The Leaderboards 2.0 is here! 10x as advanced with the new and still expiremental customzible Trainer Card s just waiting to be utilized.

So don't wait any longer, download yourself a Trainer Cart Kit, get creative and submit your Trainer Card so you can show off where you stand compared to your fellow Trainers in the NEW and improved Leaderboards 2.0! 

NOTE: If you are a Trainer with badges already and need them to add to your Trainer Card, simply E-mail Silver August with a list of the badges you earned, listed by TYPE, and he will e-mail them to you as soon as possible!

Having trouble with designing your personal Trainer Card? Well don't worry because help is here! An awsome member of the league has made a helpful "how to" video, so if you're having trouble this guide will put you through the process and get your card looking as awsome as all the others out there!

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