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Pokémon Moveset Of The Week

“Cursing the Earth”

Pokémon: Torterra
Nature: Careful
Ability: Shell Armor
Item: Leftovers
EV Spread: 252 HP, 80 Atk, 176 Sp. Def

- Synthesis
-/ Crunch / Wood Hammer
- Earthquake
- Curse

Hey everyone, this is Vicious Victreebel, better known as VV or Vic, and not surprisingly I’m supplying a grass type for this week’s MoTW. Anyway, with introductions out of the way, let’s get straight into the set.

This set for Torterra is best used in a sun team, with Pokemon like Ninetales, Mega Charizard Y or Torkoal to set the sun; however it works just as good outside of sun as the sun is only required for synthesis to gain back more HP.

It has the careful nature because, while its physical defense is better, its main weaknesses mostly rely on special moves, those being fire and ice and after testing if has been proven that this set takes only 1/4 health from an ice shard from Donphan so its physical defense is fine uninvested.

The set relies on setting up with curse because, with Torterra’s miserable speed stat, you’re not going to be relying on its speed anyway and with curse you’re going to become even more bulky. Once you’ve set up enough with curse enough use synthesis to bring your health back up. This is where the fun starts. With enough curses you should be able to take physical attacks pretty well and dish them out equally as well, but to top it all off shell armor protects you from critical hits, meaning that all your set up isn’t going to go to waste because of one crit. EQ and Crunch/Wood Hammer also have some good roles to play on this set. EQ means that you get stab and don’t have to worry about fire, rock and electric types, Wood hammer for more STAB and to deal with water types and those pesky Mega Gyarados or crunch for some coverage against psychic and ghost types.

Well I hope this set brings you as much fun as it brought me, it’s definitely fun to play around with, so lets try and get Torterra out of the NU tier and get more people using it, and who knows, if this set does well I might make more MoTW’s, but until next time… HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Written By:
Vicious Victreebel

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