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Pokémon Moveset Of The Week

''Zapped Hedgehog''

Pokemon: Togedemaru
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Sturdy
Item: Choice Band
EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed

 Zing Zap
 Iron Head
- Zen Headbutt
- U-Turn

Now here we have an interesting pokemon most people overlook. Oh, another pikaclone. Doesn’t seem good or useful when you look at. That was basically my opinion of it during SM. I first saw the design, and i hated it, but it grew on me. I fell in love with togedemaru when it was on my vgc team, but there was one thing it was missing that stopped me using it in a singles team. Its movepool is shallow. However this was fixed when USUM came out. Move tutors changed a lot of pokemon, and it changed the way i look at togedemaru. 

Now to talk about the moves it gets. Zing Zap is togedemaru signature move, and i would say its most useful. Zing Zap is a physical electric move (which takes advantage of togedemaru’s highest stat) with 80 base power. It has the added bonus (similar to iron head) of having a 30% chance to flinch the opponent if togedemaru moves first. Talking about iron head, togedemaru gains iron head from the move tutors. The access to iron head gives togedemaru the possibility to take on pokemon it couldn’t back in SM, with the added stab. Togedemaru also gained a third physical move with the possibility of flinching from the move tutors in USUM, Zen Headbut. Zen Headbut allows to take on fighting types (and some poison types) a lot easier, and possibly not being threatened out by their presence. The fourth move I give togedemaru is U-Turn, which allows togedemaru to get out of there when threatened. 

Togedemaru’s two highest stats are Attack and speed, at 98 and 96 respectively. I ocf wanted to take advantage of these stats. Yes togedemaru isn’t rapid, but it is fast enough when jolly with full investment, outspeeding quite a bit, and will outspeed most if you there are webs on their side of the field. Then i max out the attack stat so togedemaru will hit harder. But even so, its attack isn’t too high. Due it having 4 defensive moves it can use now, it can be choiced, and what's better than a band for this set. The addition of the choice band raises togedemaru’s attack to 225. Togedemaru will be able to two shot Toxapex, and even 2 shot Magearna. With the reasonable chance to to flinch, on a lucky day you’ll be able to knock out these pokemon without taking damage. 

There are 2 useful abilities for this togedemaru. The first simple ability is lightningrod, giving your team an immunity to electric attacks (which i extremely useful for me since you barely see me not using a mantine). The other ability, which is prefered by me, is sturdy. Sturdy is togedemaru’s hidden ability and could allow togedemaru to sponge a hit and hit again, against an unsuspecting foe. If you want an HA togedemaru, just pm me. 

I hope I have convinced you that this little hedgehog is stronger than most people give it credit for, and i would like to see a hedgehog infestation across SL. 

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