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Pok√©mon Moveset Of The Week

"I am... Betrayal."

Pokemon: Decidueye
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Overgrown/ Long Reach
Item: Choice Scarf/ Decidueyium Z
EV Spread: 252 ATK 252 Speed. 4 Def

- Spirit Shackle
- Leaf Blade
-/ Low Sweep / Sucker Punch
-/ U-Turn / Swords Dance

As we all know, Decidueye turns from a grass flying into a grass ghost on its last evolution. Now Grass-Ghost, while not the best typing. It's addition of ghost type certainly nerfs some potentional threats, like poison and bug. for Resistances, Decidueye packs resistances in ground, electric, water and grass, along with two immunities, being normal and fighting. As for Ability, Decidueye currently has one, the one every grass starter gets, Overgrow, but once long reach is released, It is wise to run that. What does Long Reach do you ask? It removes the "makes contact" trigger on physical moves, meaning you can hit iron barbs, rocky helmet, flame body, poison point, and protecting moves with damage effects, like baneful bunker, without being hurt. *please note that I am unable to test these, so I am not quite sure on the protection moves*


I prefer to run my Decidueye as a revenge killing trapper with spirit shackle, running max speed with a jolly nature to get the most out of it's 70 speed. For moves, Spirit shackle, a 90 base power, physical ghost move, and Decidueye's signature move. Is a must have, on top of trapping your opponent in, it also packs a good punch with Decidueye's 107 base atk and STAB

Leafblade, helps out a lot against pesky rotom washes, or is overall just a good move for STAB on our little friend Decidueye. The problem with Ghost and Grass stab, leaves you open to be walled by Steel types, that's where Low Sweep comes in, while not the strongest, the 100% chance to lower speed is a godsend for it. It one shots Bisharp, provided stealth rocks are up. Which, being probably one of Decidueye's biggest NOPES is nice, provided, you still have to call the switch right. As sucker punch is an OHKO, so while not a direct counter, if given the right set up, it can work. Now, with the choice scarf, Decidueye might be fast, but stuck in one move, if you predict a switch that Decidueye cannot win, like a fire type, there's U turn to get you the heckles out of there.

But, there is a saving grace, while sacrificig the bonus speed from Choice scarf, Swords dance Decidueye is a destructive son of a gun, especially if you give it its signature Z crystal. Not much lives a Stab +2 Sinister Arrow Raid. All in all, it's completly up to you what you run. Now for other options, there is Sucker punch. But I do not recommend this on the scarf set. I personally don't use it, as I prefer Low Sweep to counter steel types a little more effectivly, but if you're desperate for priority, go for it.

Anyhoozels, this has been LowRes, I hope you enjoyed, or learned something from my Ghostly Owl companion, Takumi.... I mean Decidueye. And I will see you next time.

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