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Pok√©mon Moveset Of The Week

"Curses Upon You"

Pokemon: Gengar
Nature: Jolly / Impish
Ability: Cursed Body
Item: Black Sludge / Focus Sash
EV Spread: 252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 Defense

/  Destiny Bond / Protect
- Toxic
- Mean Look

Hello EveryNyan, its Saambell, back again for another MOTW. This time I bring a vastly amusing set of a pokemon everyone thinks of as a sweeper. Gengar has had quite the fall from grace with losing levitate, but who needs it?

The idea of this set is simple: trap them, and place all the curses and toxins on them. This Gengar has a beautiful duo stab set of Curse and Toxic, meaning no matter what gets trappeds in, its going to be taking some damage. Curse does vastly more damage per turn, at the cost of half your Health, which is why Black Sludge is important. Protect lets you live longer, getting that lovely second turn of healing, and preventing them from hurting you as curse rips more of their health away. Toxic is for if you cant hurt them with curse due you your HP being too low and protect on cool down, or if you want even more damage per turn.

The EV's are there to allow you to get the Mean Look and Curse up early, before they can hit you that much. Also to let you live more, as Gengar loves to live longer, paradoxically. The nature is such that you get the sense this is a happy, teasing ghost, just wanting to have fun, while at the same time, also helping the goals set by the EV's, so that's a nice bonus.

For team mates, this mischievous ghost wants a wish passer. Extra healing is a great boost, and no one does wish passing for Gengar better, then Umbreon. Umbreon is an amazing pick for helping, as it can take the Psychic, Ghost, and Dark hits that Gengar wants to avoid, and Gengar walls any Bug or Fighting aimed at Umbreon.

Many thanks to Lominoth for inspiring this set with recent talk of Ghost Curse. It seems bad, but with some key support, it rips walls into pieces that toxic and such cant touch. Give it a try, place some curses on your foes, and remember, its only a game. Why you heff to be mad?

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