ever or THIS.
The Pits of Hell = Click Here

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