Are you tired of bashing in Tyranitar and Conkledurr faces over and over again? Sick of all that tedious breeding and grinding? Wish you could prove yourself semi-competent in something other then Competitive Battling? Then get out your 3DS and pop in Mario Kart 7! Enjoy the relaxing racing environment with your friends...right up until that Blue Shell smacks you right at the end of the track! Relaxing! Swap 3DS Codes with fellow members and start racing! (and remember, these codes apply to all games, so you can use them anywhere!) And don't forget to check back here on occasion, we sometimes host Tournaments here too! So what are you waiting for? Start Driving!


The Silver League "Best of 2011" 150cc Tourney

Rewards: 1st Place will win the Title of "Best Racer of 2011", as well as a Pokemon as decided by our poll

1st: Gamer Madness
2nd: Geno
3rd: VGT
Special Mention: The Hitlermobile

Community Codes: Use these when entering Tourneys, and to play with a group of people without any hassle! to use them, just enter them into "search by code" on the Communities section of Mario Kart 7's Online Play menu.

50cc: 09-0194-3233-9021
100cc: 27-9001-0857-2288
150cc: 64-0594-3823-7407

Friend Codes: These are the individual 3DS Codes of the various members here at The Silver League. These codes work for all 3DS Games with internet! How useful! to add them, simply go to the Friend List on the 3DS menu and select register friend.

Codes To Be Added Later

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