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Movesets archives for previous years:

January 11th, 2018

"A Weapon to Surpass Metal JEARS"

Pokemon: Diggersby
Ability: Cheek Pouch
Nature: Impish
Item: Jaboca Berry
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Speed

- Super Fang
- Bulldoze
- Toxic

The day was July 30th, 2018. The location, SL's unofficial containment chamber, henceforth referred to as JEARS. JEARS, being full of a bunch of jaded fuckwits who hate Pokemon, has its own competitive Pokemon chatroom. Mostly, it's used to shit on competitive Pokemon. On this day however, JEARS goon Dru came up with a most ridiculous concept: Seel, with Whirlpool and Perish Song.

Pretty soon, Dru, along with fellow goon Lains and JEARS Underlord Geno, began refining this ridiculous Seel set. Once we refined it into perfection, we began creating other ridiculous sets. We turned our eyes to dumb defensive Pokemon, where we stumbled upon Mud-Slap. We started coming up with elaborate ways to abuse the move since for some reason Accuracy-reducing moves are legal. Eventually we reached Stunfisk, and Geno insisted that we give it Limber with a Cheri Berry, for the memes.

Then, Geno reached enlightenment.

He realized that one of the Pokemon with Mud-Slap, Diggersby, could also get Cheek Pouch. He then realized it could learn Recycle. He got to work, his idiocy hitting maximum overdrive, until finally he had done it.

Jaboca Berry Diggersby.

Jaboca Berry deals damage equal to 25% of an attacker's HP when the holder is with a physical attack. Using Cheek Pouch, Diggersby would heal off some of that damage. Then, using Recycle, it would get the Jaboca Berry back for round 2. Bulldoze lowered the opponent's Speed, ensuring Diggersby could get the Recycle off. Toxic and Super Fang broke down all that tried to stall Diggersby.

The idiot singularity had been reached. But, there was a problem: Because Game Freak is arbitrary and stupid, Jaboca Berry wasn't in the Gen 7 games. Stricken with grief, Geno walked out onto his balcony and considered committing die, but he persevered. Jaboca Berry Diggersby soon faded into obscurity. Dru would later get banned for subverting the regime, and normalcy would return to the land.

Until today. Fellow JEARS Underlord Cameron came from the Serebii Kingdom with a prophecy. On January 9th, 2019, the Jaboca Berry would be unleashed. On that fateful day, the the prophecy came true.

It was done. A weapon to surpass Metal JEARS would finally be unleashed.

Written By:
Geno, Lains and Dru, using the true power of JEARS

January 27th, 2018

"The Shape of Goo"

Pokemon: Goodra
Ability: Hydration
Nature: Relaxed
Item: Focus Sash / Leftovers
EVs: 252 Def, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Sp. Atk
Format: Doubles

 Dragon Pulse
- Muddy Water
-/ Ice Beam / Hidden Power [bug]
- Rest

Hey SL, Amber here with a doubles build Goodra design for you all.  The basic idea behind this Goodra is an heavy tank that can stick around and nip away with damage.  It is meant to be paired with a rain Pokemon like Pelipper for hydration to enable it to wake up from resting, and the focus sash will prevent a OHKO before it can rest, it's bulk would make Leftovers an option as well though as a OHKO would be difficult without setup.  It works wonderfully in a U-turn switch in from a Pelipper who sets rain at the start of a match, and even better if you have a trick room up to take advantage of it's lower speed with the relaxed Nature.  The move set is designed to have a stab, a move boosted by the rain, and coverage along with rest. With the EVs spread and max IVs in HP, Defense, and Special defense at level 50 this build will have 165 HP, 134 Defense, and 202 Special defense, while being at max of 90 speed for that trick room set up to have a good chance of getting rest activated before being hit if at low HP.  Thanks to Hydration as long as the rain is still up it will wake up it's next turn, and will also heal itself from any poison, paralyze, or burn while it is raining as well giving it even greater staying power. 

Ideal Teammates:

Pelipper to have rain up, Mimikyu for trick room, Toxaoex for another rain boosted wall to divide attack focus. I personally find Malamar to work well with this build as well as a contrary Malamar can boost itself up with superpower, making the coverage choice on Goodra more simple and reset trick room as well in an emergency.

I know Doubles is not the most popular format here in SL, but I do hope you will enjoy giving this build a try sometime.

I Hope you enjoy this set.

EDITOR NOTE: Due to the rules in place regarding MOTWs, Thunderbolt and Power Whip were not listed with the other moves, but please keep them in mind for alternative options depending on the team you're putting together.

Written By:
Amber La Terra

February 10th, 2018

“Trogdor, Burninating the Countryside”   

Pokemon: Druddigon
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Sheer Force
Item: Flame Plate / Charcoal
EV Spread: 252 HP  / 252 Sp. Atk

 Fire Fang
- Fire Punch
- Sunny Day
- Flamethrower

Here I go once again with

 the email, every week I hope that it’s from a female. So I was slowly running out of good meme ideas for sets, after such great hits like Ryan the godslaying Corphish and HymenBuster1 the lucky punch Chansey, I needed something to follow up on the trend of absolutely garbage Pokemon sets to dick around with. Then I hit me, back to the beautiful early days of the internet, I remember how in its genesis, Strong Bad emails and Trogdor the Burninator were born. I think to my myself what dragon type could fit the bill the best for such an incredible idea, then it hit me, the beefiest armed dragon type there is, DRUDDIGON! He has wings, spinities, beefy arms, and a spiky tail. The only problem was getting a Pokemon with only a very small amount of fire attacks to become the burninator of all. However, I was able to make it work, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Trogdor the Druddigon!

In total, Druddigon has seven fire type attacks, only 2 of which being at all useful, the rest being just about as useful as Aqua. And in the context of Druddigon, really only fire punch makes sense. Having three attacking fire type moves, gives Druddigon a nice wide range to hit ice types, grass types, steel types, and the ever powerful bug type. Wrapping up, giving it sunny day allows Druddigon to not only boost the power of its fire type attacks to even greater levels, but it also allows it to become an effective sun-setter for others on this beasts team. Items like flame plate and charcoal give the fire attacks an even greater boost in power, possibly even knock types that take neutral damage down to ¼ health. Being such a slow boy, this

 Druddigon mostly works best on a trick room team, with other slow and strong Pokemon, like Escavalier and Pokemon like a trick room setting Mimikyu for coverage. In terms of EV spreads, max special attack and HP give Druddigon the best possible special attack stat and the bulk to be able to stay on the field, giving the last little bit of EV’s to its attack to keep that stat good as well. Have fun with Pokemon with Flash Fire, or just resist fire attacks in general. This maybe one of the worst sets I have made.

Written By:
Strong Bad (Baleful)

February 18th, 2018

"The stinking Rose" 

Pokemon: Vileplume
Nature: Bold
Ability: Effect Spore
Item: Black Sludge
EV Spread: 248 HP, 252 Def, 8 Sp. Atk

 Sludge Bomb
- Giga Drain
- Strength Sap
- Sleep Powder

Hey guys Abel back again with one of my favorite underrated Pokémon, Vileplume! Vileplume is often overlooked as a defensive grass type because of the sheer bulk and access to regenerator of the Pokémon that are Tangrowth and Amoongus, however Vileplume has access to something they don't! The wonderful move that is Strength sap! Strength sap allows Vileplume to reduce the attack stat of any physical attacker that makes contact with it while also healing HP.

Now on to what makes this set tick. First of all a bold nature with full investment in defense and 248 IVs in HP gives Vileplume the bulk it needs to act as a defensive pivot. Effect spore is the ability of choice since the 30% chance of status on contact can cripple one of our opponents threats and black sludge paired with giga drain and strength sap gives Vileplume the recovery it needs to stay healthy as long as possible. The leftover IVs are put into special attack just to give a boost to Vileplume's stab attacks.

Strength sap is the key move of this set. A recovery move that isn't affected by an opponent's unfavorable weather condition is huge for a Pokémon that used to have to rely on moonlight, plus the attack drop can be enough to force a switch out. Sludge bomb is the main STAB option for Vileplume as it does decent damage and has a chance to poison. Giga drain is our secondary stab and completes the recovery package. Lastly sleep powder is used a utility option against switch ins that would normally wall Vileplume or try to use it as setup fodder and it lets us potentially get a free turn to swap to a setup sweeper of our own.

Specially bulky water types for a nice defensive core with Vileplume as they cover the weakness to fire and ice and many of them can provide hazard removal for the team with either rapid spin or defog. Heatran is a great partner for Vileplume as they cover each others resistances nicely and Heatran can deal with the steel types that wall this particular Vileplume build.

Vileplume can also function decently as a sun sweeper. access to chlorophyll and a respectable 110 base special attack stat paired with a modest nature and growth can make it a decent threat on sun teams.

In closing a would like to make a very special Thank You to Shiinotic. For letting Vileplume use its signature move and just being a fun guy in general. Thanks for reading, Abel

Written By:

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