Pokemon Moveset of The Week

Januiary 1st, 2015

"The North Star"

Pokémon: Aurorus
Nature: Modest
Ability: Refrigerate
Item: Choice Specs
EV Spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 HP, 4 Speed

 Freeze Dry/Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Dark Pulse
- Hidden Power (Fire) / Nature Power

Yeah I know this is my First MOTW don't judge too harshly. Anyway I tried making a mediocre set that usually helps when I was working with making an ice gym.

Basically Aurorus is an okay pokemon. It stays at the bottom of NU because of its two 4x weaknesses. Honestly it does quite a bit of work on most people's teams as they usually have to switch out and you practically know what its switching into, I usually turn the steel type into mush. Being the rock type that it is Freeze dry is the better option as it can take water types fairly well with the HP investment. The no speed investment is because it honestly doesn't need one because you still wont be out-speeding much. Thunderbolt and Dark Pulse are the usual TM coverage/Offensive moves that practically any Pokemon get and still aren't terrible on Aurorus.

For the EVs and Item it isn't exactly a mystery on why I did what though I may get some hate. HP is Aurorus' strongest stat with 123 and it needs it to take some hits because it gets messed up by everything and its mother. Special attack is somewhat obvious with the moveset and item I mean seriously you expect anything with choice specs to have 252 special attack its just a weird thing. The 4 speed is kind of just there just because I felt like putting it there and I'm honestly too lazy to change it.

The ability is somewhat just there because you cant exactly make it Snow Warning without a cheating device which is taboo on the Silver League plus with the new wifi protection it would just disconnect you anyway. I would say Refrigerate actually does something to nature power but nature power isn't the actual move its whatever it decides so there is that.

The utility is somewhat hard to put on to this because honestly its there as a place holder on most teams and can do work in certain situations like most pokemon. The most I see it used for is to take down Talonflames or as a punching bag to get free switches into other pokemon. If you want to see this have any spotlight the only thing I will say is put it in the front of your party and hope it doesn't die. XD

This was meant for Christmas buuuuut this probably won't go up on said date but seriously multi's MOTW was awful. Anyway bye!

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January 10th, 2015

"The Light At The End Of The Tunnel...To The Gates Of Hell"

Pokémon: Chandelure
Nature: Modest
Ability: Infiltrator
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 HP, 4 Speed

/ Calm Mind / Hex
- Substitute
- Energy Ball
-/ Confuse Ray / Will-o-Wisp

Hello SL this is Lord Kozan Shoku here with my very first Move set of the week, and with my debut i bring you the Burner of Souls Chandelure. Being in UU Chandelure does have to deal with a few threats but with this moveset you may find yourself able to surmount them

Being that Chandelure's base speed of 80 is a big determent to it as most if not all of its threats can easily out speed it. So what's the solution? Grab a Modest Nature put all you EVs in to SpAtk and Hp, take the hits and strike back with the force of a nuke and blow you opposition into oblivion.

To achieve this goal I have thought up a few different ways  to make it happen. the first is using a Sub Calm mind set to raise your SpDef and SpAtk while being protected by your substitute  And healing with leftovers. then once that is set up you can confuse your opponent with confuse ray or sense most of the threats to Chandelure are either ground rock or water, blast them with an Energy Ball and watch the hp dwindle to nothing.

If confusing does not suit you, you can instead drop it for Willow Wisp to burn your opponents both damaging them and cutting their physical attack, and with  the Infiltrator Ability the opponents Safeguards, and Subs cannot stop you. Now here is where we suffer 5 move syndrome for if you run Willow Wisp its a good idea to also run Hex. This however would make you have to give up Substitute Calm Mind or Energy Ball. If you decide to run Hex replace Substitute or Clam Mind depending on how you have built your team.

All and all Chandelure is a strong Pokémon with powerful moves and benefits a lot form a baton pass team that can either boost its speed or defenses. In addition Chandelure is a good switch into fighting normal and fairy types having one of the few types that resist the menacing fey. but remember Chandelure might live a hit or two but  it would be very wise to bring along a good wall that can learn wish or a poke with healing wish to give it some more time to deal damage

Written By:
Kozan Shoku

Januiary 18th, 2015

"The Sluggy of Your Nightmares"

Pokémon: Gastrodon
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Storm Drain
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Def

-/ Scald / Toxic
- Earthquake
- Recover
- Clear Smog

Gastrodon is a Pokémon that deserves a much higher tier than it's in right now. The slug's an amazing wall, physical or special, and is, for some reason, stuck in Rarely Used. Probably should have looked said reason up, but eh. The Silver League is all about being unique, and I hope to follow that guideline for as long as I can. So, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Sluggy! 

Gastrodon is a Pokémon that can be put in many teams, even if you don't expect your team needing a Water/Ground wall. Its immunity to Electric-type attacks has proven useful, and the set allows it to be a great check, if not counter, to a large chunk of the offensive metagame, depending on your set and EV spread. I would place a battle where Sluggy pulled through like the champion it is here, but I lost the battle when my 3DS failed. 

The Effort Values given to this particular variant of Gastrodon is to make it be the face special attackers have nightmares about. It's nearly indestructible when hit by a special attack, and it can take physical hits decently well. With support from something that can take Grass-type attacks for eternity (I recommend Skarmory or Gourgeist), you have a solid brick . . . or, mud, I suppose . . . wall that will be near impossible to break with most special attacks. 

The moveset is made to take full advantage of the astounding potential that lies in the slug. Its access to Earthquake and respectable Attack stat allow it to hit back decently hard, and the irritating combo of Toxic, Recover, and Clear Smog make an optimal staller. You can run Scald over Toxic if you fear Air Balloon Heatran, but I usually have no problem with it. 

As I said before, Gastrodon deserves a much higher tier than the one it currently resides in. Whether you go physically defensive or specially defensive is up to you, but I prefer specially defensive. I assure you that Gastrodon won't ever disappoint, and will shine its way to victory on almost any team! Show the Smogon OU nerds that there are Pokémon that are actually useable that don't currently reside in OU. It's fun!

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Mega Grievous

Januiary 26th, 2015

"Chime Of Fate"

Pokémon: Chimecho
Nature: Bold
Ability: Levitate
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Speed

 Heal Bell
- Recover
- Calm Mind
- Stored Power

Ahh Chimecho, my favorite Pokemon… (Quite the irony, isn’t it?) It’s a pretty decent Pokemon when it comes to NU competitive play, decent stats, decent movepool. Generally a decent Pokemon. Today, we will be looking at a weird, gimmicky set for this Pokemon, which is quite a bit of fun to use when it is set up. I present to you, my favorite Chimecho Set!

Despite the lackluster base stats, Chimecho’s really interesting wide movepool really covers most of it up. First two moves are it’s basic recovery and status healing move: Recover and Heal Bell. Believe it or no, a Bold Max Defense and HP Chimecho can survive a +2 Attack Mega Garchomp’s Dragon Claw from full HP. Because of that, having decent recovery move like Recover really CHimecho survive hits while setting up. Heal Bell is not only used on yourself, but for your other teammates as well, making Chimecho a good cleric. The last two moves are the deadly combo of Calm Mind and Stored Power. Calm Minding up allows Chimecho to survive incoming special hits with ease and retaliate with a stronger force. Stored Power is what really gives Chimecho the punch it need to KO Pokemons. After 3 Calm Minds, you will be hitting opponents with a Base 120 Power STAB Move. Add that with the +3 Special Attack Stat, and you’ve got a monster in your hands.

There is one major problem with this set and that would be Dark types. Having Pokemons that can easily take them out before Chimecho begins set-up is a necessity. Conkeldurr, Mega Gallade, Mega Lopunny, Mega Medicham, Azumarill.. There are many Pokemons to fit this role.  Also, having a Pokemon that can cripple attack stats can be good for Chimecho as well. Although, Chimecho is bulky enough to take some hits, it’s not viable enough to be considered a physical wall. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. Pokemon that could work are Rotom (Most forms, Sableye, Cofagrigus, Mega Charizard X with Will-o-Wisp, and many more. Once you have covered all your weaknesses, and had the ability to set up, I can say that it is certainly one fun Pokemon to use. Gimmicky, yes, but a Chimecho Sweep is always welcomed. I hope you guys liked this Moveset, so until then, Ciao!

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February 1st, 2015

"Baby Mafia"

Pokémon: Murkrow
Nature: Impish
Ability: Prankster
Item: Eviolite
EV Spread: 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 Sp. Def

- Thunder Wave
- Feather Dance
- Roost

People often overlook Murkrow to a large extent in all forms of battle. Although it's true that Murkrow has little competitive merit, his doubles support prowess more than makes up for any harrowing attempts at surviving hits in singles.

This Murkrow set takes full advantage of Murkrow’s access to prankster. Other than Meowstick and Talonflame, you won’t really have to worry about anything going before you. Even in the case of Talonflame, you can feather dance to cripple any further attempt to KO you by feather dancing it, or you can simply paralyze it to out speed it any other turn. Murkrow’s ability to thunder wave comes in handy against many fast sweepers in doubles as well. The first that comes to mind is Greninja. If you have another Pokémon that can do a decent amount of damage to Greninja on the field, you can T-Wave it to out speed and KO it. Many Pokémon like Garchomp seem to pose a threat in the speed department (feather dance makes quick work of any sweeping potential Garchomp had). This is where moves such as quash can help slow, heavy hitters KO the fast, frail hitters. This can help in the case of Pokémon such as Scizor. You can out speed the priority bullet punch, and then subsequently make it bullet punch last in the turn. This can stop a HP fire user on your team from taking unnecessary damage from a bullet punch, and ohko the Scizor. These are just a few examples of how his move set can work around common doubles Pokémon. Roost also helps survivability in many ways, especially because it is guaranteed to go before most attacking moves.

Good teammates:

The best Pokémon that I’ve found who has good synergy with Murkrow on a double’s battle field is Mega Gyarados. Often times, a defensive Mega Gyarados simply doesn’t have the speed to out speed most of the threats it would be able to deal with using a single move. Murkrow’s quash and thunder wave moves both get rid of that issue. Murkrow also works well with Scizor, as it can quash Pokémon that would normally ohko Scizor with a fire type move, and let Scizor deal with this pokemon subsequently.

Written By:
Timothy Yabuki
(Forgot who on SL that is...)

February 8th, 2015

"The Switzerland Elephant"

Pokémon: Donphan
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Sturdy
Item: Expert Belt
EV Spread: 248 HP, 252 Atk, 8 Sp. Def

-/ Seed Bomb / Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Gunk Shot
- Ice Shard

Heyo everyone, its Gorlok with yet another weird set. its been a while since my last one, but I'm sure this particular set will please all of you out there that are looking for a Pokemon that can make your opponent go:"wait, Donphan learns THAT?"

This set's goal is to take out anything standing in its Wake, and making god-tier prediction on your opponent. This movepool really covers well donphan's weaknesses, and coupled with the expert belt will allow you to hit anything hard HARDER. This donphan feeds on prediction so make sure you memorised your opponent's team before sending out this terror. Its Ice Shard will alow you to get potential 2HKO by earthquaking on the first turn, letting sturdy endure the hit, and finishing off your opponent before it can even move. If you can couple this mystical creature with a Pokemon with speed boost and baton pass, Donphan can now really shine and easily sweep unprepared teams.

If you like double battles more, this set does an amazing job at scaring things out, as well as controlling any Landorus or Garchomp out there. Because of Sturdy, Donphan cannot be OHKO unless your opponent have mold breaker, so only Mega Gyarados should cause you problems. Ice shard can take care of any grass Pokemon, while gunk shot take cares of anything that would resist ice, covering also the oh-so-popular fairy typing. Add in earthquake and seed bomb, and the only thing that you should fear are ice types. If ice types are giving you too much of a hard time, you can take Stone edge or Heavy slam.

Donphan's amazing movepool is what makes it strong, coupled with an ability that literally prevents it from being OHKO, you can revenge kill any Sweeper that manages to set up on you. With that, i wish you all a great day and have fun battling! Buh-bye!

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February 15th, 2015

"That Other Red Ranger From That 90's"

Pokémon: Bisharp
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Defiant
Item: Expert Belt / Muscle Band / Choice Scarf / Chople Berry
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Speed

- Knock Off
- Brick Break / Low Kick / Power-Up Punch
- Swords Dance / Protect
- Stone Edge

The purpose of this Pokémon is to remove any Psychic and Flying type threats from play. It can also help with big bulk such as berry carriers of Leftovers on Chansey and/or Blissey, Chansey could carry eviolite but both circumstances work out the same, which are big threats to possible sweepers in your team. It can also help against teams that set up Reflect and Light Screen, if Brick Break is used in the set.

The point of the moves themselves matter upon what set you run out of the choice of six different combinations. If the basic set is run you can use Knock off to remove Psychic threats and Stalling items; Brick Break to remove walls; Swords dance to boost the power of physical moves and Stone Edge to kill of Flying, Bug, Fire and Ice type threats from play. However, Low Kick can be used as a strong and reliable choice over Brick Break if needed OR Power Up Punch can be used to boost attack but at the sacrifice of Swords Dance for Protect.

The EV spread gives Bisharp big bulk and hard hitting physical attacks (with a STAB boost on Knock Off putting it to roughly 98 base damage off the bat!) and the 4 in speed help it stay faster than some Pokémon and even faster with Choice Scarf. The power of his physical attacks are boosted even higher when holding a Muscle band ( so a STAB super effective Knock off could hit for roughly 110/111 power). IOf you go for the option with Expert Belt you can hit hard with a boosted chance of hitting crits on the opponent's Pokémon giving you a rough lead. However if you think you're going to come up against some rough Fighting Type Pokémon you can take a hit better than a hit taken from a normal fighting type move.

With the wide range of moves that can be learned by Bisharp you can run some pretty good sets on it that can cover most threats and weaknesses of your team and it can be pared up with a lot of Pokémon in doubles because of its typing and strength. However, it comes at a cost of multiple weaknesses that are seen in OU, UU and VGC nowadays and can be pretty fragile.

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February 22nd, 2015

"Laz's Mascot"

Pokémon: Dragonite
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Multiscale
Item: Choice Band
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Speed

- Outrage / Dragon Claw
- Fire Punch
- Earthquake
- Extreme Speed

Hey Laz is back with the first Dragon set of 2015! And to celebrate my return to Dragon taming, well go with my favorite dragon and mascot for my gym, the legendary Dragonite! This set is all about abusing Dragonites raw power and possesion of the best priority move in the game. You come and you have good bulk and huge power right off the bat. Just abuse that raw strength and lay waste to the opposition!

Immediatly when coming in, you have your already brilliant stats, plus the added bulk from Multiscale nerfing the first hit you take, allowing you live even ice beams! You're also immediately at +1 attack because of the choice band which means you're already ready to wreck. Just be wary as you are locked into the move you pick, if you opponent has a fairy or Ferrothorn, please dont press Outrage. Fire punch and Earthquake is amazing coverage placed with Dragon typing. and Extreme Speed is for late game clean up or revenge killing. Remember that E-speed is a tier 2 priority move. Tier 1 like gale wings brave bird, or sucker punch wont outspeed you if you use it.

The EV spread is just simple. Maximum bulk from HP and Maximum power from Attack. Your Outrage does more then sting. With your STAB and Choice band boosting it, even most physical walls will die after two hits. Just dont lock yourself into a situation thats shifting the momentum to the other player. Then it might not ber worth the kill you just got.

Now go people of SL! Destroy those who challenge you with the mighty D-nite. Make Laz-senpai proud.

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March 9th, 2015

"Clockwork Calamity"

Pokémon: Klinklang
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
Item: Life Orb / Air Balloon
EV Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

- Shift Gear
- Gear Grind
- Wild Charge
- Return

Klinklang is an oft-forgotten member of the Steel type, likely owing to a movepool that even Flareon laughs at. Unlike Flareon though, Klinlkang can actually do quite a lot of work with the tools it has available to it. The crux of this set is Shift Gear, which boosts Klinklang’s Attack by 1 stage and Speed by 2 stages. It’s essentially a better Dragon Dance and with Klinklang’s surprisingly decent Base 90 speed it can outpace most of the unscarfed metagame after just one. Gear Grind is Klinklang’s STAB option, and it’s a fairly useful one to boot. It always hits twice, giving it an effective power of 100 (equivalent to Meteor Mash!) with the added utility of breaking Sashes and Substitutes. It does come with a somewhat shaky 85% accuracy, but it still gets stuff done. Besides, it’s Klinlkang’s only physical STAB. Wild Charge is mainly intended for Water types that resist Gear Grind, just be wary of the recoil. Return rounds the set out as a reliable and powerful option to hit whatever else Gear Grind can’t hit without the recoil of Wild Charge. It’s also a good means of picking weakened foes off without relying on Gear Grind’s shaky accuracy.

The Nature is Adamant to give Klinklang the most bang for its Base 100 Attack buck; Shift Gear’s +2 Speed boost alleviates the need for a speed-boosting nature. The ability of choice is Clear Body, which allows Klinklang to ignore Intimidates and Sticky Webs as well as the off-chance that an opponent’s move would drop a stat. At the very least it’s more useful than Plus or Minus. Life Orb further augments Klinklang’s power, though the prospect of taking recoil on top of Wild Charge might be a bit dissuading. Air Balloon is a suitable alternative, taking advantage of Klinklang’s pure Steel typing to increase its set-up opportunities. The EVs are standard fare, max power and max speed.

Klinklang’s relatively poor coverage means that it’s best used towards the end of a game, or at least once the pesky Steel types that shut Klinklang down are out of the way. Heatran and Ferrothorn are particularly good stops to Klinklang, and both can take advantage of the lost momentum that comes from having to switch out. As a result, Klinklang appreciates Fighting-types to cover this blind spot. Klinklang also enjoys entry hazards to help turn 2HKOs into OHKOs, and can also benefit from Wish support to make it easier to switch in safely.

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March 15th, 2015

"The Sea Orc"

Pokémon: Gyarados
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Assault Vest
EV Spread: 248 HP, 252 Atk, 8 Sp. Def

- Earthquake
- Waterfall
- Ice Fang
- Dragon Tail

Hey guys it's Laz bringing you a description of a set Brad came up with. It may not be a dragon, but it is one of my favorite Pokemon in the entire series and has lore and moves very similar to dragons. Gyarados is the absolutely monstrous result of hard work and effort of raising the weak and frail Magikarp. Once Magikarp hits level 20, the enemy best be surrendering at 20. Heh... League jokes. Anyway, with awesome stats, abilites and moves, it's no wonder Gyarados is popular. Let's get into the set.

In this set, instead of using his status like T-Wave, or using Dragon Dance to sweep, or even making it Mega, were abusing Gyarados' bulk and power at the same time. With the Assault Vest coupled with Intimidate you're essentially at +1 in both defenses right off the bat. The only drawback is only being able to use attack moves. But when you have a great move pool and huge strength, this isn't really a drawback anymore; just look out for burns. Assault Vesters can't recover from that attack drop without a teammate having Heal Bell or Aromatherapy. Your moves have excellent coverage. Waterfall is your main STAB damage dealer. Use it when effective or when you have no super effective or nuetral coverage on the enemy as the STAB makes it your strongest move. Earthquake is for is pure offensive coverage as well as destroying those dreaded electric types that threaten Gyarados the most of all pokemon. Ice Fang helps you cover Dragons and Grass types that resist your Waterfall STAB. Dragon Tail is for prediction or removing something that walls you from the field. Also use Dragon Tail if you have hazards set up like Stealth Rock or Spikes so the enemy will be forced out and whoever comes in takes damage.

Your EV spread is a simple max HP and max attack spread. With max HP, Intimidate and Assault Vest, the only thing killing you is something set up, or a really strong Thunderbolt. Gyarados is just too bulky for anything else to kill. And your attack is maxed out, so you hit HARD. Come in, tank, and destroy. Good luck on the battle field young members of SL.

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March 22nd, 2015

"Hidden Potential"

Pokémon: Serperior
Nature: Timid
Ability: Contrary
Item: Life Orb
EV Spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Leaf Storm
- Giga Drain
- Dragon Pulse
- Hidden Power (Fire/Rock/Ice)

The Dream World was an extremely meta-changing addition to Pokemon. All Pokemon got new abilities that either buffed them greatly (Blaziken), or made absolutely no difference on their existence (Umbreon). When the Dream World abilities were announced for the three Unova starters, speculation arose. Would all of these competitively lackluster Pokemon finally be useful?

To answer this: no. However, this isn't ever going to stop weird (or curious) people from trying them out. I, of course, am going to be one of those people. That being said, upon trying to come up with a moveset for any of the Unova starters, the extreme lack of a movepool on the trio is immediately manifested. Serperior has really nothing to abuse its fantastic ability with unless the individual using him would like the get a bit creative (or not).

Everything related to EVs, natures, and abilities should be pretty self-explanatory. Max out your power and speed to ensure the best use of this Pokemon. With base 113 speed, this slithering Grass-type is in an amazing speed tier and can outspeed nearly every unboosted threat. This is a key part of its effectiveness. The Life Orb is the only reasonable option for an item because it maximizes damage output while still leaving versatility.

The moveset itself is also pretty clear-cut. Leaf Storm is a staple on Contrary Serperior due to it being the only abusable move in its limited arsenal. Once you stack up enough Leaf Storms, Serperior becomes a considerable threat. Giga Drain, though mostly a filler move, is a decent option for sustaining Serperior. Life Orb + Leaf Storm will not only damage your opponent, but your poor snake will be hurt a bit too. Giga Drain helps protect your chances of getting a semi-effective sweep going. Dragon Pulse is merely for coverage, because Serperior has nothing better to run. Dragons will wither away with Serperior's speed and stacked power! The only variation in this moveset is your choice of Hidden Power. Hidden Power Fire will melt away (ahhhh!!) those annoying Steel-types, such as Scizor, and other Grass-types to cover the neutral game. Hidden Power Rock hits threatening Flying-types (most notably to catch T-flame on the switch-in), and HP Ice does essentially the same thing. I'd recommend HP Rock or Ice due to the fact that they cover way more Pokemon in the OU meta. You could also run HP Ground if Heatran is really ruining your day.

Anyway, Serperior is still pretty bad even at +6. Any type of priority (Gale Wings alert) will ruin Serperior's day, and your choice of Hidden Power is essentially picking your poison. Just play it safe and maybe you'll get a few kills with an underrated and safe Pokemon!

Good luck, aspiring battlers of SL!

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April 5th, 2015

"It's So Fluffy!"

Pokémon: Lopunny -> Mega Lopunny
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Limber -> Scrappy
Item: Lopunnite
EV Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 Def

- Fake Out
- Return
- High Jump Kick
-/ Ice Punch / Thunder Punch

It's that time of year again where we celebrate by stuffing ourselves full of chocolate and roll eggs down

hill, but now with the new megas brought to us by ORAS, we have even more to celebrate. Although being the psychic type leader, my signature Pokémon will always be everyone's favourite bunny, and when's better to talk about her than Easter!

After the introduction of Mega Pokémon in XY, Its fair to say that Pokémon has given some rather useless Pokémon to becoming some of the best in the meta today, and now with ORAS brining even more megas to table, The Easter Bunny has finally been given it's time to shine.

Limber is a great ability for Lopunny to switch into when suspecting a thunder wave, blocking paralysis and keeping the bunny in top tip condition. And now with Mega Lopunny's ability, Scrappy being able to hit ghost types with both normal and fighting type attacks, dealing with those pesky ghouls has never been easier, especially considering you're immune to their STAB attacks! Just be careful of Cofagrigus' ability to completely nope scrappy.

EV Wise, Mega Lopunny works to its full potential with a basic max Attack and Speed. Personally I prefer Jolly so that you can outspeed almost all of the unscarfed threats and even outspeed some of the slower scarfed Pokémon, nulling its frail defences, but adamant could be a good alternative. The 4 Evs in Defense, beleive it or not make quite a difference to how Lopunny takes hit, with that small change, Lopunny has been known to slimly live from Outrages from Garchomp and Zygarde.

For the bunny's moveset, its easy. Fake Out is great for two reasons, first of all to break any sturdy/sash users leaving Lop to take it out or leave it for another team member to deal with. Secondly, since Mega Pokémon's stat changes take a turn to kick in, it gives it a chance to safely Mega Evolve without being outsped. High Jump Kick and Return are simply there for high powered STAB and you dont need to worry about ghost types nerfing them, but remember, for return to be at its best, Pokémon Amie is Lopunnys best friend. Your last slot is saved for either thunder punch or ice punch, what you choose really depends on what your team needs. Personally, for me, ice works best as it covers  some of Mega Lopunnys biggest counters such as Gliscor, Garchomp and Landorus, but thunder punch can hit those bulky water types hard.

All in all, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire couldn't of been any nicer to Lopunny, it's given it the chance to truly become an amazing revenge killer and puts scary dents in any opponents teams.

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April 12th, 2015


Pokémon: Gliscor
Nature: Impish
Ability: Poison Heal
Item: Toxic Orb
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Speed

- Sand Tomb
- Toxic
- Protect
- Substitute

Warning: To use this set, you must name your Gliscor Snort.

Heyo guys, Gorlok here again with an unorthodox set. This time, we will be looking at one of my favorite pokemons, used in the way i hate the most : Stalling. This set might be weird to alot of you, and you are going to hate using it and fighting against it.

First off, Gliscor's ability and why this pokemon is so good at stalling. You are basically poisonning yourself, preventing anyone else from statusing you. Furthermore, Poison Heal heals you when you are Poisonned or Toxic. So its basically leftovers but better. Gliscor's base Hp, def and Speed are all very good, meaning he will outspeed other walls and can take any non super effective hits quite nicely.

Secondly, why theses moves? Well, while experimenting with trapping moves and pokemons, i realised that Gliscor is a natural at it. The combination of Sand tomb and toxic makes it so you can hit just about anything (Unless its skarmory). You will begin stalling if either of those hits. But thats not all, Sand tomb traps your oponnent with you, so if he cannot get rif of you by any means, you will win the fight and piss off your oponnent at the same time. Substitute and protect are used to help you stall your opponent effectively, since 2 turns of Poison heal will heal back what it took you to do the substitute.

Lastly, you might want to make sure to stay away from any special attackers you dont resist, and any stron STAB water and ice moves. If you outspeed them then you might be okay, but you will need to rely on Sub/protect to effectively stall or else you are going to lose this battle. The set can be a great asset if your team is having trouble against walls or other stalling pokemons. Stay away from taunts and torments and you should be all good to go.

This set is purely evil and i am ashamed for coming up with it. I strongly not recommend this set to anyone, unless you like to see your oponennt suffer and doesnt mind him hating you for the rest of his life.

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April 19th, 2015

"Thinking Outside The Shell"

Pokémon: Torterra
Nature: Impish
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Rocky Helmet
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp. Def

- Synthesis
- Seed Bomb
- Worry Seed
- Earthquake

Hey guys, Gorlok here again with yet another physical wall for you guys. But this one is rather... out of the box to say nonetheless. I will explain to you guys how to properly use this mighty beast who needs a good teammate.


Torterra is an amazing physical wall. It can take hits from the strongest swwepers in the current meta like its  a scratch from a Sentret. Mega Gyarados, Conkledurr and Garchomp are a few examples notable. Its unique typing makes it forget what Stealth Rocks are, and it gives him access to one of the strongest STAB : Earthquake. He also gets alot of other useful moves like leech seed and stealth rocks, but the set that worked better for me was utilizing the effects of Worry Seed. Worry seed is a move that will change the ability of your opponent with Insomnia. This implies 2 things : 1. Your opponent just lost its ability and 2. It cant go to sleep anymore. What does that mean to you, avid competitive battler, is that if your opponent relies on its ability to deal damage, recover or be useful, it just got neutralized. And if they use a set with the move Rest, they cant use it anymore. So the stall Shuckle is completely useless, it loses both its contrary ability winch makes shell smash useless for him AND keeps him from using rest to gain back its health. It also cripples any Gliscor, making its poison heal/Toxic orb combo backfire. If its physical or relies on its ability, this Torterra is for you


4x weakness to ice. Stay away from any STAB ice move and you will be fine. You might be able to live a Non STAB Ice Fang but that's it. Don't risk it unless you really need to get that worry seed/earthquake/rocky helmet off. Its poor special defense stat doesn't allow Torterra to take special hits it doesn't resist. Earthquake and Seed bomb means that you will get walled by any flying Pokemon or levitating things that resists Grass. I suggest going Rock slide instead of Seed Bomb, but that means you will lose the most needed grass coverage.

Good teammates

This Torterra set is made to work with specific defensive cores. It benefits the most from 4 ways defensive cores, but can hold its on with only 2 walls teams. If you are going with a 2 way defensive core, i strongly suggest specially defensive Rotom-Heat. Their typing goes really well together and will stop alot of OU threats on the spot. The combination of Will-O-Wisp and Worry Seed will give nightmares to any physical attackers. The only thing you need to watch out are Water pokemons with ice moves that outspeeds Rotom-H. If you go with a 3 way core, get a water absorb/Storm Drain Pokemon that handles Ice types easily and you will be set to go. If you really want to go full on 4 way defensive core, add in a status healer to get any poison/burn off Torterra.

If you where looking for a Pokemon that can handle both mega Mawile and Gliscor without sacrificing too much, this particular Torterra set will do just fine. I thank you for reading throught all of this and have fun battling!

Written By:

 April 26th, 2015

"Magical Girl <3"

Pokémon: Audino -> Mega Audino
Nature: Quiet
 Healer -> Healer
Item: Audinite
EV Spread: 252 HP,128 Def, 128 Sp. Def

- Heal Pulse
- Dazzling Gleam / Draining Kiss
- Wish / Heal Bell
- Simple Beam / Protect

Hello Trainers! Would you like to make a contract with me to become a magical trainer?

This set will let you use the powers of a true magical girl! Keep in mind, this set was created solely for double or triple battles and will not work as well in the current OU Meta for Singles. Let’s go over the set! 

Starting with the Pokémon, Audino! More specifically, Magical (Mega) Audino! Magical Audino is a Normal/Fairy type giving rather unique typing shared by only a few others. It keeps the full Steel and Poison weaknesses of fairy, but turns Fighting from super to neutral. Additionally, Magical Audino gains all the resistances of Fairy, and the immunities to Ghost and Dragon. Along with the changes to her type, Magical Audino gets a very defensive Mega Evolution boost, bumping both of her defenses up to 126. Therefore, she should not be played as an aggressive Pokémon, and instead works better as a defensive support Pokémon. The EVS are to make MagicalAudino bulky on both the physical and special side.I prefer the quiet nature on MagicalAudino to make her attack sting just a bit more and the speed drop is in case Trick Room comes into play. However, others speed-reducing natures that buff defenses may be useful as well.The Ability Healer is so that Magical Audino can heal their adjacent ally of a status ailment uring battle, but keep in mind that this is only a 30% chance at the end of every turn and cannot affect Magical Audino herself.

Onto the moves!The first move, Heal Pulse is to directly assist an ally with ½ total HP recovery (works on the target’s max HP). Perfect for keeping a sweeper or set-up Pokémon alive! The Second slot is an attack to prevent Magical Audino from being complete Taunt bait. I prefer Dazzling Gleam to attack both targets, Moonblast is for SP.Atk reduction chance, and Draining kiss to sustain slightly. The last two moves are primarily up to the user. I prefer Wish due to Magical Audino being a high-threat for its bulk and healing potential. You may also want Heal Bell to not rely completely on Magical Audino’s Healer ability. Simple beam is a great tool for both an ally and to stop enemies. Simple lets your allied Pokémon boost twice as fast and sweep sooner, but it also makes reductions twice as strong. Additionally, this weakens opponents who rely on their ability, such as prankster or poison heal. Protect is always a great move for scouting, waiting for Healer to Proc, or to receive the Wish heal. 

Overall, Magical Audino is a great support Pokémon for your doubles or triples team! She is perfect for almost any doubles team, so change her move set to your liking! 

Written By:

May 3rd, 2015

"Flying Free & Burden-less"

Pokémon: Hawlucha
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Unburden
Item: Power Herb
EV Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

 Sword Dance
- Drain Punch / High Jump Kick
- Acrobatics
- Sky Attack

Hiya, SilverLeague! MG back, and, yes, as you should have guessed, it's a burd, not a rock godzilla thing. This week, we're looking at the libre bird itself, Hawlucha.

Now, Hawlucha is in an interesting spot. It's in BL, which is great, and it has the combination of Unburden and Acrobatics (which I think existed beforehand, just wasn't able to be used effectively). That means you can have it hold an item that it can use without killing itself (Focus Sash, Sitrus Berry, etc.), get a huge speed boost off, and hit hard with a very strong STAB Acrobatics. This combined with Swords Dance and a means of getting Rock-type Pokémon out of play makes Hawlucha a very dangerous opponent, even if the opposing team is full of Rock-, Ice-, and Electric-type Pokémon.

The purpose of the EVs is fairly straightforward. Max attack for the strongest damage outcome, and max speed to help Hawlucha along its way when it doesn't have Unburden activated yet. Because it's part Fighting-type and it won't be switching much, Hawlucha doesn't really need to worry about Stealth Rock very much, so the four EVs can go into HP. The nature, Adamant, is to maximize Hawlucha's fighting potential. It doesn't really need Jolly because it's super fast already and has Unburden to back it up.

The strategy of this set is raw power, really. Power Herb + Sky Attack makes a deadly, deadly combination that is strong enough to 2HKO Slowbro at +2 (if you could use it twice in a row). Swords Dance allows you to boost Hawlucha's attack to unbearable levels if you feel safe doing so, and Acrobatics is for an insanely powerful Flying STAB after you've used your Power Herb. Drain Punch is a good Fighting-type STAB and a great way to regain any HP Hawlucha might lose during its time out. High Jump Kick is an alternative if you want the huge buff to power at the cost of a small fraction of accuracy.

All in all, Hawlucha is an amazing Pokémon that I feel gets less credit than it deserves. With insane Speed and decent Attack, Hawlucha can pull off amazing sweeps that some Pokemon can only dream of. The only Pokémon you really have to look out for are Slowbro, Skarmory, Talonflame, etc. If you watch out for those, a team with Hawlucha is destined for victory!

Written By:
Mega Grievous

 May 12th, 2015

"Memega Slowbro"

Pokémon: Slowbro-> Mega Slowbro
Nature: Relaxed
 Regenerator -> Shell Armor
Item: Slowbronite
EV Spread: 252 Def, 252 Sp. Atk, 4 Sp. Def

- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Scald
- Psyshock / Calm Mind

‘Sup SLers! DID YOU SEE THAT PIKABLU LEAK?! Elfin here, bringing you the ultimate counter to everything physical; Memega Slowbro.

Mega Slowbro was a hit as soon it was leaked all those months ago in the XY era, seeing a near immediate boost from the pits of UU to OU, probably because of that demo of Memebros defences in the trailer it starred in. This Pokémon has a somewhat decent typing of psychic-water, resisting 6 types and being weak to five, but it’s weaknesses barely matter when looking at its ungodly stats, particularly its defence (at a whopping 180!). This means should you ever find your opponent with only physical attackers left, you can just whip out this puppy and sweep, regardless if they’re all Pokémon with super effective moves.

The idea of the EVs should be fairly clear; tank the hits and hit harder. Though Memebros defence is already obscenely huge as it is, we’re boosting it with a relaxed nature and max EVs. Since its special attack is also boosted when mega evolving, we’ll max that out too. The remaining 4 can be poured into special defence in order to help live any unforeseen Dark Pulses or Thunders.

Depending on whether you choose to run Calm Mind or Psyshock, you’re either going to be setting up and sweeping, or straight up attacking until your HP runs low, by which time you better spam that Rest and Sleep Talk button for dear life. By setting up with a Calm Mind set, you’re essentially limiting yourself to one move, but almost ensuring a clean sweep since you’re enabling Memega Bro to tank hits from threats such as Mega Sableye or Mega Manectric. However, it should be noted that the first few turns without the buff from Calm Mind will be undoubtedly risky, along with the obvious weakness to anything that absorbs water. In contrast, Psyshock can be run in order to get some coverage and STAB in, but can’t really be used for much else.

In conclusion, it can be deduced that Memega Bro is the most ludicrous mega one can run, and is sure to have your opponent spitting venom at you for a decent month after a battle.

Written By:

 May 19th, 2015

"You Only Live Once"

Pokémon: Slaking
Nature: Adamant
Item: Choice Band
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Speed

 Giga Impact
- Play Rough
- Pursuit / Night Slash

Hello EveryNyan! This is SaambellPrime, bringing you a Hilarious and very Risky set. The whole point of this set is one thing and one thing only: TOTAL ANNIALATION! If you can pull it off there WILL be something on the enemy team that dies. 

A big part of this is team memorization. If you can remember what is on the enemy team then you are set. First step is look for Steel and Rock. Second is Ghost. Those 3 types are your biggest threats but also a prime opportunity. Steel and Rock will Wall your Main Cannon which is Giga Impact. Ghost will Ignore it altogether. So that is when prediction comes in. When it looks like your enemy will switch to a Rock or Steel Earthquake is sitting in the second cannon battery. 

Ghost is trickier. You need to remember which ghosts have Levitate. If there is one on the enemy team then Pursuit is there for that chance. It doesn't hit as hard as the other moves BUT ghosts are often weaker in the defenses and hp. So that 40 power move is still hitting for a lot of pain! (side note, that coffin as an amazing target. No more truant, but you are still choiced)

Night Slash is a BIG alternative to Pursuit if you don't mind missing out on catching switching Ghost or Psychic Pokemon. Play Rough is there as some Amazing coverage that was added in ORAS. 

Team choice is often a key factor. Study makes this Mon a Sad Sloth. So any kind of hazards are an amazing help. Also helping are mons that can take a Focus Blast/Aura Sphere. 

A word of caution: Slaking is VERY prone to being revenge killed. So it sadly will often go 1 for 1 and go down the next turn. But thats what the HP EVs are for. So it can hopefully live the revenge attempt and maybe get a second kill. Heck, if it can dodge like a Giant Sloth Ninja it can even get 3 kills. 

Slaking is an amazing Band wearer and can crush any non Steel, Rock, or Ghost type with Giga Impact. It also has the movepool to cover those types. If your opponent ends up relying on moves like Focus Blast to stop Slaking it can very much blow up in their face as Focus Blast does its thing and misses at the worst time leaving Slaking primed for its next kill. 

Written By:

 May 25th, 2015

"Take It All Off!"

Pokémon: Omastar
Nature: Timid
 Swift Swim
Item: White Herb
EV Spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 4 Def

 Scald / Hydro Pump
/ Ancient Power / Ice Beam
- Earth Power
- Shell Smash

Hello EveryNyan! SaambellPrime again! This time I bring you a risqué Pokémon who's fighting style is clothing damage. This is a bulky mon who loses the shell it wears to get more power. A natural stripper. Or a member of Fairy Tail. 

Omastar's first action on appearing on the battle field is to immediately take off its clothes. Shell Smash lowers the defenses in exchange for a double boost in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. That Defence and Special Defence can be hurtful, but White Herb fixes that. If you need to switch from a threat Omastar does have a respectable Defence stat so if you come back in and Shell Smash again it will not hurt as it might on some other mons who use Shell Smash. 

Scald is for STAB and to annoy people with random burn chance. The Attack drop from burn can be very helpful if you need to Shell Smash after a switch and have already used the White Herb. Also people's anguish from the random burn, can be music to some users ears. I know I take a perverse pleasure from people going "Noooo" from a Scald burn. Hydro Pump is an option if you want to hit much harder. The lower accuracy and no burn chance is a down side. 

The next move is very tricky to choose. Ancient Power is STAB and is one of the few Special Rock type attacks. It does have good accuracy compared to almost all other Rock type moves, so that's a plus. A final good word for Ancient Power is that it may raise all the stats, which when combined with Shell Smash can be amazing.  The down side is its only 60 Power. Compared to the other option it doesn't seem all that powerful. Ice Beam is an Amazing move. It has power, coverage, and accuracy. And the chance for Freeze to go off is just soo nice. 

Earth Power rounds out the moves, bringing all the things Ice Beam has though without the Freeze. Instead it has a chance for a Special Defence drop. This can be disaster for some Pokémon and may force a switch which is always a good position.

In terms of defending remember you have 4 weaknesses one of which is a 4x. Keep an eye out for those types and you should be able to stay in and hit hard. Omastar is a mon that really does not want to switch. Like any set up sweepers Omastar loves having its weaknesses eliminated before it does its thing. 

Omastar is a mon that loves to step on stage, takes its shell off and dance all over everyone. When it comes out, and the shell hits the floor, enemies get blasted and teammates cheer. Let Omastar put on a show for you and have fun. 

Written By:

 June 1st, 2015

"Lucky Curse"

Pokémon: Absol
Nature: Adamant / Jolly
 Super Luck
Item: Choice Scarf / Focus Sash
EV Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

 Night Slash
- Sucker Punch
- Psycho Cut
- Play Rough

Greetings my fellow Silver Leaguers. Mr.Dr.Penguin here with my first MOTW. And I'm very honoured to give you guys my favourite move set, on my favourite Pokémon, Absol.

I know Absol isn't exactly an omega good Mon. But he is very usable with a massive 130 base atk stat, if you use him correctly. This set is mainly a coverage set, and requires a bit of prediction due to its frailty. Speed is also a problem for good ol' Absol. Unfortunately, you're really only going to be able to compensate for one of these two hindrances. if you want to last abit longer, go for Focus Sash, if you want to be speedy, go with Choice Scarf.

Now for the moves. you have Absol's two Signature moves: Night Slash, and Psycho cut. these moves, thanks to the extra super luck boost, will crit about 2/3 of the time. Sucker punch is Absols only real priority move that deals damage. so sucker punch is a good choice, but a couple things to take into account:

1. The Opponent will be expecting sucker punch.

2. two dark moves may hinder Abso'ls ability to hit a lot of things.

Other moves such as shadow claw, x-scissor, and rock slide in place of sucker punch offer more coverage in return for no priority, so its really a matter of preference. 

My Favourite move for Absol has to be Play Rough, one of the only psychical fairy type moves. Absol only learns this through breeding, so you do have to work a little bit to get it, but surprising a dragon type with it is more than worth it. For one final note on coverage, you could theoretically run ice beam or flamethrower on Absol, I wouldn't recommend it, but you could do it if you really want to.

Absol can be effective if you can use him correctly. Hopefully this has helped to explain why i love him so much. He can be extremely hard to use, but its worth it. Until next time Silver League, this is Mr.Dr.Penguin, and thank you all for reading.

Written By:
Mr. Dr.Penguin

 June 8th, 2015

"The Prince of Slumbers!"

Pokémon: Tyrunt
Nature: Careful
Item: Eviolite
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Def

 Rock Slide
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

Behold! The quicksand trickster here with some madness of course. Today I bring to you the baby king of the Dinosaurs! Your all prob think why go for a set of the pre evolution of Tyrantrum instead of the actual king himself, well two things the 50% boost from evolite due to its not a final form and the ability sturdy which play key in this set. Now I get to explaining the key points to this baby rex. First nature is Careful to try and max out Sp.Def as much as possible since we gonna boost the Def side. Next we got the ability Sturdy, let's say you got full HP and your boosting yourself next thing you know, BAM! critical hit and you think it's all over? Nope sturdy keeps you going with 1HP which you can heal back up if you can make the right call. The item ofc is Evolite which will give you a 50% boost in boost defences not much else to say here. Finally the EVs are to max out HP and Sp.Def to take as much hits as possible. Now let's get to the moveset it’s self, Rock Slide gets STAB and it has decent accuracy to dish out damage and with only 3 types resisted your gonna hut a lot of things hard. Now onto the key move of this set Curse, with this you boost as much Attack Def as possible for the price of losing speed (which isn’t much of an issue due to its slow already). Now we go to Rest and Sleep Talk, you taken a lot of damage so what do you do? You go to sleep and heal up. But doesn’t that make you a sitting duck? Not with Sleep Talk which you can use during sleep to attack, boost, or try to sleep while already sleeping. Yea its luck base but pays up if you set up enough or pull off a powerful attack. Ok this Pokémon doesn’t have the best stats so we need to bring some backup and trust me depending how you set up you’ll need a lot of it. First is the important sand support to boost your Sp.Def to the max level, will-o support this helps you warn you opponents and with the attack cut you can set up easily on physical attackers. If you want a lot more support entry hazards scream to be here toxic spikes help with walls, spikes and Stealth Rocks help wear down Pokémon on the switch. Dual Screens help boost a Def that’s already rising and to help secure that high Sp.Def alongside Sand. Now with the many weakness this Pokémon has your main type problem will be high power fighters and them bulky steel types so things like Latias with HP fire and Psyshock help or mega Alakazam with focus blast. Now just remember if you see a dinosaur sleeping, let it sleep! Hope you give this a try and have fun :3

Written By:

 June 16th, 2015

"Sirena's Curse"

Pokémon: Mantine
Nature: Calm
Ability: Water Absorb
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 248 HP, 252 SpD, 8 Def

 Aqua Ring
-/ Protect / Mirror Coat
- Haze

Hiya, Silver League! MG has returned once again to bring you an . . . interesting Pokémon to say the least, Mantine. This Gen-2 manta ray of burdness has been ignored by a lot of players due to its weakness (4x Electric). However, even though it's in PU, it can be used effectively in OU as long as you play it right (ask Aceroot about it :3).

The EV spread and nature combine to make Mantine's base 140 Special Defense the most disgusting thing EVER. Coupled with an okay HP stat of 70, Mantine can take special hits for as long as it pleases, as long as they aren't Electric-type. Plus, if you're ever low on HP, you can predict an incoming Water-type move and send in the ray Pokémon. It'll drink that water right up and heal itself with its amazing powers!

This moveset is made to make the most of Mantine's bulk. The only drawback I can see is that Mantine cannot learn Roost, a key component in most Flying-type wall Pokémon. However, Aqua Ring + Protect can be a worthy substitute. Scald is your offensive attack, doing decent damage and adding that hilarious chance to afflict the Burn status condition. I'm sure I'm not the only person who loves it when you get the last-minute burn that pisses your opponents off. Mirror Coat can be used as an alternative to Protect if you want to abuse Mantine's bulk and launch their attack right back at them with 2x the power. Mantine's final move, Haze, is on here to get rid of nasty setup. If you ever have problems with Mega Sableye and its Calm Mind spam, then Mantine might be a good Pokémon for you.

If you're having trouble finding a Flying-type Pokémon that can serve as a special wall, Mantine can easily fill the role! Thunderbolt will be a heavy obstace, so pairing it with a physical wall like Steelix or Magneton that can take an Electric attack and cover Mantine's other weaknesses, while Mantine covers theirs. Despite its downfalls, Mantine is a wonderful special wall that's not too hard to use. If you're lacking special bulk in a team, Mantine might be the perfect wall for you!

P.S. If you get the reference regarding its name, you get a free lifetime supply of Green Bat Energy Drink (It's a Boomburst of flavor!!).

Written By:
Mega Grievous

 June 23rd, 2015

"Deadly Thorns"

Pokémon: Ferrothorn
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Iron Barbs
Item: Assault Vest
EV Spread: 100 HP, 252 Atk, 156 Def

- Poison Jab
-/ Knock Off / Bulldoze
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball / Iron Head

Hello, Silver League!  BluesEclipse here, with my debut MOTW - and it's one that I highly doubt you've seen before.  While Ferrothorn is normally used for hazards, walling, and the occasional KO from Gyro Ball, I've flipped everyone's favorite Grass/Steel Pokemon on its head to turn it into a pretty capable offensive Pokemon.

This Pokemon will never be a real sweeper but for an offensive role, it needs as much damage as possible, so the 252 Attack EVs are a given.  The Defense and HP spread will allow it to maintain some of its natural walling ability, while the Assault Vest keeps its Sp.Def high enough to cover the rest.  Coupled with immunity to Poison, a wide array of resistances, and the ability to ignore some of the more annoying status moves like Sleep Powder, Toxic and Spore, this Pokemon can easily take the hits and strike back.

And with its moveset, it will strike back hard.  Poison Jab offers not only a powerful attack, but a useful status as well.  Power Whip will tear through a wide array of foes, thanks to the STAB-boosted 120 base power.  Gyro Ball works quite will with Ferrothorn's low speed, while Knock Off completes the coverage and deals with annoying items.  A faster Ferrothorn could use Bulldoze instead for coverage and to reduce the opponent's speed, with Iron Head providing Steel STAB and possible Flinch once you've slowed the opponent enough.

While you'll still need to watch out for most offensive Fire and Fighting-type attacks, Ferrothorn's defenses make it more likely to be able to take a hit if the opponent is packing something unexpected, and allow it to strike back with surprising force.  The fact that Ferrothorn is known as a wall and hazard layer also means that you'll be able to take advantage of opponents who are expecting a defensive style from you.  With a bit of support, and a bit of cunning, this Pokemon will prove to be a massive thorn in any foe's side.

Written By:

 June 30th, 2015

"KFC Anyone?"

Pokémon: Combusken
Nature: Careful
Ability:Speed Boost
Item: Eviolite
EV Spread: 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 Sp. Def

- Baton Pass
- Swords Dance
- Protect
-/ Substitute / Will-o-Wisp

Hello people of the Silver League. Halo Glaceon here with my first MOTW. And today it's a Pokemon you are familiar with if you have ever battled me (as long as it wasn't NU, PU or a team that I didn't need baton pass). That's right it's the one and only Combusken!                                                                                                                

So Cumbusken is a interesting Pokémon. It's one of the highest tired NFE Pokémon  and for good reason. It's in the RU tier and it would be broken in any other tier bellow because of its amazing combo of Speed boost and Swords dance. Plus with its capability of taking hits, you will be able to set up a lot and Baton Pass into a pretty much unstoppable mon. The EVs are kind of self explanatory, 252 HP and 128 in both defenses to take hits. Plus combined with the eviolite you will be able to take a lot of natural or resided hits before Baton passing  into something. As for its moves we already covered Baton pass (I think it's pretty self explanatory at this point why you have to run Baton Pass) Swords dance is there so you can set up your attack stat so that the thing you Baton pass into will have that attack to sweep with. As for Protect it is there so you can get a free Speed boost. This is so you can out speed the thing that you're up against when you're setting up for your Baton pass. Or you can use this to set up 1 extra speed boost just to make sure the thing you Baton Pass into will able to out speed  Scarfers. As for the last move, you can either go with Willo-Wisp or Substitute. If you want to cripple physical attackers and allow you to set up even more, go with Willo-Wisp. But if you want to block states and have protection not only when you have your Combusken in, but maybe when you Baton Pass as well (what I mean is you can Baton pass the Sub) go with Substitute. Either way they both work great.As for what you can Baton pass into. You could go with some RU mons if that the tier playing in. Mainly ones that can take hits like: Emboar Elektross Mega Banette or any Pokémon that can take hits well. Pretty much the same rule applies to all of the other tiers. If your using it in OU I would recommend Mega Garchomp or Mega Scizor. Both work very well with Combusken for that Baton Pass. Trust me they will be panicking when they see a powerful OU mega with that much attack and speed. However there are things that can stop your sweep and can take your Combusken down. So let's go over those. One rule with using Combusken is you can't bring it in when your Opponent has something with a Super effective move on the field. So if your opponent has a pokemon with a Flying, Water, Ground or Psychic type move on the field, don't send out Combusken. Other than that if you ovoid its weaknesses, you will have a Solid baton passer on your team that is sure to help you get some sweeps. Well in the end Cumbusken is a very solid Baton Passer and it doesn't get used very often. But I assure  you that Combusken (if used correctly) will help get you some sweeps. Written by Halo Glaceon                                                

Written By:
Halo Glaceon

July 5th 2015

"Enduring Force"

Pokémon: Gardevoir
Nature: Modest
Item: Assault Vest
EV Spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Def, 4 Speed

 Moon Blast
- Shadow Ball
- Psyshock
-/ Thunderbolt  / Energy Ball

Hello I'm cjred99 and I'm still new to the silver league. This would be my first time doing something like this so I hope you like it. This build of Gardevoir is something I personally made myself for the competitive 6 vs 6 battles. You could use this build for doubles but I would change the ability to telepathy so you can Earthquake and Surf without worrying about hitting Gardevoir in the process. P.S telepathy can win you FFA battles because you only have to deal with two people.

You wonder why I would I put 252 EV's in its Defense stat. Okay, Gardevoir has a bad rep for being frail to physical attacks like Earthquake and Crunch. With max EV's in Defense and Perfect defense IV's at level 50 Gardevoir defense will be at 117. That’s really good for a supposedly frail Pokémon wouldn't you say?

Okay let's get to the moveset itself, since its holding an Assault Vest, it’s Sp.Defense won't suffer from the lack of EVs; however, we cannot use status moves like Will-O-Wisp or Calm Mind, but Gardevoir is strong enough were it doesn't need Calm Mind. So this Gardevoir is meant to put the beat down on your opponent. 

MoonBlast is a power stab move for Gardevoir, plus with a chance to lower Sp.Attack, it is a move that Gardevoir can't afford to not have. Shadow ball is for coverage and to deal with other psychic types. Psyshock is use over Psychic because we want to do damage on those special Defenses walls like Chansey. Now depending on your team you would use Thunder Bolt or Energy Ball, if you’re using a powerful electric Pokémon go for energy ball and vice versa.

Now of course you still need to avoid Steel and Poison moves but this set of Gardevoir can take a hit as long as it isn’t like a plus 6 Dragonite or something of that nature. But this set will mess up your opponent and have them wonder “why won't this thing die?” That all I have to say for now and I hope I can talk to you all really soon.

Written By:

July 12th, 2015

"All Bite, No Bark"

Pokémon: Sharpedo -> Mega Sharpedo
Nature: Adamant / Jolly
 Speed Boost -> Strong Jaw
Item: Sharpedite
EV Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Def

- Protect
/  Poison Fang / Waterfall / Aqua Jet
- Ice Fang
- Crunch

Hello once again, Wicked Crow here with a MOTW in honor of the latest Shark Week. This is a rather simple Physical sweeper/Revenge Killer Mega Sharpedo set that may interest you in using the good old blue (or in my shiny hunting world, Purple), Bomber. 

Sharpdeo itself is a pretty interesting Pokémon, sporting a somewhat unique Water/Dark typing and basically being a living shark head is pretty damn cool. You will want either Adamant to push every little ounce of damage into this swimming monster’s teeth, or Jolly to further out run your prey. You will want speed boost as it works into the set later, but eventually you will lose it in favor of Strong Jaw. Obviously the item we want is the Sharpdeo Mega Stone. The EV spread is a simple offensive sweeper/fast attacker spread.

The moves are where the fun begins. Protect is essentially the staple of the set. It gives you a free turn to scout out any possible attacks your opponent may use that could end up scaring you out, as well as giving you a x1.25 boost every turn you end with this ability. Due to most battlers knowing that you  will protect first turn for a boost and either boost themselves or switch, this can be a decent opportunity to hit them with a surprise attack if you can call a good prediction. That way, you will nab some damage, get a speed boost, and still be able to get a sure-fire protection off next turn. However, it is up to your judgement on whether or not to attack or protect. As for attacks, this set focuses primarily on the “bite” skills that Sharpedo has access to. Crunch is godlike on Mega Sharpedo. 80 Base power, plus a 1.5 STAB boost, plus an additional 1.5 boost from Strong Jaw, coming off a 140 base attack. It will plow through most neutral walls, and even hit some resisted ones relatively hard, not to mention its 20% chance of lower the targets defense. Ice Fang is a good coverage move, hitting grass, flying, and dragon types for super effective damage with a strong jaw boost. The last slot is kind of a toss-up. If you want to squeeze every inch out of Strong Jaw, Sharpdeo gains Poison Fang which helps it tear through and fairy types that lack a steel secondary typing. Additionally, Waterfall gives you a solid physical water attack that can cause a flinch. Aqua Jet can be used to pick off priority-less or opposing sweepers with ease. 

In terms of checks and counter, Ferrothorn is your biggest threat. While neutral to crunch thanks to Gen 6, it is still a titan of defense and can wear you down with Iron Bards and/or Rocky Helmet. Bulky Steel, Water, and Grass types can prove an issue if you cannot hit them. Make sure you have a secondary sweeper or wall breaker that can cover these weaknesses before or after using Mega Sharpedo. No go and rule the seas with this Salt Water chomper!

Written By:
Wicked Crow

July 19th, 2015

"Sleeping On The Job"

Pokémon: Banette -> Mega Banette
Nature: Adamant / Brave
 Cursed Body -> Prankster
Item: Banettite
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Sp. Def

Sleep Talk
 Knock Off / Gunk Shot
- Shadow Sneak / Shadow Claw / Phantom Force

Hello Everyone, WickedCrow here. This might seem odd that I am covering a ghost-type Pokémon, but ever since Emerald, I have always had a special spot in my heart for Banette. The concept of a living doll whose mere existence is due to a grudge of hate towards its last owner is a very interesting concept. When it finally got an evolution, in the form of a Mega, I was rather happy. I loved the design and its colors, especially the shiny; however it vastly underperformed in terms of a Mega evolution. The biggest issue with Banette was that the designers of the Mega seemed to try and fuse two concepts together and sort of left us with an unfinished product. This can be seen in its stat allocation as a Mega, gaining massive attack boost with odd minor boosts to everything else but HP, while also gaining the support ability of Prankster. So what we are left with is the lovechild of a physical powerhouse and a support Pokémon, but one that underperforms in both roles. 

However, after looking over some moves on Bulbapedia and testing on Showdown, I think I have developed a decent set that can slip up some opponents. Keep in mind, if you plan to use this in OU, Banette WILL need some strong teambuilding. But let’s get to the moveset already. For starters the nature is either Adamant of Brave. Although Banette gets a minor speed boost on its Mega, it is still stuck in a horrible speed tier. Brave can be used if you plan to use a move explained later on. The item and ability are self-explanatory, Mega Stone for the Mega, and Prankster is gained as a result of it. The EV’s are standard for any bulky tank/attacker/sweeper, and are the best option for any Mega-Banette set. The actual Move set is where things get interesting. The first two required moves are Rest and Sleep Talk. Most common on bulky walls such as Milotic or Mega Aggron, this is where Banette shines. Not only does it have access to priority Rest, but Sleep Talk is also given priority so Banette can end up launching powerful blows with its 165 Atk AND stay relatively healthy.  The last two move slots are up for debate. Knock Off gives Banette a powerful tool for crippling the enemy team, notably walls and sweepers, while Gunk Shot gives Banette a monstrous poison attack with a 30% chance to inflict poison. It is also really good to end the set with a ghost STAB attack; however the best move for this slot is up for debate. Shadow Sneak lets you launch a priority attack for revenge killing after an ally goes down or when full HP, although Sleep Talk already has +1 priority. Shadow Claw is the standard Physical attack of choice, with only an enhanced Crit Chance. Phantom Force is where this set gets really dirty. The notion of a two-turn attack may seem bad, but given that Banette has a chance to use it with +1 priority letting you dodge attacks for up to two turns (possibly with full HP) and then strike with a 90 Base power STAB attack is very disgusting. However, using this move properly can be troublesome and should be used with caution. Overall, this set is great as a status-sponge support or even a somewhat bulky priority attacker, although you will have to deal with the RNG of Sleep Talk. Hopefully you can help Banette fulfill its grudge and destroy the metagame, good luck! 

Written By:
Wicked Crow

July 26th 2015

"The Hungry Flower"

Pokémon: Vileplume
Nature: Bold
 Effect Spore
Item: Black Sludge
EV Spread: 248 HP, 252 Def, 8 Sp. Def

 Giga Drain
- Moonlight
 Sludge Bomb
- Sleep Power / Aromatherapy

Hello Silver League, its Cyndaquil here! Despite Vileplume only being in NU, it's one of the best defensive walls out there. Despite being a bulky wall, its defense stats are around base 90 which isn’t exactly the best stats for bulk. Its HP is only base 75. I bet you are thinking this Pokémon isn’t exactly you’re top pick for a defensive wall, but ifyou use it well, you could put it on an OU team!

Here’s the catch, Vileplume makes up for its ‘not the best’ stats in its move pool. You have Giga Drain to drain the opponents HP and to recover your own HP, and on top of that, you are going to recover a lot of HP thanks to stab and Vileplume’sSp.Atkwhich lies at base 110! Next, you have moonlight which is another HP recovery move. The reason why you should put moonlight on Vileplume is because if the opposing Pokémon resists the grass typing, or if it has a super high Sp.Def stat, you can use moonlight to recover instead. Keep in mind, Moonlight is affected by weather. Sludge bomb is Vileplume’s strongest stab move and has a 30% chance to poison the opponent. Along with effect spore, Vileplumehas a very high chance to cripple the opponent. Finally, there are two options for Vileplume’s final move slot. You could have Sleep Powder which will get rid of opposing switch-ins like Garbodor, Klingklangand Muk by inflicting the sleep status. You can also inflict the sleep status on other opposing supports or set-up sweepers. On the other hand, if you are building a defensive team, you can turn Vileplume into a cleric with Aromatherapy.

Black Sludge is the best item to give your Vileplumeas it will heal Vileplume every turn due to Vileplume being part poison type. It also leaves a slot on your team for leftovers while giving Vileplume an item which will heal it. The HP and Def EV’s provide plenty of bulk for Vileplume and you can throw the remaining 8 on its Sp.Def. But there are some Pokémon you will need to look out for as they can hit Vileplume hard and trick it too. One of the biggest threats to Vileplumeis Lilligant as they usually carry HP Fire/ Ice. This could potentially OHKO Vileplume depending on the EV spread of the Lilligant. You also want to watch out for any Pokémon utilizing trick, they may try to cripple you with a choice item or even a toxic/burn orb. This would greatly cripple Vileplume because it would be literally ‘holding’ the status element and aromatherapy wouldn't heal you because you would constantly get burned/ toxic. Obviously, try to keep Vileplume away from strong special attackers, especially psychic or fire.

Overall, Vileplume is a strong wall, able to take some punishment and cripple the enemy team. Despite its average defense stats, it is still able to eat up plenty of attacks and keep going!

Written by Cyndaquil
Revised by WickedCrow

August 2nd 2015

"The Spiky Volcano"

Pokémon: Cyndaquil
Nature: Timid / Modest
Item: Choice Scarf
EV Spread: 44 HP, 12 Def, 200 Sp. Atk, 236 Speed

- Extrasensory 
- HP Ground / Grass
- Will-O-Wisp / Fire Blast

Hello Silver League, It’s Cyndaquil with another MOTW.

Today, we're looking at some of the Pokémon who don'tget much of the spotlight in competitive battling…

The Pokémon in LC are all Pokémon who are in the first stage of evolution. This time, we are going to focus on my favorite Pokémon who holds a special place in my heart.

Cyndaquil is only the first evolution of its evolution line.But despite that, it has a ton hidden potential. Eruption is why many people use Cyndaquil and its evolutions. Eruption is Cyndaquil's best attacking move thanks to stab. What's more is that eruption deals more damage depending on how much HP Cyndaquil has, in relation to its max health. With full HP, that is 150 base power, if you use this move on the first turn Cyndaquil came onto the battlefield, then you can easily OHKO the opposing Pokémon depending on the typing and EV spread of the opposing Pokémon. Extrasensory is a good coverage move that covers for poison types such as Skrelp, and Tentacool who resist your stab normally.HP Ground and HP Grass also provide coverage against rock and water types. Finally, you have the choice between Will – O – Wisp and Fire Blast. Will – O – Wisp is a good move to cripple physical attackers and walls. Cyndaquil’s worst stats areits HP followed by its defense so having Will – O – Wisp can help you status any Pokémon that you can bait in. On the other hand, you could choose fire blast over Will – O – Wisp. Fire blast is helpful to have as Cyndaquil’s final move because Eruption gets weaker when Cyndaquil loses HP. Fire blast is a great fire move that deals huge damage whenever you need it, at the cost of some accuracy. Fire blast is best to use if you fear entry hazards or take too much damage, since it will remain strong at any health value. This can be used late game to quickly finish the match. Fire blast also has a 10% chance to burn the opponent too.

Putting the choice scarf on Cyndaquil helps it to attack first soyou can get the best eruption which should OHKO most Pokémon. With blaze as its ability, you can do some real damage with fire blast when you are on low HP.

I hope that I managed to convince you to use Cyndaquil on oneof your teams.

Written by Cyndaquil
Revised by WickedCrow

August 16th 2015

"The Accursed Drought"

Pokémon: Ninetales
Nature: Modest
Item: Charcoal / Focus Sssh
EV Spread: 252 Sp Atk. 128 Sp. Def, 128 Speed

- Flamethrower / Fire Blast
- Solarbeam
- Will-O-Wisp
- Hex

Hey, everyone, this is Time Kitsune, and this is my first MOTW, so sorry if it’s lacking at all.This is a personal favorite of mine that works great both while working through the main game and during the competitive metagame.

So, obviously, Ninetales isn’t that high up the food chain. At all. Sitting at the low-level tier of NU, Ninetales is rarely ever seen in competitive battling. The few redeeming qualities it has lies in its Speed, Special Defense, and above average Special Attack. Fortunately, that’s all you truly need for this move set.This move set focuses on dealing a lot of damage to your opponent while at the same time crippling their physical attack. With Will-O-Wisp, you can burn your target and half their attack as well as dealing an eighth of damage at the end of each turn. But that’s not the end of it. Hex also gets a boost if your opponent has a status ailment, doubling its power and dealing a whopping punch of damage to your opponent. Do you need some water, because it looks like you just got burned! This kind of goes without saying, but Solar Beam is there for type coverage against Water, Ground, and Rock. And thanks to Ninetales’ ability, you don’t need to charge up for an entire turn, leaving your Pokemon vulnerable to attacks. And the last move, Flamethrower for those of you who are concerned about accuracy, and Fire Blast for those who are crazy about power. They both get boosted due to STAB, Sunlight and Charcoal, overall delivering one heck of a haymaker of pain to any foe unlucky enough to be in your Ninetales’ sight. However, you can choose a third move if you are so inclined, one I did not list above because it is very situational. Incinerate. Resto-Chesto is a pain and a half to deal with, especially on tankier pokemon like Snorlax, or aces/sweepers like Therian-Forme Thundurus. No more, because Incinerate burns those berries to inedible crisps. Just, be careful, as it does only have 60 base power, and even with all those boosts, it won’t be OHKOing, or even 2HKOing anyone anytime soon. So, you need to either have insane divination abilities, or know that your opponent has berry-users handy.

Well, thanks for sticking around to read my MOTW; I hope I at least piqued your interest in Ninetales’ usefulness for the competitive scene.

Written by Time Kitsune
Revised by WickedCrow

August 23rd 2015

"Flower Power"

Pokémon: Florges
Nature: Bold
 Flower Veil
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp Def

- Calm Mind
- Moonblast
-/ Synthesis Aromatherapy / Wish 

Hello Diogo Lopes here and it's my turn to bring a MOTW to you. This little flower can work as a great wall in battle and endure a powerful attack and prepare to counter the opponent.

With a 154 Special defense base being already pretty high I like to invest in her 68 base defense stat and make her a mixed tank so I like to choose the bold nature that boosts defense and lowers attack ( a stat that obviously doesn't need) and if I want to boost special defense I use calm mind which if used it will make Florges an unstoppable special defensive wall that will do some good damage with moonblast her stab move, as the EV I decide to also invest in DEF and HP and Florges will endure a powerful hit by a physical attacker (trust me it already saved my Florges for being OHKO'd by a sweeper with sets made and allowed her to revenge kill in the next turn) and of course leftovers is my choice of item in order to make Florges last longer.

Toxic is the move I like to have when moonblast isn't the best option to attack, toxic can cripple the enemy team while enduring some hits, as for the healing it's up to personal taste, synthesis is my pick cause it make Florges able to last longer in battle but a more cleric decision can also be made like aromatherapy to heal the entire player team of status problems or wish to be able to switch Pokémon after a switch it's up to you.

Overall I see Florges as a great wall I can count on in my team and it's able to stall damage some damage while boosting some stats with calm mind to attack the enemy with a powerful blow.

I am Diogo Lopes andI hope you enjoyed the set and feel free to comment ;) goodbye for now see you in the chat.

Written by Diogo
Revised by WickedCrow

August 30th 2015

"Bad Moon On The Rise"

Pokémon: Umbreon
Nature: Careful
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 248 HP, 8 Def, 252 Sp. Def

- Payback
- Curse
- Heal Bell
- Wish

Hello EveryNyan! SaambellPrime is back with a mon that I have dark memories about. 

Umbreon is one of those mons that everyone loves the appearance of but hates to fight. Its defensive stats are the best of the eevee line and it has several moves that boost those and others that are amazing for support. This time though we are going to look at a set that is capable of "sweeping" teams. 

Normally when you think Sweeperit’s of a fast Pokémon that beats down a mon before it can act. This Umbreon set is the reverse of that. It relies on the opponent going first. Curse is there to help it go second, while also raising its attack and defense so that it takes hits and deals them better. After just 2 curses Umbreon is taking almost no damage from any non stab moves. But why stop there? Go for as many curses as you can. If you can get a full 6 Curses then you are now a engine of destruction. 

Of course as you build your curses there will be mons that will be trying to stop you. Wish is to deny any damage that those mons do. The biggest downside of wish is that it does not heal until the end of the next turn so planning ahead is good. But once a few curses are up, there will be plenty of time to heal as most of the opponents mons will be unable to land a overly damaging hit on you. 

Heal Bell is support. Combined with Synchronise if your opponent tries to burn or poison you they will be hurting themselves, followed by you removing the affliction with a ring of a bell. As a word of caution, sleep does not bounce from Synchronise and heal bell cannot remove it, so hopefully you have got a wish in the air and a few curses up while you take a nap. 

Finally we talk about the move that brings teams to their knees. Payback is horrific when combined with curse. Base 50 power becomes 100 when you move second. With a full set of curses you will be at -6 speed, meaning with Umbreon's base 65 speed you are almost certain to go second. And at +6 attack Umbreons base 65 attack will be magnified to a overwhelming level. Mega Slowbro, in all its walling glory, is unable to withstand 2 hits from payback.Just a single hit takes off 3/4 of its health. Ferrothorn, the other major wall, is a little more challenging, as 4 hits are needed to take it down, but besides Leech Seed, and recoil Ferro has almost no way to hurt Umbreon back, as its usual attacking move is Gyro Ball, which Curse weakens in 2 ways for each usage. 

Umbreon is a Monster once it has a few Curses on itself. It can hit hard and status is more a risk to you then it. It can heal itself of status and damage, leaving you with very little way to take it down. In the end it can be either your biggest power house or your worst nightmare. 

Written by SaambellPrime
Revised by WickedCrow

September 6th 2015

"Can't Stop Trippin'"

Pokémon: Jolteon
Nature: Modest / Timid
 Volt Absorb
Item: Choice Specs
EV Spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

- Thunderbolt / Discharge
- Shadow Ball
-/ Signal Beam / Volt Switch
- Hidden Power [Fire / Ice]

Hey SL! I'm Hydra, with a MOTW! This is probably gonna suck, but I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said to, JUST DO IT!!

And he I have one of my personally favorite Pokémon, Jolteon a.k.a Speed Demon a.k.a Volt a.k.a..... I think you get the point. Most of the current Meta today is OU and UU and Jolteon Sits in Ru which Ithink means Rarely Used, Probably. Moving on, the RU tier isn't as bad as people think, with Pokémon like Delphox and Cofagrigus it isn't THAT bad.  Jolteon (as you probably know) is one of the eeveelutions, and isn't as under used as Flareon and Leafeon, but isn't as over used as Sylveon and Umbreon. For the nature you would want either Modest or Timid, Modest to hit like a fricken truck, Timid to be a speed demon. For the item Choice Specs because you really don't need more speed, and Joelton is like a glass canon so you shouldn't waste space improving Defenses. The EVs, like I said glass canon you shouldn’t waste space. Now you can either go T-bolt or Discharge, T-bolt for Powa, and Discharge for that chance of Para. For Shadow ball it's there for more coverage on your Joelton. If you want more coverage you can go with Signal Beam, or you can use Volt switch to try and predict your opponent. Either Hidden Power Fire or Ice works, but for personal reasons I prefer Ice, because *cough* Dragons *cough*

Because Jolteon is Choice Spec'd you'll hit like a truck but may not be able to freely sweep unless you have team advantage, so having Pokemon to safety switch into is key incase you face yourself against a wall that resists the movie Jolteon is currently locked into. Volt Absorb is too handy an ability to waste so make sure to take advantage of the ability to send it in on your opponent and possibly gain a boost, with good predicting and good timing, this frail looking Eevolution can quickly become a thorn in your opponents side!

Well that's it for this MOTW, Enjoy :3.

Written by Hydra
Revised by WickedCrow & Silver August

September 13th 2015

"Don't Judge A Pokemon By Its Move Set'"

Pokémon: Ferrothorn
Nature: Relaxed / Sassy
 Iron Barbs
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 Def, 252 Sp, Def, 4 Atk

- Stealth Rock
- Protect
-/ Gyro Ball / Power Whip

Hello I'm AmazingAggron a lot of you might not know me because I'm new to SL but I'm here this week to share a rather peculiar Move set. I have used Ferrothorn for a while now and have had enough experience to be able to come up with a decent move set for it... well here it is:

First off Ferrothorn's Defence and Sp.Defence are really good which is why its best used as a wall rather than an attacker especially since its Attack and Defence are enough to make you cry. The best abilities for it are Relaxed/Sassy as both of them increase Defence/Sp.Def and both decrease Speed, which if using Gyro Ball makes the attack become even more powerful. Stealth Rock is useful on Ferrothorn because not only can Ferrothorn take hits, it also gives him protection from his worst weakness -fire. For example I'm sure you all know how badly damaged a Charizard is when they switch on Stealth Rock. Toxic is on there for the same reason -to weaken the foe and the move is even better if you have a Pokémon with Venoshock on your team. And protect... well its there to "protect", clues in the name. It also can waste the enemy Pokémon's PP which is good since moves like Close Combat that can seriously damage your Ferrothorn don't have a great deal of PP. Finally you have the only attacking moves on the list: Gyro Ball/Power whip. Both get a boost from being the same type as Ferrothorn however my preferred option would be Gyro Ball, a move that gets more powerful the slower the Pokémon is and luckily Ferrothorn is slow and I mean slow as really slow with an average speed stat of 20 which is well below the average of other Pokémon. Now to the items if you want to guarantee that fighting types don't get the best of you give Ferrothorn the Rocky Helmet. If the trainer your battling is stupid enough to use a Physical move then IronBarbs+RockyHelmet will give them something to think about. Leftovers are best used if you want to keep Ferrothorn in the battlefield for a long time as they will recover small amounts of its HP.

Written by AmazingAggron

September 20th 2015

"DO Judge A Pokemon By Its Move Set'"

Pokémon: Smeargle
Nature: Any Nature
Ability: Any Ability

Item: ______ Scarf (depends on Category)
EV Spread: Anything

- (Cute) Encore
- (Tough) Torment
- (Cool) Agility
- (Clever) Destiny Bond

Hi hi!  Shiverlry here!...ugh...Why did I choose that username?  It feels awful to pronounce...Anyways, one of my favorite features from Gen III was the addition of Contests.  Oh, yes, the drama, the coordination, the flashiness, I find it very exciting.  It's really a work of art; and what better Pokémon to bring to an art show than the weird dog painter thing, Smeargle!  Yes, that's right.  The moveset up there is not for battling, but for Contest Spectaculars.  This one set can earn you Master Rank in all Contest Categories by using a single Smeagle. 

Start off by maximizing Smeargle's conditions (Beauty, Coolness, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness).  Don't worry. Now in ORAS, you can feed your Pokemon an unlimited amount of Pokeblocks, so maxing out all 5 conditions is quite possible. Being any of the neutral natures will make it so that none of the conditions will be any harder to raise than the others. Be sure to equip Smeargle with the correctly colored scarf for the category you are entering, and the Primary Judging should be yours.

For the Talent Round, simply follow these rules.  For the first 3 turns, if Smeargle is going first, use either Torment or Encore. This will grant a chance of making all the other Pokémon nervous and stopping them from performing. If Smeargle is not going first, use Agility.  This will make you go first next turn so you can try using Torment or Encore again.  Remember, never use the same move twice in a row.  Also, if you can excite the crowd during that contest, feel free to do so.  If not, you can at least try to ruin the crowd meter for the other Pokémon.  For the 4th turn, use either Torment or Encore (whichever you did not use during turn 3) and hope for the best.  During the 5th and final turn, use Destiny Bond.  Normally, this would grant you 8 hearts, but since you used Encore or Torment the previous turn, the combo is completed and you gain 11 hearts instead.

Sure, you may run into situations where other Pokémon try to unnerve you or make you trip, and it may require another try, but this set is very powerful in Contests, and soon, the Lillycove Museum will have an entire wing dedicated to just one Pokémon, your Smeargle.

Written by Shiverlry

September 27th 2015

"The Sacrificial Bunter"

Pokémon: Mightyena
Item:Assault Vest
EV Spread:252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense

- Crunch
- Ice Fang
- Super Fang
- Sucker Punch

Hi Everyone! My name is MirrorcardNeko. I’m relatively new member of the Silver League (been here roughly three months).I wanted to try typing up a MOTW, but didn’t think I had a set worth mentioning, until I looked at my fully trained Mightyena and said, “Yep, you’ll be my first.”

Through all my playthroughs of the original Sapphire and Emerald versions, I have always caught and raised a Mightyena from a Poochyena. Even in Alpha Sapphire, I still kept my tradition of catching and raising this Pokemon. So I was sadden when I realized that Mightyena is not the best Pokemon to have on an OU team. It’s base states are average with no real minus or plus in anything, and stood with a base stat total of 420. Most people would just give up on it and move on to a better dark type Pokemon, but I stubbornly dug my heels into the ground and told myself that I was going to make a set that works for Mightyena. This set above is the result of my determination (lol).

Like the nickname implies, Mightyena isn’t powerful or fast enough to be a sweeper; but can work as Scouter; or used to do a big amount of damage before sending in a wall or heavy hitter. Mightyena’s highest stat is its attack stat (base 90). The rest of its stats are on the general side.EV training it in attack and speed will help make sure Mightyena can get in its attacks before taking its first hit and hit hard.An Adamant or Jolly Mightyena will lower its Special Attack stat and boost either attack or speed (depending on which you prefer to have more of).

Having Intimidate drops down your opponent’s attack; making a physical attacker’s attacks weaker against Mightyena. The Assault Vest will lessen the damage done by a special attacker. This give Mightyena a chance to get in at least two attacks before it’s taken down.

Super Fang is great because it grantee’s that the opponent’s HP will be cut in half. On the next turn, go for Sucker Punch to attack before the opponent has a chance to take Mightyena down. If there happens to be a Ghost Pokemon on the field, then using Crunch will do the trick since ghost types are weak to dark types. For the last spot, I say Ice Fang is the better option. You could go with Fire Fang or Thunder Fang, but Ice Fang is better because it can do four times damage to dragon-flying duel types,Landorus, and Garchomp.

Written by Mirrorcard Neko

October 4th 2015

"Bringing The House Down"

Pokémon: Salamence -> Mega Salamence
Ability:Intimidate -> Aerilate
EV Spread:172 Atk, 80 Def, 252 Speed

- Return
- Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Dragon Dance

Hello EveryNyan, its SaambellPrime! I'm here to talk about one of the best in-game battlers for Battle Mansion. Mega Salamence was banned to Ubers from day one of ORAS, for good reason. It is a super powerful Dragon that can sweep teams by accident. Here at SL we don't allow Ubers in regular battles so you "should" never see one. BUT! I fully suggest breeding one all the same. One of the most frustrating things to do post game is grind Battle Points at the Battle Mansion. Hax is 10 times worse there. Legends are banned from your use, but will show up at battles 49 and 50 under AI control. So I say fight them with Broken Ubers Megas. 

Now those that know Uber sets will notice that this is not the standard set. That is because you cannot trust the AI to burn you, so Return takes preference over Facade. Dragon Claw gives a second STAB for anti Dragon power. Earthquake is here instead of Roost, which I hear is normal in Ubers, because coverage is important in Battle Mansion. Ground combos well with Flying and Dragon STAB to hit Steel for Super Effective. Dragon Dance is Always there as it is the best physical boosting move. 

The EVs/Ability are done like that to take advantage of Mega Salamence's increased Defense Stat. Intimidate Lowers attack, and the Defense EVs could just as easily be 100 if you want. But the point of them is to give Mega Salamence some Physical Bulk as it Mega Evolves and Dances. Speed is Always Good, but if you are confidant in Dragon Dance then you can swap the Speed EVs for the Attack EVs. 

When you Challenge the Battle Mansion, it quickly starts counter teaming you. Mega Salamence will quickly end up facing pokemon with STAB Ice Shard. To go far it is Necessary to bring a mon that can tank Ice Shard. Speed Boost Blazekin works well for this. It is another Ubers mon that is allowed in the Battle Mansion, and can easily KO any ice types that try to counter Mega Salamence. Fire/Fighting and Dragon/Flying pair their types quite well. 

BP Grinding is an annoying prospect, Counter teams and Hax plague the place. Mega Salamence can really help deal with a lot of the problems of the place. It sweeps teams and can rack up the BP at an amazing rate. 40 wins gets you 140 BP. Even 30 Wins gets you 90 BP. Mega Salamence can easily achieve that. Using Mega Salamence in the Battle Mansion will help build up a lot of BP, which is very useful. It will also teach you the power of Ubers level mons and why the Tier System is so important. For every 2 wins you get, it is a Team beat. The fact you can go 40 straight wins and basically have swept 20 battle ready teams shows what happens if you don't keep the really broken mons out of regular battles. 

Written by SaambellPrime

October 11th 2015

"Aw Shucks, I Got You!"

Pokémon: Shuckle
Item:White Herb
EV Spread:252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp. Def

- Sticky Web
- Encore
- Stealth Rocks
- Knock Off

VUVU VUVUZELAAAA!! Wassup SL, this is my first moveset of the WEEEEEEK and i plan to make it an intense one. Because this Monday Monday MONDAY i bring you the one, the only, SHUCKLE OF FATE! Ok, let's cut the Hoopa and get to business. This is a opening trapper Shuckle designed to open strong, and always set down at least 1 trap to annoy the opposition(unless they have magic bounce or rapid spin, because people be running rogue class up in here, dismantling traps like its an end game dungeon). With a Shuckle's natural defensive ability, i literally DUMPED it full of physical defence, and the special still holds out well with the heightened maxed out hp. And due to how intense sweepers still manage to overpower the poor shucksters outrageous defences, sturdy is the only ability worthy to be called SHUCKLTASTIC! (but no really contrary is pointless on this set, so those dud Shuckles you got when breeding for HA just became useful)

Attack wise, this pocket monster packs more punch than a Hitmonchan on a sugar rush and a Galvantuala with shock fever. Sticky web and stealth rock allow your team to be both faster and healthier out of the gate than the opposition should they be unable to eliminate the entry hazards. Encore is a utility incase your opponent tries to set up while you are, locking them into a move for you to abuse. And believe me is it fun to see your opponent switch into a Scizor thinking the Shuckle is easy pickings, only to get encored into swords dance and then you switch to foul play user at the right time to 1-hit them when they thought they could salvage that 6 stage power buff, but i digress. Once all your traps are set(or you realise setting hazards is pointless against you current opponent), Knock off is your last plan of action if you have no intention of switching. This Shuckle is designed just to ruin your opponents day if they can't counter it in all ways. So go on, mess with their items like Whimsicott with prankster and switcheroo. It won't hurt anyone(except the guy you used it on).

Team wise its very versatile, and is best if used to build around another teams style. As set wise, this isn't the best core, and should not be seen as the main style of an entire team...unless its the main style of an entire team(Skarmory is bae). That said, great support for it are Skarmory (bae), water types, and grass types. This is because most ground, rock, steel, and fire types have a way to counter it with type advantage. And i think i emphasized on hazard clearing moves enough earlier to know that they shut this set down entirely. Keep an eye out for Sableye, Diancie, and Absol, because bugger all if those megas show up against you. Your only hope then is your opponent thinking its contrary Shuckle and you troll them with sticky web. Well then, aw shucks.

.........oh yeah, and the item is easily exchangeable with leftovers or a berry of some sort. White herb is kinda meh.

Written by Vu

October 19th 2015

"The Demon King"

Pokémon: Tyranitar -> Mega Tyranitar
Nature: Jolly/Adamant
Ability: Sand Stream
Item: Tyranitarite
Ev Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed 4 Sp. Def

- Dragon Dance
- Rock Slide
- Crunch
- Ice Punch

MEEP! And welcome to a MOTW by everyone's favourite Gym Leader LowRes.

This time, We'll be discussing Tyranitar, Generation 2's very own Psuedo legend, and subsequently the first one to have dark typing as well. Being a Psuedo Legend, Tyranitars main focus is.. being very, VERY destructive, while lacking speed, Then Egg moves came around, and turned my beloved little Godzilla into an absolute monster. So here we are, the main star of my team: Oracion Seis, Deliora. Time to show you people the destructive power of Tyranitar.

My Tyranitar's set is pretty simple, Hit hard, hit fast, and of course. MORE SAND!

While Tyranitar may be fairly bulky, especially in the sand, but it has a lot of weaknesses you need to keep track off, along with the turns of sand to actually KEEP your boost. Keep this in mind while using it, As for the moveset, you're probably wondering why I put Ice punch on there, rather than Fire blast or Fire punch, well that's fairly simple, what type, aside from fighting, messes poor little Tyranitar more than anything? Ground. So, to deal with said ground types, I gave Deliora Ice Punch, and before you go knocking... keep in mind, that after 1 Dragon dance even with Adamant, This Tyranitar outspeeds Garchomp, provided, it isn't scarfed. And even if it is, Tyranitar, in the sand, can live either Earthpower, or Earthquake, depending on A: the item, and B: It going mega. If Garchomp goes mega, get your Tyranitar out of there. As for its other moves, Crunch is there as the reliable STAB move, while also dealing with the steel types effectively, well, semi effectively. Rockslide, again, is a reliable stab move, that can, if you want to, or you play in regular OU, be swapped out for Earthquake.  And the bread and butter of this set, Dragon Dance. This is where it gets a little complicated, so stay with me, Tyranitar, has a lot of weaknesses, as I've said. So you have to play smart when choosing to send it out into battle, Ideally, you want to force a switch from your opponent, so you can set up a Dragon dance. The one rule you have to remember, especially with mega Tyranitar, is: DO NOT get greedy! 1 dragon dance is usually enough, to one/2 shot your opponent. If it is NOT enough, do not try and set up another one, unless you're absolutely certain, two will allow you to outspeed their scarfed Pokémon. Which, reminds me, to use T-tar effectively, make sure you get rid of ANY scarfers/Priority move users. (Especially Bullet punch, Vacuum Wave, Mach Punch) 

So, yes, while Tyranitar is quite tricky to use due to its large pool of weaknesses. It is an absolute monster, capable of levelling mountains, if used correctly. And as a dark type trainer myself, I have to say, if I were to pick a favourite dark type, this thing right here, would be my favourite.  Not because it's the first dark type psuedo legend, not because of the nostalgia, No, I love this thing because it embodies what a dark type should do, Terrifying power if used correctly, with an amazing and tricky movepool to boot. While it is not the best, it's far from the worst. I mean, it's OU for a reason. With that said, if you're in ever in doubt, remember, there is always.... MORE SAND!

Anyhoozels, My name is LowRes, And I thank you all for reading my little banter on Tyranitar.

Written by LowRes

October 26th 2015

"Thrash All Night"

Pokémon: Pinsir-> Mega Pinsir
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Mold Breaker -> Aerilate
Item: Pinsirite
Ev Spread: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

- Trash
- Knock Off
- Quick Attack
- X-Scissor

Hello everyone! Gorlok here with a new set. Presenting now Mega Pinsir. Be prepared to have your world turned upside down cause boy have i got a new sweeper for you to try out.


Starting off, we have a standard physical set: Full atk, full speed and jolly for maximum velocity. If you want to kill things right as they come at you, that's the only EV spread you want to go for. If you want to prioritize offense over speed, go adamant. Next, we have the standard moves, X-scissor for a strong bug STAB and aeriliated Quick attack, for when that Mega Lopunny gives you too much trouble. Next is Knock Off for the obvious utility it provides you, and for hitting ghosts that might resist Bug. Then, onto the particular move, Trash. Trash basically has the same effect as outrage, except that it is now boosted by aeriliate AND you get STAB. Anything coming on a Trash boosted by 155 base attack is going to get severely crippled.


Although extremely scary, this Strong Beetle should not be used by the inexperienced player. It requires a lot of prediction, and you need to know when to send it in. Make a mistake and its going to end up pretty useless. Stealth Rocks are its biggest enemy once Mega evolved, so be on the lookout for that. Anything with a priority Will-o-wisp will also screw you over completely. This Pokémon is best used when you are trying to close up a match. The moment were one of your Pokémon faints, and the opponent has 4-3 left. That is when this particular moveset shines. It may not allow him to sweep entire teams by setting up like the usual set, but the sheer amount of damage that will come out of a Aeriliated Trash will cripple even the sturdiest walls in the current meta.


Although extremely good on its own, Mega pinsir could use some Pokémon's that covers well his weaknesses. Furthermore, he needs to be coming in safely. Having a set up support Like Galvantula with sticky web will help him sweep even more things, and he can come in when the spider dies. Forrtress, Ferrothorn, Heatran and Landorus-T make great teammates for team synergy and to set up hazards. To cover his special side, Braixen with Solar beam will do just fine.


Late game sweeper, lacks some coverage on some steel mons, kept it away from fire/burns.

So guys, thank you for reading this MOTW. My name is Gorlok, and i wish you all a great day! Buh-bye!

Written by Gorlok

November 1st, 2015

"Illumination from the Winds"

Pokémon: Lumineon
Nature: Bold
Ability: Storm Drain
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 248 HP, 80 Def, 180Speed

- U-Turn
-/ Hidden Power [Grass] / Rest

Hello everyone of the Silver League, Free here and wow I haven’t done one of these in a while! But anyways, welcome to this week’s Pokémon Move set of the Week starrringgg the one of the most forgettable Pokémon from Gen 4, Lumineon!

I would say Lumineon is okay in terms of stats as well as movepool. It has the utility to be a great support Pokémon, however it lacks a decent enough recovery move to become an actual wall. With this in mind I created this set which allows it to become a Momentum gaining Speed Controlling Pokémon. With Tailwind, it allows the team and itself to become significantly faster for 4 turns as well as U-turn allowing it to gain momentum on predicted switches or taking moves for other Pokémon so they can come in safely. Lumineon, like most water times has access to one of the best Water type move in the game, Scald. On your off turns where you really can’t do much, spam Scald to get damage off along with the potential to burn. Finally your last move is a tossup between Hidden Power Grass to hit those pesky Water types or Rest for somewhat of a recovery move for this Pokémon.

You may wonder why I have a lot of speed on this Lumineon, as stated it is so it can set up Tailwinds before the opponent. Usually if the Pokémon has a base Speed tier of 70 or below, Lumineon can outspeed it and do whatever it needs to. The remaining EVs goes into HP and Defense to hopefully allow it to survive a couple of hits.

Partners for Lumineon would be Pokémons that have a lot of Power but too slow to do anything. Allowing it to give that extra Speed boost for a few turns can turn the tides of battle in an instant. Also because it has an ability that completely negates water moves, pairing it up with something that hates Water is also a good idea. I wouldn’t say this Pokémon is OU material, but it doesn’t hurt to try! Good luck!

Written By:

November 8th, 2015

"The Alpha"

Pokémon: Arcanine
Nature: Bold
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp. Atk

- Morning Sun
- Hidden Power [Ice] / [Grass]

Hello everyone, remember me? To be honest this set should seriously be familiar to people. Anyway someone told me I should give my Arcanine set, so I finally decided too. Hopefully you guys get to enjoy a weird and strange set, I know I really enjoy them. So here we go.

So first off, the first thing you’re going to see is how weird a set this is. This Arcanine is purely based on… on… uh… I’ll be honest I don’t know. We’ll say it’s just for something to be unique and weird. The EV’s are clearly for defence, as for the 4 Sp.Atk it is for the flamethrower and Hidden Power Ice (or grass depending on your preference). There are three natures you can use: bold, modest, or sassy. Bold for almost pure defence. Modest for a little more fire power in your attacks. Sassy for a bit of Sp. Def to live maybe one scald. With leftovers you can regain important health if you want to use him in the long run. Now everyone knows that Arcanine’s attack is much better than the Special Attack (sadly). Yes I have to admit wild charge would be nicer than hidden power grass, but with a defensive Arcanine it’s probably not the right idea to waste health with recoil. One thing you must keep in mind is that you can still heal when you need to with Morning Sun. Will-o-wisp is always there to help cripple some Pokémon, just prey it doesn’t have guts or something.

Now than what are good Pokémon to help back up this puppy? Personally I use Vaporeon for water absorb. With nice prediction vaporeon can heal itself while you’re able to get Arcanine out of the battle. I’ll be honest that’s the only paring I’ve really used that I’ve enjoyed. My original core was Cradily, Vaporeon, and Arcanine. Cradily was to cover for Vapreon’s weaknesses. Although… “Pain is so much like pleasure”, roughly what I’m trying to say is winning with an Arcanine with such a bad set that it hurts gives you pleasure (If you got my reference in the quotation marks you get a cookie).

 So this about wraps up how my Arcanine works. Here is a fun fact. A +2 Bisharp using stone edge can’t kill this, that’s if you play your cards correctly though. Anyway I hope you guys use Alpha well. Oh last thing, if you ever need a spare hidden power ice, magically contact me. 

Written By:

November 17th, 2015

"Wings of Victory"

Pokémon: Taloflame
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Gale Wings
Item: Charti Berry
EV Spread: 252 HP, 40 Atk, 92 Def, 4 Sp. Def, 120 Speed

- Brave Bird
- Will-O-Wisp
- Roost
- Tailwind

Hello everyone! My name is TheIcicleHurricane (also known as GreenGogoat) and I’m here with my first MOTW. Today I will be covering one of my favorite pokemon, Talonflame! 

This set is meant for VGC/Smogon Doubles. While many know Talonflame has Brave Bird spamming monster, it actually works well as a support pokemon, and this what the set is about.

 Speed Control is very important in the doubles metagame. With the ability Gale Wings (all flying type moves have +1 priority) Talonflame makes an excellent tailwind setter. Tailwind is extremely beneficial especially when you have mid-range speed tier pokemon such as Kangaskhan and Charizard. Roost is there for very reliable recovery in +1 priority and healing 50% of your health. Roost allows Talonflame to stay on the field for ages, especially with your berry intact. Will-o-Wisp is there to cripple any physical attackers (Landorus-T, M~Kangaskhan) by cutting their attack in half. Brave Bird is meant for some general damage and hit Amoonguss & Breloom hard.

The most interesting part of all is the Charti Berry. With it and the EVs, Talonflame can survive any rock move and fire off a Will-o-Wisp at Terrakion or Garchomp or whoever is firing of Rock Slides.

The 120 speed EVs and a Jolly Nature allow me to outspeed Terrakion and everything below it’s speed tier allowing Talonflame to fire off quick Will-o-Wisps.

This set partners very well with Breloom. Breloom is considered the best pokemon to use during tailwind because it has the ability to fire up fast spores and completely cripple the opposing team. One thing I like to do is lead Talonflame/Breloom and Will-o-Wisp all physical attackers and Spore all special attackers.

Another pokemon that partners well with Talonflame is Sylveon. Talonflame can Brave Bird away Amoonguss can can burn physical threats to Sylveon and boost it’s speed with priority tailwind.

That wraps up my Talonflame set! I hope I did a very jolly job and now look at Talonflame in a different light. Until next time, have a wonderful and jolly day!

Written By:

November 23rd, 2015

"Young Water Folktales"

Pokémon: Phione
Nature: Modest
Ability: Hydration
Item: Big Root
EV Spread: 96 HP,108 Def,96 Sp. Atk,108 Sp. Def,102 Speed

 Aqua Ring
- Ice Beam
- Signal Beam

Hey there everyone, sonicgoku24 here, and here we have quite the unusual one to see. That’s right, it’s Phione, the little legend-but-not-legend-or-something-or-other, well whatever, I’m gonna refer to it as a half legend (it’s what I call mine so let’s just stick to it) and I guess that’s all can be said on it’s status as a Legendary or not, seeing as the HeartGold/SoulSilver Mini Pokedex book says it’s not a Legendary, but yet it’s still not allowed in Battle Maison, Battle Frontier, Etc. but I’m getting ahead of myself, onto the moveset!!

 First off I know that Phione’s main set is a rain setup set, but yet Phione can only take at least one hit before it goes down, so I stuck to sorta a full special attacker but also has Aqua Ring in case you make a good status move prediction or switch prediction, and also you have Big Root to make sure you regain a lot of HP back from the end of each turn, Scald is meant for good powerful STAB and also the burn that could potentially happen though you can try to go for Surf if you want full on raw power, Ice Beam and Signal Beam are mainly there for powerful hits and while sure Ice Beam may not always freeze but hey, at least Dragons quake in fear from it, and who knows, you may have something good for Signal Beam and possibility of confusion. Again, the possibility of all three secondary effects are slim but hey, always worth a shot.

Now you’ll have to go Modest to make sure that Phione can hit hard, though you can run any nature you want as long as it doesn’t decrease anything badly, the only stat that you shouldn’t have to care about is attack, so make sure that your nature is something that increases one of the other 4 stats while attack is decreased. However in my opinion, Modest is the best to go for in this situation. While sure you may have Hydration, but again, with 80 points in every stat, you can’t really do much but set up one Rain Dance and that’s it, unless your faster, if you want to use Hydration, get a rain team for it so you can use Hydration to it’s best. The EV’s are mainly meant to be equal but still good to at least give a bit more to both defenses to make sure it survives some stuff.

But that’s pretty much it, the Half Legend should get some recognition, the thing is too freaking cute to not be used so I hope it’s used more often. But anyways, I’m done here. This is sonicgoku24, speedin' on by!

Written By:

November 30th, 2015

“Blitzcrank Kamikaze”

Pokemon: Metagross
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
Item: Life Orb
EV Spread: 180 HP, 252 Attack, 76 Speed

- Explosion
- Meteor Mash
-/ Earthquake / Ice Punch
- Agility

Hello everyone, this is Heart with my first MOTW featuring a Pokémon you are very much familiar with, Metagross! I always had a knack for doing absurd stuff, fighting like a madman in a blaze of glory, what a warrior-like person usually do and ever since I saw the move Explosion…. It spark a light in me, something that screams to me, “If I die…. I die with Honor!” ever since then I try it out every so often and here we have it using this Pokémon.

Now let me first off say that, this set is by all means is risky in a way that if unable to set-up agility, you are most likely to be killed by a lot of fast mons in the OU. The purpose of this set was so that you are able to dish out damage even if it means you go down with it, although I do admit that by doing this you are basically making yourself fighting unevenly with 5 vs 6 match in such cases. The move Explosion was placed there as a last resort moveif you done everything you can do with Metagross, even if people intend to burn you, before u die to burn damage or get taken out the next move afterwards at least you will die dealing 250 base power damage right?Your next move is Meteor Mash, I prefer that than BB because I just deal strong damage as much as possible rather than depending on speed priority in battles and if you somehow gain Attack boost from it, kudos to you. With one set up of Agility, you can outspeed a non-charf jolly Garchomp, Oh you also need to run Adamant rather than jolly so you have around a 50-50 chance of killing a non-bulkyGarchomp with one Ice Punch and with the HP investment, you are able to survive one hit from a Sucker Punch/Shadow Sneak or a EQ if that mon isn’t full on offensive or has set up somehow. The last move slot is up to personal preference, because your major weakness is against ghost types, if you face an Aegisslash you need that earthquake, if you face a Gengaryou might need that Ice Punch but any of those moves are find, just really depends what you want to aim for really.

Well… that was pretty much there is to this set, it’s up to you really if you wish to use this set, I personally like it, the reaction in people’s face when they realize their mons get obliterated down to ashes…. The bliss~ *cough* anyway… This is Heart of SL, and I wish you a good day to you.

Written By:

December 7th, 2015


Pokemon: Mandibuzz
Nature: Impish
Ability: Overcoat
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp. Def

- Foul Play
- Knock Off
- Roost
-/ Defog / Taunt

Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Geno, and this here is a Mandibuzz! But not just any Mandibuzz; this is Maria, a champion of many of my battles! To sort of celebrate my ownership, I figured I’d impart my knowledge of her upon the Silver League masses. Mandibuzz is a Pokémon revered for her defensive prowess and stellar supportive options. Maria is a spin on a familiar tune with this beautiful buzzard.

 The first move we have here is Foul Play. This is Mandibuzz’s main method of doing damage. At base 90 power it’s fairly powerful on its own, but what really makes it shine is the fact that it uses the opponent’s Attack stat to calculate its damage. This means Mandibuzz is able to avoid having to deal with its less-than-stellar offenses while also punishing physical attackers (particularly those that use set-up moves like Swords Dance and Dragon Dance; Foul Play also factors in stat changes) that dare stay in on it. Knock Off is the next move, and what a fantastic move it is. Removing an opposing Pokémon’s item can run the gamut from inconvenient to downright crippling depending on the Pokémon. With good timing and prediction, you can shut down many Pokémon such as Gliscor and Chansey! Even beyond that, it’s usually always a safe move to throw out there to rob a Pokémon of whatever offensive or defensive boon their item provides. Roost is up next, and it’s fairly self-explanatory. It’s a defensive Pokémon; having the ability to heal is practically mandatory. It can also be used to duck incoming Rock-type moves; just be careful you don’t end up catching a Fighting move instead! Finally, the last move can be either Defog or Taunt. Defog is great Mandibuzz since it’s not only quite bulky, but at Base 80 speed is surprisingly quick for a defensive Pokémon. This makes Mandibuzz great for hazard control. If you already have hazard control or just don’t wish to use Mandibuzz for that purpose, Taunt is a viable alternative for shutting down more passive Pokémon. Mandibuzz usually has no trouble finding opportunities to use either move, so both are viable.

The Nature and EV Spread are simple; Mandibuzz’s stat spread and typing give it fantastic mixed defenses, but I like using Mandibuzz mainly as a physical wall since its typing leans more towards that end of the spectrum. Mandibuzz has enough natural special bulk to shake off many neutral special attacks anyway. Overcoat is the go-to ability on Mandibuzz; not only does it prevent it from getting whittled down by Sandstorm, but it also makes it immune to powder moves. This makes Mandibuzz a fantastic check to the likes of Breloom and Venusaur. Finally, Leftovers are a given on Mandibuzz; they’re the most reliable defensive option it has. I hope you’ll enjoy using Maria on your own teams; I know I do! Take care!

Written By:

December 14th, 2015

“Diet FunBro”

Pokemon: Slowbro
Nature: Bold
Ability: Regenerator / Oblivious
Item: Leppa Berry 
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252Def/Sp. Def, 6 Sp. Def/Def

- Block
- Slack Off

Hello EveryNyan, I'm sorry, but SaambellPrime has made a Monster. Slowbro is a staple of the Gen 6 OU meta. It's a Physical Wall that is matched by few, and has SOO many recovery options. One evening SL talked about Anything Goes, and I mentioned FunBro was banned from it. I was told it wasn't. I then went and check Teambuilder on PS. It said I could play FunBro, IN OU!

It's not really FunBro. FunBro is built around Ragequits through Endless Battles. Which IS banned in OU with the Endless Battle Clause. BUT! FunBro is a Monster of a PP Staller. It can catch out a mon that can't kill it and threatens the rest of FunBro's team, Stall out ALL the PP of that mon, and now there is nothing that mon can do to the rest of the team. 

The choice of Ability is an interesting one. Regenerator gives amazing recovery and is the standard ability of Slowbro. Oblivious though is the standard Ability of FunBro which keeps it from being taunted. Which can really help stop the counters of this set. It Needs the recovery of Slack Off, and being able to use Recycle at will is an important part of the set. The EVs are tricky. Some people like to buff the Defense stat to keep physical damage to a minimal. Some people like to buff the Special Defense to help Slowbro take less damage from the Special side. Both are good to do, both have their positives and negatives. 

Block is Key. It traps a mon, stopping switches. Trap a mon that can't hurt Slowbro, but threatens the rest of your team. Once its stuck, Slack Off until you run out of PP. Leppa Berry will kick in and restore your PP. Once that happens use Recycle. You now have your Leppa Berry back. Showdown will warn you of the Endless Battle Clause, but you aren't actually doing that so you can ignore it. The turn you use Recycle is the most dangerous. You need to live 2 hits of the opponents mon. Scald is to do a bit of chip damage if you can, if you just want to KO them instead of PP Stalling them. It also is to say you aren't really a Endless Battle Clause Set. 

FunBro is EVIL, and even a diluted version can be Hell. It Stalls out a mon until it's a shrivelled husk and is struggling. The only relief this set offers is that it will let the mon die at the end. But if that mon was key to your win, then FunBro has done its job. Endless Battles are banned, but Leppa+Recycle is allowed, so they can be used to PP stall, as long as you let the trapped mon faint.

Written By:

December 21st, 2015

"Winter Chaos"

Pokémon: Abombasnow-> Mega Abomasnow
Nature: Mild
Ability: Soundproof -> Snow Warning
Item: Abomasite
Ev Spread: 8 HP, 68 Atk, 252 Sp. Atk, 180 Speed

- Blizzard
- Wood Hammer / Giga Drain
- Ice Shard
-/ Earthquake / Focus Blast

All right let's get down to the point of this set it's a wall breaker and mostly built for use in the UU tier if you wanna use it in OU it's going to need a lot of support.

Blizzard is one of this mons  reliable STAB moves Wood Hammer is  its second one to hit special walls in their weak defence but can be subbed for Giga Drain for better recovery, while ice shard is your only priority to hit mons that out speed "obama"......I mean Aboma yes that's what I meant. you can choose to ether use earthquake or Focus Blast for decent coverage on Pokémon that would come in on a predicted stab move of aboma earthquake is the optimal choice since it lets you hit steel rock and fire types while focus blast would  let fire type come in and safely eat up the focus blast. This set also should be used early or mid game to deal some damage or at the very least soften up your opponent's mons so one of its other teammate scan finish them off.

Okay I'm guessing you're wondering why I have sound proof as its ability instead of snow warning well the answers simple this set isn't meant to mega right off the bat depending on the team you're facing you may not want to mega right away and Pokémon that love to abuse their fabulous voices and wings such as Gardevoir, Exploud, but if you don't think you have to worry about sound based moves go for it's natural snow warning ability.

8 hp evs gives it enough hp to come in on a Stealth Rock if it has to. 252 sp.atk gives blizzard  which will be your most optimal stab enough power to hit mons hard that don't out right resist it 180 speed lets it out speed other slower megas such as  mega Steelix, Aggron and Mega Slowbro and just dump the rest in attack for some decent physical damage. And the mild nature makes sure you aren't giving up the important stats you need while sacrificing your defence which you can make up for with enough team support.

This mon works well on trick room teams and bulky offensive teams with and let's it out speed almost everything in uu if it's in trick room, great team partners for aboma are Slowking/Slowbro with its resistance fire fighting steel and aboma taking care of its grass/electric weaknesses aboma snow also appreciates any form of hazard removal so Tentacruel is a great partner for it defensively while Pokémon like Darmanitan are great for offensive options with the great big snow beast.

Well that's about it for this set  feel free to give it a try as long as you support cause y'know a pokemons only as good as the team you build around it.

Written by Red

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