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Pokémon Moveset Of The Week

“The Crimson Azure”

Pokémon: Druddigon
Nature: Adamant 
Ability: Sheer Force
Item: Life Orb
EV Spread: 148 HP, 252 Attack, 108 Speed

- Dragon Claw
- Gunk Shot
- Sucker Punch
- Fire Punch

Hello Silver League, Crystal here! With the recent events resulting in me getting Dragon Gym, I thought I should celebrate by giving my favorite dragon, some time in the sun for this week. That dragon type is Crimson, aka, Druddigon! 

Now Druddigon is not the best dragon in the world, in fact it’s outclassed by many of its dragon brethren. However, it has many tricks up its sleeve to make it stand out. Let’s start out with its ability Sheer Force. As long as you use a move that gets benefits from Sheer Force, Life Orb will not drain Druddigon’s HP. Be wary though, using Dragon Claw or Sucker Punch will still drain HP when used, so be sure to time your moves correctly to avoid unnecessary HP loss. Gunk Shot and Fire Punch are possibly the best coverage moves you can give Druddigon, as it helps with a few threats standing in its way, and that’s where the EV spread comes into play. 

Druddigon doesn’t necessarily need speed to be good, which is why Adamant + 252 in Attack is a must to maximize its damaging moves. However, 108 in Speed is to not only outspeed fully defensive Clefable or speedtie with Clefable with 4 Speed EVs, it can also one shot it with Gunk Shot combined with its ability, item, and Attack investments since those together can get around Unaware Clefable. Tangrowth is also 2 Shot by Gunk Shot. Fire Punch is amazing coverage on Druddigon, as it can deal heavy blows to defensive steel types, examples being that it can 2 shot Physically Defensive Skarmory along with Celesteela. STAB Dragon Claw isn’t something to scoff at either, as it can 2 Shot Specially Defensive Gastrodon. The rest of the EVs go into HP to tank hits considering it’s respectable 90 in both defenses. 

Timing is everything when it comes to this set, especially when it comes to predicting switching. Once you get Druddigon on the field safely, it can dish out a lot of damage to bulkier mons since it doesn’t require setup to be good. With good coverage moves, it’s a force to be reckoned with. It can be a major threat that mons such as fairies can’t switch into easily. So with that being said, Druddigon is a very nice pick for not only Dragon Gym, but any team that needs a wall breaker. 

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