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Pokémon Moveset Of The Week

"You'll Never See it Coming"

Pokémon: Florges
Nature: Modest
Ability: Flower Veil
Item: Assault Vest
EVs: 252 HP, 252 SpA, 4 SpD

- Moonblast 
- Energy Ball / Giga Drain
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Ground / Fire]

Hello everyone! Diogo, your Flying-type Gym Leader, is bringing you a moveset that began as an experiment and, for the most part, worked far better than I expected. It's not perfect, maybe even below average, but it's something I tried and enjoyed using, even if it was only for the surprise factor.

This week's Pokémon is Florges, a Pokémon I was known for even before Staraptor. This Florges, while it's  typically a cleric, wall, or stall Pokémon, uses an Assault Vest. It came about through seeing its 112 Special Attack stat, which is far from horrible. Unfortunately, Florges' other stats are nothing special, kind of a shame considering I definitely think this Pokémon has potential. So, I made a set that provides great tanking abilities against almost any specially-attacking Pokémon and a good chance of counter attacking in the right situations

As for the moveset, due to the Assault Vest and Florges' high Special Defense, I chose to focus on its Special Attack, since Florges' speed isn't anything special. As such, I chose to go with a Modest Nature. Paired with 252 Special Attack boosting Florges' above-average attack values to max as well as 252 HP to be able to survive longer, Florges hits decently hard while also taking most hits that fly its way. Of course, Florges has an unfortunately limited movepool, so the set is very predictable. Moonblast is a must-have as Florges' strongest and most reliable STAB attack. As for its second attack, I recommend Giga Drain for increased survivability due to healing, but if you can't get Giga Drain, Energy Ball is a good replacement. Psychic supplies coverage over Poison-type Pokémon, and due to Florges' shallow movepool, Hidden Power is practically necessary for the last move. Hidden Power Ground is useful for Nihilego, Heatran, and Alolan Marowak, whereas Hidden Power Fire is useful for Scizor and Ferrothorn. While neither ends up as a one-hit knock-out on its intended targets, the damage certainly assists in clean-up later in the match. Predicting a switch and hitting a Pokémon with a super-effective Hidden Power is a nice way to change your opponent's plans of knocking out Florges.

While this set may not be the most viable or ordinary, it's a nice, fun set to try out that can surprise Florges' counters. Try it out yourself if you want but don't forget that Florges is not able to take care of everything. More often than not, she will slowly be picked off if she doesn't have any support. Florges' lacking Defense is also something to watch out for; don't keep it in on physical attackers, since you won't be able to handle the damage well. I hope you enjoyed this different look on one of my favorite Pokémon, Florges, and have fun!

Written By:
Edited By:
Mega Grievous

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