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Pokémon Moveset Of The Week

“Flex on Pex”

Pokémon: Larvitar
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Guts
Item: Flame Orb
EV Spread: 252 Atk, 4 Sp. Def, 252 Speed

 Dragon Dance
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

Whaddup tho, it’s your favorite OU-tryhard back with another Memeset Of The Week. We out here with the best rock type, Mini Mega-Tar. This is the best set I have ever built, so let’s go to the analysis. This mon is broken trust me.

Due to Larvitar’s poor bulk, speed, and attack stat it’s going to be needing a lot of team support. I’m talking about stuff like; Aurora Veil from Ninetales-Alola, Sticky Webs from Pokémon such as Araquanid or Ribombee. It also is going to need proper VoltTurn support from Pokémon such as Landorus-Therian and Tapu Koko since it can’t switch into any attack whatsoever.

Larvitar is going to be unable to run eviolite due to it being very unlikely for it to get statused and needs status to actually damage Pokémon.

I was sadly not able to do anything with its speed stat, 252 jolly allow larvitar to speed-tie with max speed neutral nature base 50 speed Pokémon such as Mega-Mawile and Azumarill. The Attack stat allows Larvitar to be a huge offensive threat at +1 while being burned, this allows larvitar to do a lot of damage to Pokémon such as Ferrothorn and Chansey, while also allowing it to OHKO Assault Vest Magearna, and Also OHKOs the best mon in the tier, ever created, for real the most fun Pokémon to play against Toxapex.

The moves I picked are for clear reasons, Dragon Dance allows Larvitar to get its speed and attack up giving it more sweeping possibilities. Earthquake and Stone Edge give Larvitar two great STAB moves, these moves just make it so that Facade isn’t needed since they do more Damage than Facade. I put Superpower on this set so that Larvitar can heavily damage the afore mentioned Ferrothorn and Chansey, it won’t OHKO them at +1 but will still do heavily damage to them.

Threats to this set, are physically defensive Pokémon like Hippowdon and Landorus-Therian, one of which has a deserved 50% usage stat :]. Other threats are fast pokemon since at +1 it will still be slower than most of the metagame. A good revenge killer will therefore be a good pick to pair with this Larvitar.

And with that I end this MOTW about the only true Toxapex counter, I hope you enjoyed it.

Written By:
Dr.OU aka Dru

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