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Pok√©mon Moveset Of The Week

"I Am The Walrein, Googoogajoob"

Pokemon: Walrein
Ability: Thick Fat / Oblivious 
Nature: Jolly
Item: Waterium Z
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed

- Belly Drum
- Waterfall
- Rain Dance
-// Ice Fang / Return / Earthquake

Hello All, Aggron here.

One common misconception that a lot of people make is that just because a Pokemon is a lower tier than OU its not good and cannot function in higher tiers. This is often not the case and many low tier Pokemon can shine in OU. Walrein is not one of those Pokemon but we might as well have some fun with it.


Before we come to our senses and start questioning our life choices we will start with the move set. Firstly the main gimmick here is belly drum which will be boosting Walrein's awful 80 attack to the max. Since Walrein is also pitifully slow at base 65 we'll want to give it some kind of speed boost. The only opportunity Walrein has to boost its speed is via the +1 boost that Z-rain dance gives. 

The main attacking move well be using is waterfall as its STAB and will be boosted by the rain. The second attacking move is more problematic as Walrein's coverage is very poor and it can only hit certain things depending on the moves it selects. With Ice fang it can hit grass types such as Tangrowth and Tapu Bulu for high damage. With earthquake it can hit Toxapex and with Return it can hit Rotom-wash for high damage. It is also worth noting that for a choice of ability Thick fat or Oblivious can be used depending on your preference.

How to use:

Firstly Don't. But if you are really that far off the deep end you'll want to pair Walrein with hazard setters. Spikes Ferrothorn or stealth rock Landorus pair well due to covering type weaknesses and providing hazard support. You will also want your own hazard removal as Walrein loses 25% on switch in due to stealth rocks weakness. Pokemon like Magnezone and Heatran can be used to trap problematic Pokemon such as Toxapex and Ferrothorn that can hinder Walrein's "ability" to sweep.

Have fun sweeping teams(Or more likely getting swept) with Walrein.

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