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January 11th, 2019

"A Weapon to Surpass Metal JEARS"

Pokemon: Diggersby
Ability: Cheek Pouch
Nature: Impish
Item: Jaboca Berry
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Speed

- Super Fang
- Bulldoze
- Toxic

The day was July 30th, 2018. The location, SL's unofficial containment chamber, henceforth referred to as JEARS. JEARS, being full of a bunch of jaded fuckwits who hate Pokemon, has its own competitive Pokemon chatroom. Mostly, it's used to shit on competitive Pokemon. On this day however, JEARS goon Dru came up with a most ridiculous concept: Seel, with Whirlpool and Perish Song.

Pretty soon, Dru, along with fellow goon Lains and JEARS Underlord Geno, began refining this ridiculous Seel set. Once we refined it into perfection, we began creating other ridiculous sets. We turned our eyes to dumb defensive Pokemon, where we stumbled upon Mud-Slap. We started coming up with elaborate ways to abuse the move since for some reason Accuracy-reducing moves are legal. Eventually we reached Stunfisk, and Geno insisted that we give it Limber with a Cheri Berry, for the memes.

Then, Geno reached enlightenment.

He realized that one of the Pokemon with Mud-Slap, Diggersby, could also get Cheek Pouch. He then realized it could learn Recycle. He got to work, his idiocy hitting maximum overdrive, until finally he had done it.

Jaboca Berry Diggersby.

Jaboca Berry deals damage equal to 25% of an attacker's HP when the holder is with a physical attack. Using Cheek Pouch, Diggersby would heal off some of that damage. Then, using Recycle, it would get the Jaboca Berry back for round 2. Bulldoze lowered the opponent's Speed, ensuring Diggersby could get the Recycle off. Toxic and Super Fang broke down all that tried to stall Diggersby.

The idiot singularity had been reached. But, there was a problem: Because Game Freak is arbitrary and stupid, Jaboca Berry wasn't in the Gen 7 games. Stricken with grief, Geno walked out onto his balcony and considered committing die, but he persevered. Jaboca Berry Diggersby soon faded into obscurity. Dru would later get banned for subverting the regime, and normalcy would return to the land.

Until today. Fellow JEARS Underlord Cameron came from the Serebii Kingdom with a prophecy. On January 9th, 2019, the Jaboca Berry would be unleashed. On that fateful day, the the prophecy came true.

It was done. A weapon to surpass Metal JEARS would finally be unleashed.

Written By:
Geno, Lains and Dru, using the true power of JEARS

January 27th, 2019

"The Shape of Goo"

Pokemon: Goodra
Ability: Hydration
Nature: Relaxed
Item: Focus Sash / Leftovers
EVs: 252 Def, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Sp. Atk
Format: Doubles

 Dragon Pulse
- Muddy Water
-/ Ice Beam / Hidden Power [bug]
- Rest

Hey SL, Amber here with a doubles build Goodra design for you all.  The basic idea behind this Goodra is an heavy tank that can stick around and nip away with damage.  It is meant to be paired with a rain Pokemon like Pelipper for hydration to enable it to wake up from resting, and the focus sash will prevent a OHKO before it can rest, it's bulk would make Leftovers an option as well though as a OHKO would be difficult without setup.  It works wonderfully in a U-turn switch in from a Pelipper who sets rain at the start of a match, and even better if you have a trick room up to take advantage of it's lower speed with the relaxed Nature.  The move set is designed to have a stab, a move boosted by the rain, and coverage along with rest. With the EVs spread and max IVs in HP, Defense, and Special defense at level 50 this build will have 165 HP, 134 Defense, and 202 Special defense, while being at max of 90 speed for that trick room set up to have a good chance of getting rest activated before being hit if at low HP.  Thanks to Hydration as long as the rain is still up it will wake up it's next turn, and will also heal itself from any poison, paralyze, or burn while it is raining as well giving it even greater staying power. 

Ideal Teammates:

Pelipper to have rain up, Mimikyu for trick room, Toxaoex for another rain boosted wall to divide attack focus. I personally find Malamar to work well with this build as well as a contrary Malamar can boost itself up with superpower, making the coverage choice on Goodra more simple and reset trick room as well in an emergency.

I know Doubles is not the most popular format here in SL, but I do hope you will enjoy giving this build a try sometime.

I Hope you enjoy this set.

EDITOR NOTE: Due to the rules in place regarding MOTWs, Thunderbolt and Power Whip were not listed with the other moves, but please keep them in mind for alternative options depending on the team you're putting together.

Written By:
Amber La Terra

February 10th, 2019

“Trogdor, Burninating the Countryside”   

Pokemon: Druddigon
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Sheer Force
Item: Flame Plate / Charcoal
EV Spread: 252 HP  / 252 Sp. Atk

 Fire Fang
- Fire Punch
- Sunny Day
- Flamethrower

Here I go once again with

 the email, every week I hope that it’s from a female. So I was slowly running out of good meme ideas for sets, after such great hits like Ryan the godslaying Corphish and HymenBuster1 the lucky punch Chansey, I needed something to follow up on the trend of absolutely garbage Pokemon sets to dick around with. Then I hit me, back to the beautiful early days of the internet, I remember how in its genesis, Strong Bad emails and Trogdor the Burninator were born. I think to my myself what dragon type could fit the bill the best for such an incredible idea, then it hit me, the beefiest armed dragon type there is, DRUDDIGON! He has wings, spinities, beefy arms, and a spiky tail. The only problem was getting a Pokemon with only a very small amount of fire attacks to become the burninator of all. However, I was able to make it work, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Trogdor the Druddigon!

In total, Druddigon has seven fire type attacks, only 2 of which being at all useful, the rest being just about as useful as Aqua. And in the context of Druddigon, really only fire punch makes sense. Having three attacking fire type moves, gives Druddigon a nice wide range to hit ice types, grass types, steel types, and the ever powerful bug type. Wrapping up, giving it sunny day allows Druddigon to not only boost the power of its fire type attacks to even greater levels, but it also allows it to become an effective sun-setter for others on this beasts team. Items like flame plate and charcoal give the fire attacks an even greater boost in power, possibly even knock types that take neutral damage down to ¼ health. Being such a slow boy, this

 Druddigon mostly works best on a trick room team, with other slow and strong Pokemon, like Escavalier and Pokemon like a trick room setting Mimikyu for coverage. In terms of EV spreads, max special attack and HP give Druddigon the best possible special attack stat and the bulk to be able to stay on the field, giving the last little bit of EV’s to its attack to keep that stat good as well. Have fun with Pokemon with Flash Fire, or just resist fire attacks in general. This maybe one of the worst sets I have made.

Written By:
Strong Bad (Baleful)

February 18th, 2019

"The stinking Rose" 

Pokemon: Vileplume
Nature: Bold
Ability: Effect Spore
Item: Black Sludge
EV Spread: 248 HP, 252 Def, 8 Sp. Atk

 Sludge Bomb
- Giga Drain
- Strength Sap
- Sleep Powder

Hey guys Abel back again with one of my favorite underrated Pokémon, Vileplume! Vileplume is often overlooked as a defensive grass type because of the sheer bulk and access to regenerator of the Pokémon that are Tangrowth and Amoongus, however Vileplume has access to something they don't! The wonderful move that is Strength sap! Strength sap allows Vileplume to reduce the attack stat of any physical attacker that makes contact with it while also healing HP.

Now on to what makes this set tick. First of all a bold nature with full investment in defense and 248 IVs in HP gives Vileplume the bulk it needs to act as a defensive pivot. Effect spore is the ability of choice since the 30% chance of status on contact can cripple one of our opponents threats and black sludge paired with giga drain and strength sap gives Vileplume the recovery it needs to stay healthy as long as possible. The leftover IVs are put into special attack just to give a boost to Vileplume's stab attacks.

Strength sap is the key move of this set. A recovery move that isn't affected by an opponent's unfavorable weather condition is huge for a Pokémon that used to have to rely on moonlight, plus the attack drop can be enough to force a switch out. Sludge bomb is the main STAB option for Vileplume as it does decent damage and has a chance to poison. Giga drain is our secondary stab and completes the recovery package. Lastly sleep powder is used a utility option against switch ins that would normally wall Vileplume or try to use it as setup fodder and it lets us potentially get a free turn to swap to a setup sweeper of our own.

Specially bulky water types for a nice defensive core with Vileplume as they cover the weakness to fire and ice and many of them can provide hazard removal for the team with either rapid spin or defog. Heatran is a great partner for Vileplume as they cover each others resistances nicely and Heatran can deal with the steel types that wall this particular Vileplume build.

Vileplume can also function decently as a sun sweeper. access to chlorophyll and a respectable 110 base special attack stat paired with a modest nature and growth can make it a decent threat on sun teams.

In closing a would like to make a very special Thank You to Shiinotic. For letting Vileplume use its signature move and just being a fun guy in general. Thanks for reading, Abel

Written By:

March 18th, 2019

"Purple Nurple"

Pokemon: Alolan Marowak
Nature: Careful
Ability: Lightning Rod
Item: Thick Club
EV Spread: 252 HP, 52 Atk, 204 Sp. Def

 Flare Blitz
- Shadow Bone
- Bonemerang
-/ Thunder Punch / Stealth Rock

Alolan-Marowak is an interesting pokemon. It's typing is very helpful against common offensive pokemon, and its variety of attacks are threatening to many defensive cores. While its stats may look unappealing at first, it can become a defensive and offensive powerhouse capable of checking and countering a large selection of pokemon found in the metagame.

For our set, we will focus on Marowak's unique ability to abuse its EV's and Lightning Rod in a way no other pokemon in the game can. Thanks to thick club, Marowak is capable of reaching attack output on par with power houses such as Darmanitan and Mega Charizard with little EV investment. While speed is an important stat, Marowak won't outspeed much regardless. So, we will be taking its impressive typing and put into its bulk. Max HP gives Marowak the most bulk possible, and gives it an odd HP number to help combat its stealth rock weakness. 208 SpD EV's will allow Marowak impressive tanking ability, allowing it to survive one earth power from Heatran, and even survive Psyshock/Psychic from Scarf Tapu Lele after stealth rock. With an immunity to Electric from its ability, Marowak is capable of remaining untouched by many electric types you will see, such as Tapu Koko, and Zapdos, both of which will never be able to touch Marowak. Non-choice band Tapu Bulu will struggle to KO Marowak aswell. What's left is put into attack, giving Marowak higher attack than a Mega Charizard-X.

Our moves are made for punishing common cores, and to lure certain pokemon which would otherwise deal with any normal Marowak set. Flare-Blitz is our most powerful fire option, capable of 2HKO'ing offensive Landorus variants. Frail pokemon that resist fire will be unable to safely come into play, such as Greninja. Shadow Bone is great stab, and can punish pokemon that don't resist our other attacks, has relatively no consequences, and is great when you have hard choices to make with your other coverage. Bonemerang can bypass Sturdy, and focus sash while also being unhindered by Grassy Terrain's effects, making it better than Earthquake allowing Marowak to be placed on teams with Tapu Bulu, and fight against common Bulu cores featuring Toxapex, and Heatran. With Flare Blitz, this can defeat the dreaded Toxapex Heatran Celesteela core, and combat standard Stall teams using Skarmory, Toxapex, and Mega Sableye. Stealth rock is a good choice, as Marowak pressures many pokemon allowing free rocks, while also being immune to Rapid Spin. Thunder Punch allows Marowak to combat bulky water types such as Tapu Fini as it reliably 2hko's, and also can be used to combat Hawlucha. In electric terrain, Marowak can potentially 1hko Hawlucha with Thunder Punch after it has its defense buff. Be wary however, if Hawlucha has a swords dance, it will KO Marowak. Worth mentioning, Toxic and Will-o-wisp are great all round choices. Some things just can't be hurt with these 3 moves, but can with Toxic and Will-O-Wisp.

Be wary when using Marowak. Hazards pressure Marowak, and it's prone to Pursuit users. Above all else, always be mindful of losing your item. Scout for knock off users. I'd recommend pairing with Tapu Bulu to negate Earthquake and water weakness. Z move users/mega's resisting dark are also nice, as Marowak will have no issues retreating into it.

Written By:

March 31st, 2019

"Nitro's Best Friend"

Pokemon: Venonat 
Nature: Careful / Adamant 
Ability: Tinted Lens 
Item: Evolite 
EV Spread: 252 HP, 4 Def, 252 Sp.Def

 Leech Life
- Curse
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

Hey Guys GamerMadness here, bringing you the infamous Venonat that help me beat Shade and Shadow in a clt a few months back :P People will prob think how the fuck did this do shit? WELL CAUSE THIS BASTARD IS THE TRUE MVP! Even setting up on offensive Lando-T without z move. But for real lets get into details Careful/Adamant is the choice if you want to tank more sp.atts on the unboosted sp.def side making it easier to set up on certain grass types without a way to phase stats or the mon itself, Adamant is there just for more power for leech life which comes with more healing. The ability is tinted lens for 2 reasons, One it makes it hit a tad harder on some mons that resist and gets some extra healing done with leech life. Two the other two abilities do nothing here. Lucky for Venonat it can evolve so it gets the nice item in Evolite which gives it 50% buff to both defs. Ev speard is my basic speard for curse sets. Since you're boost def with curse lets put the evs in HP and sp.def. Now onto the moves, Leech Life is your main attack and free HP kinda like leftovers in an attack. Curse is the play here free Att and Def, which one makes it harder to kill and that att helps with Leech Life which does more damage and more healing. Rest and Sleep Talk are basic, free HP to take a nap, Sleep Talk to go with luck and try and not be a sitting bug. Now this does need mons to help deal with Zards Heatran Skarm etc aka anything that can hit like a train or something that holds down venonat/phase it out, things like rotom-w help here, garchomp can help too but there's a good number of mons that can hinder this set so it does need the help lol.

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April 14th, 2019

“For Whom the Bell Tolls”

Pokemon: Chimecho
Nature: Bold/Brave
Ability: Levitate
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Sp. Def

 Cosmic Power
- Stored Power
- Heal Bell
- Healing Wish

Hello everyone, Claymore here with my first MOTW submission. I cannot begin to tell you just how many times this underrated star of my team has saved me in battles. I have been using Chimecho as a staple on my teams since early generation 6 and it hasn’t let me down yet. Now, it does take some setup to work, but when it gets a few cosmic powers up, it becomes nearly unkillable. I was battling a Machamp that came in to deal with my Chimecho after it had a chance to get a pair of Cosmic Powers off, and it shrugged off a knock off from a guts burned Machamp, which there is little that’ll have a more powerful Knock Off without setup. After that, I proceeded to take out most of my opponent’s team with a Stored Power sweep.

This EV spread allows it to come in and set up on a fair number of pokemon, and if you want to run it on a Trick Room team, running 0 IVs in Speed will make it viable with a Brave Nature.

The drawback is that this set is total Taunt bait and has no way to hit dark types, so keep that in mind when deciding when to bring Chimecho in. Having a fighting type pokemon on the team or a hard hitting pokemon with fighting type coverage will go a long way in supporting Chimecho. Luckily, fighting coverage is fairly easy to come by.

Unfortunately, due to its speed, Chimecho will eventually get worn down by the opponents. When this happens, you can use either Heal Bell to support the rest of the team or use Healing Wish, a move very few pokemon have access to, and fewer still that would have room to fit it into their move sets, to fully restore another member of your team.

It may not be the most powerful pokemon around, but having a cleric that can put out massive damage if left unchecked can go a long way. If you are looking for something new and need a support pokemon, give it a try. I’m sure glad I did.

Written By:

May 14th, 2019

“Avatar Grimes”

Pokemon: Alolan Muk
Nature: Adament
Ability: Poison touch
Item: Expert Belt
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def


- Ice Punch
- Fire Punch
- Thunder Punch
- Curse

Hello SL! Entin here and it is time to get some more MOTWs in and starting off we have my first inspired by the Grimes family from popular SL LPs. This set may seem on the off side, but it is purely meant to take advantage of all the quad weaknesses some of the big OU boys have. With its natural bulk and high attack stat this thing will live nearly every hit on the block and even the ones it doesn’t have a 100% chance of living, there is a chance if you set up one curse and then you can take out a big threat with one solid punch. Garchomp? Boom ice punch and gone. Scizor? Bam, fire punch gone. Z bounce gyrados? Bang thunder punch gone. The best part about it is even mons that don’t have quad weaknesses, it can still do a giant chunk to them. Added in the chance for any of the four effects depending on what you hit and you can tilt everyone right off the battlefield with the power of RNG.

Alolan Muk has its downsides like its very low speed tier, but it is more then made up for with its dark typing giving it a psychic immunity and only one weakness in that of ground. The best part about the set is that your opponent will never see the moves coming. Most Muks go for STAB poison and dark moves and a priority shadow sneak with only one elemental punch for some coverage or curse set up. This means that if your opponent sees one punch they won’t expect the other. “Oh he fire punched my Scizor? Guess that means I’m free to go to Gyrados.” WRONG! Zap that lizard and send it back to the ball leaving the opponent shaking their head both in utter confusion why anyone would run a double punch set and that they actually lost to it.

The EVs are pretty self-explanatory on this set. Max attack for maximum damage and Max HP to have as much bulk as possible. The final 4 go into defense because most of the treats nowadays tend to be on the physical side and any special ones can’t normally OHKO Muk thanks to its natural base 100 Sp.def. These give you the best odds of surviving any hit before dishing back a good ole quad effective hit right to them and erasing a big threat from your team. Add in a very good wish passer and you can even get more then one mon down if they are

packing more then one quad weakness like a lando Scizor combo. Just send him right up to full and let the fists fly!

It definitely isn’t the most optimal set, but it sure is a fun one and can get the job done if played perfectly. Give it a try and see just how tilted you can make the opposition.

Written By:

June 12th, 2019

"I Am The Walrein, Googoogajoob"

Pokemon: Walrein
Ability: Thick Fat / Oblivious 
Nature: Jolly
Item: Waterium Z
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed

- Belly Drum
- Waterfall
- Rain Dance
-// Ice Fang / Return / Earthquake

Hello All, Aggron here.

One common misconception that a lot of people make is that just because a Pokemon is a lower tier than OU its not good and cannot function in higher tiers. This is often not the case and many low tier Pokemon can shine in OU. Walrein is not one of those Pokemon but we might as well have some fun with it.


Before we come to our senses and start questioning our life choices we will start with the move set. Firstly the main gimmick here is belly drum which will be boosting Walrein's awful 80 attack to the max. Since Walrein is also pitifully slow at base 65 we'll want to give it some kind of speed boost. The only opportunity Walrein has to boost its speed is via the +1 boost that Z-rain dance gives. 

The main attacking move well be using is waterfall as its STAB and will be boosted by the rain. The second attacking move is more problematic as Walrein's coverage is very poor and it can only hit certain things depending on the moves it selects. With Ice fang it can hit grass types such as Tangrowth and Tapu Bulu for high damage. With earthquake it can hit Toxapex and with Return it can hit Rotom-wash for high damage. It is also worth noting that for a choice of ability Thick fat or Oblivious can be used depending on your preference.

How to use:

Firstly Don't. But if you are really that far off the deep end you'll want to pair Walrein with hazard setters. Spikes Ferrothorn or stealth rock Landorus pair well due to covering type weaknesses and providing hazard support. You will also want your own hazard removal as Walrein loses 25% on switch in due to stealth rocks weakness. Pokemon like Magnezone and Heatran can be used to trap problematic Pokemon such as Toxapex and Ferrothorn that can hinder Walrein's "ability" to sweep.

Have fun sweeping teams(Or more likely getting swept) with Walrein.

Written By:

July 8th, 2019

"Fan Favorite Frog" 

Pokemon: Greninja > Greninja-Ash
Ability: Battle Bond
Nature: Timid
Item: Choice Specs
EV spread: 4 Def / 252 Spa / 252 Spe

- Hydro Pump
- Water Shuriken
- Spikes
- Dark Pulse

Hello everyone, back in black it's dru and what better mon to start with than one of the most controversial OU pokémon Ash-Greninja. Ash-greninja is probably in the top 2 offensive threats of generation 7, together with it's amazing STABs and great speed Ash-greninja outspeeds most of the unboosted metagame and has priority to take on other priority users or set up sweepers that have taken chip damage.

The moveset is a very obvious regular build, Dark pulse gives ash-gren a great Stab spam move to either put Pokémon in range of other threats on your team, to pull off a late game sweep or to simply give a safe spam option because you're getting choiced into it with specs. Spikes might seem very strange for a lot of newer people in the competitive scene, but following the basedlords words, ash-greninja forces out a lot of pokemon and puts a lot of pressure onto teams beating out U-turn in this spot because the overall utility ash-gren can manage to get by putting up spikes is a lot better than the occasional momentum that u-turn will give you due the very reliable chip damage taken by spikes which can also put a lot of Pokémon in range of Ash-gren's- or it's teammates attacks. Hydro Pump should probably always be used over Surf on Greninja, the damage output of surf can not even compare to this move's, Hydro Pump gets ash-greninja a lot of KOs which it needs to even activate Battle Bond it's very easy to say you either miss the move or miss the kill with this comparison, Hydro pump mows through a lot of common walls with neutral damage and simply outclasses surf. Last but not least there is the multiple hit priority move Water Shuriken. Water Shuriken can actually sweep teams in the late game if ash-gren is played well, The move's chance to hit five times and literally outspeed even more things that ash-gren didn't before makes sure that there is a lot of offensive pressure on the opponent. There is a lot more to say about it's moves but this is the simplest way to put it.

Now onto the Ev spread, Ash-Gren has a very regular sEv spread for a sweeper, maximum special attack to maximize damage output done to the opponent and maximum speed in this case to speed tie with Modest mega alakazam and outspeed tapu koko when transformed. With these EVs ash-greninja remains to be a top tier OU threat and will be for the rest of gen 7.

This was just a simple explanatio of the regular ash-greninja set, mainly to ntroduce newer people to t he scene, I hope you enjoyed it.

Written By:

August 4th, 2019

"Quick Thinking

Pokemon: Latios
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
Item: Psychium Z
EV spread: 252 Sp. Atk, 4 Sp. Def. 252 Speed

- Psyshock
- Roost
- Ice Beam
- Heal Block

Hello people, Dru back again with a new set that I have shared with people multiple times, Z-heal block Latios. This Latios set is primarily used as a stallbreaker due to the blocking of recovery, it does a great job at this too as I will show.

Let’s start off with Z-heal block, using your Z-move on heal block will give latios +2 in special attack and still disable every recovery move that the opponent has, this allows it to both set up on a lot of stall pokemon and cancel them from stalling out your latios. Psyshock can be used as an emergency z-move in late game but it’s main use is to take care of specially defensive walls in stall such as chansey and Toxapex which take a lot of damage from it after heal block and  can’t stall out latios. Roost serves to give Latios longevity throughout it’s stalbreaking, while most stall teams don’t do a lot of damage, they are able to chip Latios but Roost allows Latios to heal this off. Ice beam gives Latios great coverage against opposing Dragon types but also defeating common OU pokemon such as Landorus- and Tornadus-therian.

The EV spread is a simple 252/252, the special attack allows Latios to hit as hard as possible so it can break through stall and other teams. The speed put into Latios allows it to speed tie with base 110 Pokemon but also outspeed Major threats like Kartana and Blacephalon. Latios is able to kill both with ice beam or psyshock depending on the Pokemon due to their lacking defensive stats. If you do not care for speed or want to know the exact Power of kills with latios you can always opt for a more bulky spread but taking out EVs out of either one of these sets so Latios can get a bit more durability and set up more comfortably.

For this set I will suggest a Bulky Offensive team, Latios has a great typing and a good natural Bulk which allows it to be a good pivot in bulky offense teams and also allow it to set up easily if the team structure supports this.

Thank you for reading my new MOTW, be sure t use this set if you want.

Written By:

August 4th, 2019

"Tactical Drop Bear" 

Pokemon: Komala
Ability: Comatose
Nature: Adamant
Item: Assault Vest
EV spread: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def

- Return
- U-turn
- Sucker Punch
- Rapid Spin

Hey guys! Abel back again with a new MOTW for one of my favorite underrated Pokemon, Komala!

First lets talk about the ability. Comatose gives Komala complete immunity to burn, sleep, paralysis, and poison. This allows komala to be able to shrug off any status conditions the opponent may try to inflict and it also grants full immunity to toxic spikes. However comatose does have the drawback of being affected by dream eater, wake up slap, hex, and nightmare as well as the ability bad dreams so use caution in situations where one of these might come up.

The main purpose of this particular set is to be a support Pokemon. Its main role is to remove hazards while also providing status absorption and a slow u turn. Assault vest with maximum hp investment allows Komala to be as bulky as possible while pivoting into status and removing hazards for your team. Maximum attack investment with an adamant nature boost Komala's decent base 115 attack stat so it can hit as hard as possible while on the field.

Rapid spin is the main focus of this set, it allows Komala to clear hazards from your side of the field while not removing them from the opponent's side. U-turn is the other focus. Komala is naturally fairly slow with a base speed of only 65 so being able to provide a safe switch to a sweeper via a slow u-turn comes in very handy. Sucker punch allows Komala to beat Pokemon like Gengar and Blacephalon that would otherwise stop it from being able to rapid spin. And finally Return is the main STAB move for Komala.

Physically bulk psychic types like Cresselia and Reuniclus make great partners for komala. They can take on the fighting types like Mega Medicham that threaten komala. Pokemon like choice scarf kartana and Mega Lopunny appreciate the slow uturn that komala provides as they can come in safely without taking damage, and finally any Pokemon that appreciates hazard removal can work with komala. If an assault vest user is absolutely needed Komala is outclassed by Pokemon like Alolan Muk and Magearna.

Thanks for reading.

Written By:

December 23rd, 2019

"The Symbol of Passion" 

Pokemon: Ninetales
Ability: Drought
Nature: Timid
Item: Firium-Z
EV spread: 4 Def, 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed

- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Fire Blast
- Solar Beam
- Nasty Plot

Ya’ll thought 2019 was going to end with a kommala motw huh? Well PSYCHE! With no motws coming on the new pokemon of the new generation until January, I thought it would be appropriate to end the year with a ninetales motw which can pressure a lot of balance cores in gen 7 ou, most notably celesteela + grass types.

The set is pretty standard, drought to amp the power of fire blast and have solar beam activate in one turn, standard special sweeper evs with a timid nature to allow ninetales to be as fast and powerful as it can be, and the z move to obliterate beefier mons such as mega venusaur before it hits you with an earthquake. Fire blast is the obligatory stab, solar beam hits bulky waters for great damage and takes advantage of drought with the no turn to charge up, hidden power ground prevents you from being walled by heatrans and allows ninetales to have a reliable way to hit toxapex, and nasty plot takes the power of these moves up a notch.

Mega Scizor is a great teammate as it can pivot into ninetales with a slow u turn and tank some faster threats. A bulky water resist is a must for ninetales as a good majority of the offensive water types out speed and take ninetales down, especially ash greninja. Fini makes a brilliant partner as it takes all of ash greninjas moves with ease especially under sun, and it can remove hazards. Physical breakers like hoopa-u are welcome as in conjunction with ninetales they can tear down bulkier teams. Hazard support is welcome for ninetales to have an easier time landing Kos. Scarf Landorus-therian is welcome as not only is it a great rocker, it can check hawluchas with explosion.

Cheers to the end of a year, cheers to the beginning of a new year with new MOTWS on the way. Happy Holidays from this Ninetales and yours truly!

Written By:
Apex Leo

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