Pokemon Breeding Guide

               Pokemon breeding is an integral part of the game. It’s essential in order to acquire certain Pokemon in order to complete the Pokedex, or if your Pokemon requires certain egg moves. However, in todays increasing competitive metagame, Pokemon breeding is a must in order to produce a strong, battle worthy team. Everything from a Pokemon’s nature to its stats can be influenced by effective breeding. So, if you are new to advanced Pokemon breeding, this guide will hopefully make you a more effective breeder. And let’s face it, as Pokemon geeks this is likely to be the only breeding we will ever do, so you may as well learm how to do it well.

Breeding for natures

                Whether you are new to Pokemon or have been playing for years, you may or may not know that a Pokemon’s nature can actually affect its stats. Almost all natures have both a positive and negative effect on certain stats, either increasing or decreasing their maximum potential level by 10%. Depending on the strategy you have chosen for your Pokemon, you need it to have a nature that will benefit the stats you intend to be using. For example, a fast physical sweeper will benefit most from having a nature that either boosts its attack or speed stat, while its special attack can be sacrificed due to its non use. Therefore an Adamant or Jolly nature is best. To the right is a full list of all the Pokemon natures and what stats they effect.  

Gen 4:
Females carrying an Everstone have a 50% chance of passing down their nature.
NOTE: In HG/SS, either parent can pass on Nature with the Everstone equiped.

Gen 5:
Either Parent can pass on nature while equiped with the Everstone, rate of being passed on is still 50%
NOTE: in BW2, Pokemon equiped with the Everstone are now gaurenteed to pass down their Nature.

Gen 6:
Either Parent equipped with the Everstone is gaurenteed to pass on their nature.

Individual Values

                You may or may not have noticed this yourself, but let’s say you catch two Pokemon of the same species that have the same nature and are both of the same level. However, when you look at their stats, you notice that they are slightly different. This is due to the Pokemon’s unique IV, or individual value, spread. Every Pokemon’s stats range from a value of 0 to 31. The higher the value, the higher the stat can potentially reach. The IV’s of wild caught and hatched Pokemon are random and set, so can’t be changed in any way without hacking. There is however ways of influencing what IV’s a Pokemon’s may have through breeding.

                With most people battling with strong and powerful Pokemon nowadays, having Pokemon with high IV’s in their useable stats is near essential. But how can you tell what IV’s your Pokemon has, and if any of them are at their highest IV of 31? There are a couple of methods. Firstly, look at the Trainer Memo page of your Pokemon’s summery, and you will notice one of many characteristics. Each characteristic shows which of your Pokemon’s stats has the highest IV value. Below is a list of all the characteristics and what IV’s and stats they correspond to.

Possible IV’s HP            Attack        Defense       Sp.Attack     Sp.Defense   Speed        
Loves to Eat Proud of its power Sturdy body Highly curious Strong Willed Likes to run
Often dozes off Likes to thrash About Capable of taking hits Mischievous Somewhat Vein Alert to sounds
Often scatters things A little quick tempered Highly persistent Thoroughly cunning Strongly defiant Impetuous and silly
Scatters things often Likes to fight Good endurance Often lost in thought Hates to lose Somewhat of a clown
Likes to relax Quick tempered Good perserverance Very finicky Somewhat stubborn Quick to flee
Adamant Attack Sp.Attack
Bashful - -
Bold Defense Attack
Brave Attack Speed
Calm Sp.Defense Attack
Careful Sp.Defense Sp.Attack
Docile - -
Gentle Sp.Defense Defense
Hardy - -
Hasty Speed Defense
Impish Defense Sp.Attack
Jolly Speed Sp.Attack
Lax Defense Sp.Defense
Lonely Attack Defense
Mild Sp.Attack Defense
Modest Sp.Attack Attack
Naive Speed Sp.Defense
Naughty Attack Sp.Defense
Quiet Sp.Attack Speed
Quirky - -
Rash Sp.Attack Sp.Defense
Relaxed Defense Speed
Sassy Sp.Defense Speed
Serious - -
Timid Speed Attack

Individual Values Cont.

                In order to accurately check all of your Pokemon’s IV’s, you will need to have an IV battle which requires you to enter a level 100 wifi battle with a friend. This will allow you to see your Pokemon’s stats at level 100. These can then be entered into an IV calculator http://www.legendarypokemon.net/javacalc.html along with the Pokemon’s nature, to give you the exact IV’s for your Pokemon’s stats. As with effective EV training, it is required that your Pokemon be either freshly caught or bred in order for the IV’s to be calculated correctly, or that you know the exact number of EV points they have accumulated which must be entered into the calculator. 

IV Breeding

                Now that you know your Pokemon’s IV’s, you may wish to breed new Pokemon with better IV spreads. If some of your existing Pokemon have stats that have an IV value of 31, it is possible to pass these IV’s to the babies. This is known as IV breeding, and isn’t as difficult as you may think or have been lead to believe.

                When you breed two Pokemon in the daycare centre, the babies inherit 3 random stat IV’s from the parents. However, if you give one of the parents one of the EV power items to hold, the stat it corresponds to is guaranteed to be inherited from that parent. So for example, if you are breeding a male Venusaur with a Ditto, and give the Venusaur the Power Bracer to hold, the baby Bulbasaurs produced are guaranteed to inherit the Attack IV of the Venusaur. The other two stats the babies inherit will still be randomly chosen from both parents. If both parents are given Power items to hold, only one of the stats from either parent is guaranteed to be inherited.

                Now that the basics of IV breeding have been explained, I will give you my step by step method for breeding Pokemon of a certain nature with two 31 IV stats. For this example, we will be breeding for a Timid natured Vulpix with 31 IV’s in Special Attack and Speed, and we will assume you already possess some Pokemon in Vulpix’s egg group with 31 IV’s in those stats.

 1.       First, give the Timid natured Ditto you should now own an Everstone to hold. Put it and either a Vulpix or Ninetales in the daycare centre. Hatch the eggs produced until you get a female Vulpix with a Timid nature inherited from the Ditto.

2.       Next, find a male Pokemon in Vulpix’s egg group who has 31 IV’s in speed (you will need to confirm this by checking its stats in an IV battle). Give this male the Power Anklet item, and breed it with the Timid female Vulpix holding an everstone until you produce a Timid female baby. You will now have a female Timid Vulpix with 31 IV’s in speed (it should have the characteristic ‘Alert to sounds’ to confirm this. Put this Vulpix in the PC for later, as we now will get a father to breed with.

3.       Using the male Pokemon with 31 IV’s in speed you used earlier, you need to breed it with a female Pokemon that has 31 IV’s in Special Attack. Again, use an IV battle to check this. Give the male Pokemon the Power Anklet once again, and breed it with the female Pokemon. You are aiming to produce a baby male Pokemon with inherits both the 31 IV’s in speed from the father, and the 31 IV’s in sp.atk from the

female. Because the male is holding the Power Anklet, the babies are guaranteed to inherit his 31 IV’sin speed. In order to check whether the babies have also inherited the 31 IV’s in sp.atk, check the babies produced in an IV battle. It does not matter what nature the male has.

4.       Now that you have a male Pokemon with 31 IV’s in Special Attack and Speed, you need to breed it with the Timid female Vulpix with 31 IV’s in speed you produced earlier. Give the female Vulpix an Everstone to hold, and the male Pokemon the Power Lens. This will guarantee that the males 31 IV’s in Special Attack will be inherited by the babies, and seeing as both parents have 31 IV’s in speed the chance of it being randomly inherited by the babies is increased.

5.       Continue to breed the male Pokemon and the Vulpix, keeping any Timid natured babies you hatch. IV battle to check these babies, and eventually you should produce a baby Vulpix that is both Timid, and has inherited both 31 IV stats from the parents.

Congratulations, you are now an IV breeder. Now that you have your perfect baby Pokemon, it’s now time to EV train it. If you haven’t done so already, read through the EV training guide in order to get the most out of your new breeding skills, and become an even better battler.  

 IV Breeding in 6th Gen

With Pokemon X & Y Breeding has never been easier. Everything from the previous Gen has remained but with a few important additions. Which go as followed:

-Females can now pass on any egg moves they've learned, as well as the Pokeball they are in. For example: If a female Eevee is in a Dive Ball and it knows wish and it breeds with a male Delphox, the offspring will be Eevee in Dive Balls and retain the move Wish.
NOTE: Ontop of being able to pass on Egg Moves, Egg Moves can now be relearned if they are forgotten from the Move Relearner just like any other move it's forgotten, meaning parents who lose egg moves during the breeding process scan retain them afterward. 

-Males can now pass on Hidden Abiltiies. Previously, special event Pokemon who had their DW ability like Blazekin meant it was impossible to breed better, stronger versions of these Pokemon. It also required people to work harder to find females in Dream World or during breeding in order to continue the process to get that ideal Pokemon. Now as long as one parent has the Hidden Ability, there is a 60% chance that it will be passed on. 

-The Best change made to IV breeding is the additional effect of a previously near-useless item, Destiny Knot. If either parent is holding the Destiny Knot during breeding, the off spring will now automatically inherit 5 IVs between both parents. For Example, if the father has 31 in HP, Atk and Def while the mother has 31 in HP, Sp. Def and Speed, there is a chance to hatch an egg that'll inherit 31 in HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Def and Speed, and if they do not inherit those stats, the minimum lowest the IV can be is as low as both parents IVs, better parents = better Pokemon. Before, Power Items guaranteed 1 stat, while this method does not guarantee anything, a bit of time can lead to great results.

Friend Safaris are a great way to obtain Dittos for breeding as well as Pokemon with Hidden Abilities but best of all, ALL Pokemon caught in the Friend Safari are guaranteed to have 31 IVs in 2 stats, allowing for a jump start in breeding, or even with a bit of dedication, a perfect Pokemon right off the bat, though realistically...stick to using them for breeding.

 IV Breeding in 5th Gen

With new games, come new challenges, chief among them being the way we now battle. Gone are the days of level 100 wifi battles, and with them also the ability to accurately IV battle to find out your Pokemon’s IV’s. There is however a new method to discover the IV’s, and although not as accurate and as accessible as the 4th Generation, it does give you a fair idea of your Pokemon’s potential. Unfortunately, this can only be accomplished with the use of two DS’s and two copies of the B/W games. By entering a local Infared battle, all Pokemon in your party automatically become level 50, allowing you to enter in your Pokemon’s stats into the IV calculator. Of course the resultant IV’s may not be 100% accurate as your Pokemon is not level 100, however at level 50 the stats give two possible IV values, so you will have a fairly good idea of the IV spread. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have two DS’s and two games, thanks to the new level-up system, if your level 1 Pokemon battles a high level opponent, it could gain 20+ levels from a single battle, giving you checkable stat values. Remember to save your game beforehand if you wish to prevent your Pokemon gaining any EV’s.

If you used a Pokemon with a known 31 IV stat and the corresponding power item in your breeding of the Pokemon you are checking, and that stat shows on the IV calculator as having an IV of either 30 or 31, you’ll know that 31 is the correct IV for that stat. You can then talk to the blue haired man in the main area of the Battle Subway of Nimbasa City. He will make a comment on your Pokemon’s highest stat IV. If you know that your Pokemon has 31 IV’s in a stat, and the man comments on more than one stat, you’ll therefore know which stats possess 31 IV’s. 

 Calculating Hidden Power in 5th Gen

As well as 100% accurate IV battles being lost in the generation shift, so was the ability to find out your Pokemon’s hidden power type and power. However, just as there is way to work out your Pokemon’s IV’s, there is a way to find out the hidden power.

Finding out your Pokemon’s type of Hidden Power is the easy part. Just talk to the man in the Mistralton City Pokemon Centre, and he will simply tell you. Working out the power is a little more tricky, and requires a few calculations. First, you will need a good idea of your Pokemon’s IV’s, requiring an IV battle using two DS’s and two games in an Infared Battle, producing your Pokemon’s level 50 stats. Enter these stats into the IV calculator, which will give you the 50/50 IV results. These IV’s then need to be divided by two and rounded down, i.e if the IV is 30-31 the number produced is 15, 28-29 gives 14, 26-27 gives 13, etc. If the number produced is an odd number, that stat is needed for the next calculation. 

If the number produced for HP is odd, add 1

If the number produced for Attack is odd, add 2

If the number produced for Defence is odd, add 4

If the number produced for Sp.Attack is odd, add 16

If the number produced for Sp.Defence is odd, add 32

If the number produced for Speed is odd, add 8

Lets look at an example.

Here is an example of an IV spread of a Pokemon: 24/5/26/31/31/31. 

After dividing each IV by two and rounding down, you get 12/2/13/15/15/15. 

The numbers for HP and Attack are both even, so are not required for the next calculation. The number produced for Defence is odd, so you add 4. The Sp.Attack number is also odd so you add 16, as well as 32 and 8 as both Sp.Defence and Speed are odd. This gives you a calculation of:

4 + 16 + 32 + 8 = 60

This number is then multiplied by 40, divided by 63 then added to 30. This will give you the power of your Pokemon’s Hidden Power.

60 x 40 = 2400

2400/63 = 38

38 + 30 = 68 power

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