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Pokémon Moveset Of The Week

"Tangled Up in the Meta"

Pokémon: Tangela
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Regenerator
Item: Eviolite
EV Spread: 244 HP / 4 Atk / 180 Def / 52 Sp. Atk / 28 Sp. Def

- Leech Seed / Synthesis
-/ Knock Off / Sleep Powder
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Giga Drain

Guten Tag, Freunde! This week, MG has (unsurprisingly) another rather unorthodox set to showcase for the MOTW: Tangela.

Now, while not quite as strange as Choice Specs Scizor, Tangela may seem an odd choice of Pokémon in the current metagame, especially given the plethora of strong Legendary Pokémon swarming the most common slots of OverUsed. However, this Tangela proves a strong addition to many teams due to the large amount of utility it can provide to its teammates.

To begin, you're probably thinking, "MG, what in the world is that insane EV spread?" Well, it does a lot of things. The Special Attack investment allows this Tangela to 2HKO all Zygarde variants (though some require Stealth Rock or prior damage) using Hidden Power Ice. The HP and Special Defense investment allows Tangela to avoid the 2HKO from any of Zap Plate Tapu Koko's attacks, while the Defense investment is the leftover EVs that also conveniently allow you to live a +2 Z-Outrage from offensive Zygarde and two uses of offensive Zygarde's +1 Outrage. The 4 Attack EVs are the leftover EVs that arise due to how EVs work at Level 50. A Relaxed Nature optimizes Tangela's performance as a physical wall. Regenerator is the best Ability for Tangela, as it allows it to heal itself when switched out.

As for Tangela's moves, it has a few options regarding what it can use. For its first move slot, I personally recommend Leech Seed or Synthesis, though another move could be chosen if necessary. These moves provide Tangela with helpful recovery; Synthesis can be used if you're worried about Tangela getting hit with a critical hit or other strong attack, while Leech Seed can offer more gradual recovery that can annoy the opponent with residual damage. For the second slot, either Knock Off or Sleep Powder can work, Knock Off providing helpful utility for its teammates by removing items from opponents and Sleep Powder inflicting sleep (though it can be unreliable). Hidden Power Ice is necessary for this set to not be complete bait to Zygarde, allowing Tangela to damage it while it's setting up or attacking. Giga Drain is a nice STAB move that provides minor recovery and allows Tangela to damage its opponents a little bit while it's out.

A few things I'd like to add is that Tangela isn't for every team. Due to its limited attacking power, Tangela often saps momentum and may require some prediction to maximize its potential as a pivot and wall. Additionally, it does require team support due to its inability to wall everything (especially special attackers and Fire-type opponents). Heatran and Toxapex provide very useful assistance in this area.

This Tangela set was intended to capitalize on Eviolite in order to provide the assistance of Tangrowth without limiting its movepool or bulk through use of Assault Vest or investment into only one Defense stat. As such, many of Tangrowth's weaknesses (and more, since Tangela has less Attack, HP, and lacks Earthquake) are applied to Tangela. However, Tangela may also find it easy to find a spot on teams that require Tangrowth to certain degrees.

Well, that's everything regarding this Tangela set. Best of luck in your battles, Silver League!

Written By:
Major Largo

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